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"The King's Homeopath" Dana Ullman At The Huffingtonpost

   The Huffingtonpost just published my newest article, "The King's Homeopath."  In honor of the great movie, "The King's Speech," this article chronicles King George VI's passion and advocacy for homeopathic medicine.  Further, this article chronicles those British monarchs before and after King George VI and their appreciation for homeopathy.  And then, some discussion of the appreciation and advocacy of homeopathy from other monarchs is provided.


    This article will inevitably enrage the "deniers" of homeopathy (I refuse to call them "skeptics" because I have too much appreciation for this term) who insist that the royal's use and advocacy of homeopathy does not provide "scientific" evidence for homeopathy.  Of course, I never said or suggested that the royal support for homeopathy provides such evidence, but I (and others) insist that this support IS meaningful...and THAT is why this evidence is so infuriating to the deniers. 


    The royals are not the only people out there who have had remarkable and dramatically positive experiences with homeopathy, and like King George VI's speech therapist's treatment, arguing with success is a tad silly (and simply stupid)...


    The article is here:


    Please consider adding YOUR voice to the comments, especially because we all know that the deniers will try to overwhelm the comments (please KNOW that the Huffingtonpost LOVES the controversy).



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