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I have tried to be very careful in collating this chapter. My trepidation in this regard is not unfounded. The heart is one of those subjects in medicine on which medical science has done exhaustive exploration and has evolved settled methodology to tackle all eventualities in its physio-functional field. The subject has been encompassed in all its vastness and depth. No niche has been left unexplored and no complicacy unmanaged. The diagnostic means are so exact and so exhaustive and all-inclusive, that no place is left for doubt or misdiagnosis. ECG, ETT, Angiography, Thallium Test, MRA, MRI, Echocardiography, etc. are the modern diagnostic measures to reach the exact point of trouble.   


Surgery has done wonders ­_ no, miracles­_ in this field. Pacemakers, Angioplasty, Shunt or Bypass surgeries are the order of the day.  We know that surgery is always palliative and never curative. But palliation has its own merit. And where it is indicated, it is unexcelled by any other treatment. Credit should be given where it is due. That is the mark of erudition and true learning. Prejudice is a block in the way of knowledge and leaning.


I have dealt this subject in detail in my article: CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE: CALLING A SPADE A SPADE See Congestive Heart Failure Blog


People come to me who are so balanced and stabilized by a heart specialist that I consider it a crime to intrude into, stop or change their medication. If a patient needs treatment for other complaints than the heart, I treat him/her with all willingness.


Unless Homeopathy changes its stance from being symptomatic (Classical) to pathologic, it can’t vie with allopathy, and will remain, more or less, primitive. Its contribution to the knowledge and research in disease and pathology will remain zero. Homeopathy will still live, even become more exact and specific, if it becomes pathologic. First, determine the pathology of the case, then prescribe on the basis of individualistic and peculiar symptoms.


If a homeopath recognizes a case of influenza (which he calls coryza), pneumonia and asthma as diseases, why should he not be able to recognize angina pectoris, epilepsy, apoplexy, hysteria (erotic, or from funk), arthritis, Bright’s disease, crusta lactea, herpes (circinatus or zoster), ptosis, ptergium, meningitis, Miniere’s disease, pleural effusion, (owing to pleurisy, or cardiogeneic), etc.


First, understand, e.g., chest pain whether it is owing to pneumonia, angina, or simple intercostal neuralgia, then try to get individual symptoms to differentiate between different cases of the same disease. The role of differentiation, for determining the individual remedy , comes after the determination of the pathology of the disease. We can have many different remedies for a case of, e.g., left sided sciatica, according to the individual peculiarities of the suffering individual.

So visit my articles on Burnett for the elaboration of this point:


Cardiac Debility Following Acute Diseases: Verat Alb.

Heart muscles so weak that the pulse is threadlike. The patient faints on moving. On lying the face is red, and on rising up it turns deathly pale. Hands cold and clammy. (CMM)


Cardiac Debility after Influenza: Iberis

Also Adonis.  (Boericke)


Cardiac Dyspnea with Debility: Iberis


Conscious of Heart’s Action: Iberis, Pyrog.


Scanty symptoms in Heart Cases: Naja

In heart cases where symptoms are scarce; unless guided away from it by some specific indications. (T. K. Moor. )


Heart Troubles in Children: Naja

Heart weakness in children, where there are no distinctive symptoms. Cardiac murmurs and cardiac disturbances being associated with nervousness. Naja has cleared away the cardiac troubles and changed the patients to robust children.  (Kent, Lesser Writings, p. 530)


Heart Symptoms Associated with Uterine Symptoms: Conval. M.

Soreness in the hypogastrium; pain in the sacro-iliac synchondrosis, extending down the legs. Itching of the meatus urinarious and vulva. (CMM 393)


Cardiac Distress from Incarcerated Flatus in Transverse Colon: Naphth.


Intermittent heart in Old people: Tabacum (Cooper)

Palpitation in patients subject to Piles: Collin.


