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The Life Script of Causticum Not Written By Repertory But By Materia Medica

Materia medica is like a complete film and repertory stands for the trailer of the film. We are living in an IT world. The computer becomes an essential part of our consulting room. After the arrival of some useful homoeopathic softwares, most of us are in a position to prescribe only with the help of repertory itself mainly in chronic diseases. In earlier days as the reportorial work is time consuming they used rarely. But the use of computer and repertory software makes time saving and excellent results in our clinics. However, the failure occurs when we prescribe depending upon repertory only with out considering the materia medica.

Therefore, it is essential to know the essence of each medicine to prescribe the similimum. Sometimes we can see some uncommon symptoms in the materia medica, which may not be, see in the repertory and that may help us in some difficult cases. Each medicine is a living story from birth to death like a film passing through various miasms from psora and ends at the climax syphilis. We are seeing the different phases of remedies everyday in our consulting rooms. So by understanding the essence of drug will help us to behave like an artist which will help to match the story of patient with the story of remedy.

Let us consider the medicine CAUSTICM which is not much studied us a polychrest and known only by some symptoms like sympathy for suffering of others, right sided paralysis, aphonia etc. It is the last medicine of the KALI group of drugs showing the selfish, timid, quarrelsome mind and oversensitivity of the system.

After birth of a causticm child we can see the legs of him is very weak that it is having unsteady gait. Even after the child is grown up, he does not put on weight and so it becomes very restless. They run, jump, goes up and down during the day and it refuse to go to bed at night due to its restlessness, and it becomes a hard task for the mother putting the child to sleep. Even after the child sleep, it shows the involuntary motion of its legs due to its restlessness [psoric phase]. We have noticed a symptom of causticum that stool pass better while standing. The weakness of legs together with its restlessness may the reason to avoid the straining and time consuming sitting position of passing the stool for him. The child shows the selfish mentality of kali group by not allowing other children to touch its toys by others and they fight against them if they had done against her wish. The child also does not allow others to touch them and is very timid and bashful but react to the injustice around them.

At school, they make many mistakes in writing. They misplace and reverse words and mispronounce and transpose sounds. In writing, they transpose the letters. For example instead of EIGHT they write as EIHGT , GOD as DOG, TEACHER as TEAHCER etc. Later in spite of good knowledge they found difficult to write exams and may be diagnosed as dyslexic [Hindi film TAARE ZAMEEN PAR is a film made on a basic theme of a dyslexic child].

We can consider another symptom like injustice cannot support for causticum. This is actually, because the person assumes himself in the place of the man whom is in danger (an expression of selfish Kali Group). Those women who were abused in childhood retain the anger and hurt even years later and try to fight for other girls who should not meet the same fate as others. In case of a road accident he rushes to the place for help while others are sad inside and do not like to help the injured one. The causticum man assumes himself in their place.

Causticum is sympathetic. Actually, this arises from a state of selfishness for the one who are near and dear to him. The situation of Causticum is of a family where the husband is dead and the wife has to take care of her children. Here she is the strongest member of her group - her family. Therefore, she is very much concerned when there is any problem with any member of the family, for example, when a child falls sick or is late in coming home. The other important remedies for the symptom sympathetic are nitric acid and phosphorus. In nitric acid that is fighting hardly with his enemy and for that fight, he needs support and so he becomes sympathetic towards them. Means they are sympathetic conditionally and when they offend them, they will kill them. So both nitric acid and causticum are sympathetic due to there internal selfishness where as phosphorus is genuinely sympathetic. Thinking of complaints also aggravates the complaint of causticum especially hemorrhoids.

In appearance, causticum never seems to be a fighter. He appears to be calm, cool and mild. Most of the genuine union leaders are causticum who fight for the justice of others. They may have huge collection of books. Most of them remain poor throughout there life.

The causticum also changes his job frequently. This is due to his nature of not tolerating anything wrong which is different from the money consideration of nux vomica, veratrum alb, ars alb and capricious behavior of fluoric acid.
After the psoric phase of life the casticum goes to the sycotic phase producing glaucoma especially right sided with dimness of vision, right sided hydrocele, and multiple warts on fingertips and near nails.

In syphilitic phase due to excess stimulation nerve cell become weak and stop transmitting impulses and result in slowly appearing paralysis[opposite nux vomica which has fast progressing paralysis]. At the end of his life, he becomes ambitionless. In the height of sufferings also he will tell that he is okay and do not want anyone’s help. This is due to his consideration of others.

The causticum can be seen in 9020 rubrics in one of the world’s best homoeopathic software starting from MIND- DAY TIME to GENERALS- YAWNING agg. The picture of this great remedy cannot get by going through these 9020 symptoms only. It is essential to go through the materia medica to explore the picture of that remedy like a film.

Let me invite your attention to a case of lichen planus in which most of the well-selected remedies first fails and the case becomes a challenging one. One day he came to the clinic with dirty cloths and tired face. On asking the cause of it, he replied that some problem occurs with a drunkard on his way to the clinic. The drunkard was beating his mother in a public road, no one there is resisting him, and the public enjoyed it well. On seeing this he step down from the bus and ask about the details. The drunkard shouted at him and the whole seen end with huge fight between them. The man seems to be very calm and cool and it is very surprising that he has done it alone. Causticum 1M was prescribed and the case cured completely.

. Let us hear the final verdict from the court of Materia Medica. Dear readers please make your comments on the effectiveness of Repertory and Materia Medica. Which is more important is the question. Let us use the important tool given by our masters the materia medica to cure the suffering people for our system THE GREAT HOMOEOPATHY…

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Comment by Louise Mclean on September 14, 2009 at 7:08pm
Thank you Dr. Varghese as I have found Causticum a brilliant remedy for myself in last 2 years. Very deep acting. I really would like you to say what you think the difference is between Causticum and Phosphorus as they are SO similar but Phos is more dreamy. I used to be diagnosed Phos for years but it did not feel right.

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