Alternation of Hemorrhoidal Sufferings with Cerebral and Cardiac Troubles, (Dilated Right Heart): Collin. (Lilienthal)

Heart Affections with Hemorrhoids:  Cact., Collin., Dig. (Boericke)


Sensation as if Heart would Stop: Trif. R.


Sensation as if Heart beats Throughout the Chest:  Conval.m


Tired Feeling About Heart: Pyrog.

Murphy gives also Aur., Craeteg., N.v.


Fearful Palpitation with Sensation of Approaching Death: Phraseolus

Dropsical effusion in pleura and pericardium. (Boericke)


Palpitation with Aphthae:  Illicium


Palpitation from Prolonged Mental Work, Sexual Excesses: Coca


Palpitation from Tea Drinking: Cinch.


Palpitation with Uterine Disease:  Conv., Lil-t.


Palpitation with Worms: Spig.


Palpitation with Dim Vision: Puls.


Palpitation with Red Face: Aur., Bell., Glon.


Palpitation with Flatulence: Arg.n., Cact., Carb.v., Nux.v.


Palpitation with weak Heart:  Coca., Dig.


Palpitation with Copious Urination: Coff.


Palpitation with Vertigo: Iberis. Coronilla.


Palpitation in Morning on Waking: Kali.c., Nux.v.

Palpitation Amel. Motion: Ferr.m., Gels., Mag.m.

Palpitation from Tobacco:  Agar., Ars., Cact., Gels., Nux.v., Stroph.


Diseases with Tumultuous Action of the Heart:  Lycop. Virg.

with pain and tenderness. RHEUMATISM with Valvular Disease of the Heart. Hypertrophy. Cough with palpitation.


Cardiac Symptoms after Suppression of Rheumatism: Abrot., Kalm., Aurum., Led.


Heart as if Ceased to Beat, and then Suddenly gives a Hard Thump: Aur., Sepia. (Allen)


Palpitation with Faintness:  Acon., Asaf., Cham., Cocc., Nux.m.


Palpitation with weeping: Am.c., Plat.



Angina Pectoris, Furious Beating of the Heart, from Slightest Exertion: Prunus Spinoza


Angina Pectoris: Haematoxilon

A sense of constriction is characteristic. Sensation as if a bar lay across chest. Convulsive pain in heart, with oppression. Great soreness in the region of heart. Palpitation.


Angina Pectoris with Constriction of Throat: Hydrocyanic Acid


Angina Pectoris with Pain Radiating to Left arm and Fingers: Lat.m.


Angina Pectoris with pain radiating to Right arm: Lil. Tig.


Angina Pectoris from Suppressed Piles:  Lycop.v.


Angina Pectoris: Pain extending to Nape of Neck and Left Shoulder with anxiety and fear of Death: Naja


Angina Pectoris:  Tabacum

Icy coldness of surface with cold sweat; deathly nausea and pallor.


Anginal Attack due to Coronary Trouble in Allergic Subjects: Pituitrin.




Dilated Heart:   Tabacum

There are frequent pallor with lividity of the face; diarrhea alternating with constipation. Palpitation when lying on the left side; muscae Volatentes, tinnitus aurium and dry cough, which is cardiac in its origin. Paroxysms of suffocation, with tightness across the upper part of the chest. Feeble and irregular pulse. Pains like those of angina pectoris, shoot from hear down the left arm and up into neck. and involve different plexuses of nerves. The extremities are cold and covered with clammy sweat. (CMM 432)


Acute Dilatation of Heart by Shock or Physical Exertion: Tab.


Uncomplicated Hypertrophy:

Bromium: “By Hypertrophy I mean muscular enlargement without valvular lesion.” (Farrington). The patient finds it difficult to exert himself on account of the oppression about the heart. He has palpitation when he begins to move; and when he gets up from a sitting to a standing position. The Pulse is full, hard and rather slow, which is just the character that belongs to an active, enlarged heart. It has cured many cases of hypertrophy of the heart. It may be used in Cardiac Asthma, especially when the asthmatic paroxysms are better at sea, than on land.

Aconite: You may find Brom. similar to this remedy; but it lacks the anxiety of this remedy. Both remedies are suited to the uncomplicated cardiac hypertrophy, but Aconite has fear and anxiety; the patient feels that he will die.

Arnica & Rhus.tox. both have uncomplicated hypertrophy of the heart from over-exertion. (CMM 509)

Aurum Met.: This produces hyperemia of every part on which it acts. It affects the heart causing increased activity of that viscus, as shown by the increased force of the heart-stroke, as we find in pure cardiac hypertrophy without dilatation.  As a result of this increased action, there is enlargement and secondarily, actual hypertrophy of the heart. Consecutive to this trouble, you will have a list of symptoms that are very characteristic. The lungs are too full of blood or hyperemic, so that the patient on attempting to walk up a slope or to use any little exertion feels as though there were a crushing weight under the sternum. He feels that if he did not stop walking the blood would burst through the chest. Aurum relieves this kind of case very nicely. According to Kafka, Aur.Mur. is here preferable to Aur.met.  This is very similar to Am.carb. which has a similar sensation of crushing weight on the sternum, but more tendency to somnolence and venous fullness than Aurum. (Connected with this there is congestion of the head).   (CMM 600)


Dilatation of the Heart:   Am.carb.

This patient suffers when ascending a height; also suffers intolerably in a warm room.  He frequently has a cough which is accompanied by bloody sputum. There is palpitation of the heart with dyspnea and retraction of epigastrium. Some cyanotic symptoms are also present. (CMM)


Cardiac Dilatation after Influenza, with Cardiac Dyspnea: Iberis

Great efficacy in cardiac diseases. Pulse full, irregular and intermittent. < least motion and warm room. Violent palpitation from slightest exertion, as, for example, laughing, coughing, etc. Liver region full and painful.


Cardiac Hypertrophy of the Athletes : Arn., Brom., Caust., Rhus-t.


Cardiac Hypertrophy, with Angina: Sweet Spirit of Nitre

(Nitri Spiritus Dulcis) Breathing slow and regular, but on walking a short distance, it becomes hurried, then quick, difficult and painful, with a sense of constriction under the sternum. On walking the heart beats rapidly and tumultuously, similar to Aur.mur.


Dilatation of Right Heart:  Prunus Virg.

Relieves the flagging and distended ventricle. It increases muscles tone. Irritable heart. [Weak digestion especially of old people. Chronic bronchitis.]


Endo-, and Peri-carditis, with angina Pectoris: Magnolia Grand.

Pain alternating between spleen and heart (between back and other parts). Aneurism: aortic crampy pain in heart. (Pulford, Mat.Medica, P.146)


Endocarditis: Sepia


Arterio-sclerosis: Aur-mur.


Aterio-Sclerosis: Vanadium

Sensation as if heart were compressed; as if blood has no room in aorta. Anxious pressure on the whole chest.  Fatty heart, Atheroma of arteries of brain and liver. (cf. Boericke)


Aterio-Sclerosis: Strontium carb., Stron.Iod.


Coronary Thrombosis vs. Coronary Ischemia: the former needs remedies like Crotalus, Lach., Phos., and Lat.mac. the latter may call for  Spig., cact., and Acon.  (S.P. Kopikar)


Cardiac Disturbance following Rheumatic fever: Lycop.Vir.

Hacking cough, palpitation, dyspnea, small weak, irritable pulse that occasionally intermits.


Rheumatic Endo-Carditis: Abrot.

From metastasis of rheumatism or gout.


Rheumatic Heart: Lith.carb.

Rheumatic soreness about the heart. Valvular deposits will be found in many instances. Mental agitation causes fluttering of the heart, like Nat.m., Sep., and Calc.c. Very marked is the pain in the heart when the patient bends forward.  The cardiac muscle is evidently irritated, for we find shocks and jerks about the heart. The cardiac pains are relieved when the patient urinates.  < before and during and > after urination. (CMM 656)


Gouty and Rheumatic Metastasis of the Heart:  Kalm.


Damaged Heart after Infectious Disease: Naja


Weakened Heart with Chronic Lungs Affections: Ars.iod.


Heart Troubles with Constriction of Larynx:  Lauroc.


Hysterical Heart Pain: Zinc. Val.

Notably in ovarian affections. Overalgia. Pains hoot down limbs, even to foot. Dose: 1st. to 2nd. trit. Must be continued for sometimes. 



Chronic Heart Failure, Compensatory Hypertrophy: Strych.ars.

It is the beginning of the fatty degeneration of the heart. Marked dyspnea when lying down. Edema of lower extremities, urine scanty. Urine of high specific gravity, heavily loaded wit glucose.  Dose 3x.  (Boericke)


Mitral Regurgitation, Myocarditis with Mitral Insufficiency:  Glanthus

Pulse very irregular, rapid and uneven, violent palpitation. Systolic murmur at apex. (Boericke)


To Dissolve Blood Clot: Arnica


Thrombosis, Thrombolic  Phenomena: Bothrop.

Read the drug thoroughly.


Aortitis with Terrible Dyspnea: Carbo.v.

An excellent remedy for the terrible dyspnea of chronic aortitis, especially when the patient has become very anemic, dropsical, etc. Here compare Ars., Cupr., and Lach. (CMM 486)






Marked Symptoms of Low Tension: Naja, (also Elaps., Vipera) (Boericke)


High Blood Pressure: Stront. carb.

Flushes in the face and violent pulsation of the arteries. It may be useful in threatening apoplexy, with violent congestion of the head, and hot and red face, every time the patient walks. Mere exertion increases the circulation upward towards the head. Some erethism is shown in the chest in some patients. There is smothering feeling about the heart; they cannot rest. There is also a feeling as of a load on the chest. These are the congestive symptoms of the heart, lungs and head, which suggest Stront.Carb., and they may occur at the time of climaxis, when flushes of heat are so common. The peculiarity which will distinguish these symptoms from those of any other remedy is, that the head symptoms are relieved by wrapping up the head warmly _ just as you find under Silicea, and Mag.m. These patients cannot bear the least draught of air, therefore, despite this congestive tendency, they wrap up the head warmly, though it may cause perspiration. It certainly does resemble Sil., in that both remedies have congestion of the head, > wrapping up the head. The Sil. congestion seems to come up the spine and go to the head. That is not the characteristic of Stront.c.   (CMM 653)


High Blood Pressure: Spartium Scop.


Hypertension: All-sativum

Arterial hypotension begins usually in 30 to 45 minutes after 20 to 40 drop doses of the tincture. Fleshy and high-livers, who eat great deal more, especially meat, than they drink. “Special applicability to meat eaters rather than to exclusive vegetarian.” (Boericke) 


Hypertension with Oliguria (deficient urine secretion):  Eal Serum


Hypertension with Arteriosclerosis: Sec. Cor.


High Systolic and comparatively Low Diastolic Pressure:  Bar.m.   (Lippe)


High Blood Pressure: Viscum Alb. Ө

“I’ve used it empirically, and have always brought down B.P. by 20 to 30 points, in few days.”   Four drop doses three times a day. (Lew…?)


Hypotension, Palpitation, with Vertigo, Flatulence: Cactus gr.

Also palpitation from unrequited love.




Dilatation of the Heart, with Debility:  Craetegus  Ox.


Heart Tonic: Regulates Circulation: Sterculia

Is a heart tonic, and anti-diarrheic; regulates cardiac rhythm and acts diuretically. Weak heart. Gives power to endure prolonged physical exertions without taking food and, without feeling fatigued.  Asthm. Dose: 3-10 drops, even one dram doses, thrice a day. (Boericke)


Arterio-Sclerosis wit Dropsy:     Strophanthus

A Cardiac Tonic.



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