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Asthma: worse Inhaling Dust, better after Stool: Poth. Foet.


Asthma worse after 12’o clock at night: Ferr. Met.

Asthma with an orgasm of blood to the chest, < after 12, at night, the patient must sit up and uncover the chest. He uncovers the chest to cool, and sit up in order to breathe, and move slowly about for relief. (CMM 639)


Asthma of Gastric Origin: Zingiber

The attacks come on in the night towards morning. The patient has to sit up to breathe; but despite the severity of the paroxysms, there seems to be no anxiety. (CMM 191)

A cup of ginger-tea will also help. (MAU)


Asthma in Nervous, Hysterical Subjects: Succinum

Incipient phthisis, chronic bronchitis, and pain in chest. Whooping cough.    (Boericke)


Asthma with Nightly Dysuria: Solidago Vir.

Also continuous dyspnea. (ibid)


Asthmatic Troubles with Piles: Alumen

(Lilienthal, p. 499)


Asthma with Constriction in Throat: Hydrocyanic Acid


Asthma with Hemorrhoids: Juncus., Nux.v.


Asthma beginning with Coryza: Naja


Miner’s Asthma from Coal tar:    Natrum Ars.

Lungs feel as though smoke had been inhaled. (Boericke)


Asthma with Every Freash Cold: Natrum Ars.


Hay-Asthma with Paroxysmal Sneezing: Succinic Acid

Dropping of watery mucus from nose; itching of eyelids, canthis and nose. Worse draft.


Asthma, better in Sea-air: Med.


Asthma, better in Mountain Air: Syphilinum


Asthma with Cramp, Muscular Spasms of Various Parts: Cupr.m.


Asthma with Despondency, Thinks He is Dying: Ars., Psor.


Catarrhal Asthma: Capsicum

Red face, stout build with lax fiber. Well-marked sibilant rales. Productive cough ameliorate. (Very beautiful remedy, must be exhaustively read in CMM, and Boericke)


Asthma of the Old: Carbo Veg.

Old people who are very much debilitated. They look, during the attack, as if they would die, so oppressed are they for breath. They are greatly relieved by belching wind and by hard fanning. It is especially indicated in asthma, which is reflex from accumulation of gas in abdomen. [It is also indicated in terrible Dyspnea of chronic aortitis, especially when the patient has become very anemic, dropsical, etc. Compare here with Arsenic, Cuprum and Lacesis.] (CMM)


Suffocative Catarrh of the Old: Baryta Carb.

With orthopnea.  Baryta paralyses the voluntary and involuntary muscles fibbers. In old people the chest is very much weakened. They get a catarrh which is not very severe. But appears suddenly in the night, with difficulty of breathing, and blueness of the face, etc. Baryta Carb. is one of the remedies that come in after the failure of Antimony Tart. The patient complains of a sensation as of smoke or pitch in the lungs. Baryta should not be given in catarrhal asthma, or asthma with emphysema, but when the disease is of the purely nervous variety, in the aged, and when aggravation occurs in wet-warm air. (CMM)


Orthopnea and Senile Paralysis of Lungs: or Threatening Paralysis of Lungs: Antimon.Tart.:  Loud , rattling phlegm in the chest, and yet the patient cannot get the phlegm up. Here Baryta Carb. is complementary to Ant.t.; and often succeeds when the latter remedy only partially relieves. Other remedies for threatening paralysis of the lungs are Lach., Carbo Veg., Mosch., Am.c. (ibid)


Dyspnea with Emphysema: Curare

When the patient seems to be pretty far gone. ‘Dr. Petit of Paris used 3rd. or 6th. potency.’

For indications cf. under Chap. on Chest.  (CMM 205)


Emphysema of the Aged:   Naphthalinum


Asphyxia due to Charcoal Fumes:  Bovista

Other antidotes to charcoal fumes are: Arnica, Opium. (ibid)


Asphyxia Neonatorum: Ant.Tart.

When there is rattling of mucus in the throat.

LAUROCERASUS: When there is much blueness of the face, with twitching of the muscles of the face, and gasping without really breathing. (ibid. 586)


Cardiac Asthma: Lycopus Vir.


Bronchial and Cardiac Asthma:  Strophanthus


Dyspnea with Heart and Urinary Complaints: Laurocerasus, Lyco.V.  (Kent)


Dyspnea with Ovarian Troubles: Tarent.H.


Death Rattle:  Ant.t., Tarent.


Can Only Breathe when Standing: Cann.s.


Smothering on Falling Asleep: Grindel.


Kali. Bichromicum in Asthma


Asthma dependent on Bronchiectasis:  Kali-bi

The bronchial tubes are filled with tough, tenacious exudation. Besides we will find Kali-bi indicated in another form of asthma, which is worse from 3 to 4 o’clock in the morning, and is especially liable to return in the winter weather, or in the summer time when chilly. The patient is compelled to sit up in the bed in order to breathe. Relief comes when the patient raises stringy or ropy mucus. This kind of asthma calls for Kali-bi, whether the patient be stout or thin. If you have this after midnight aggravation and relief from sitting up and bending forward, and from the expectoration of stringy mucus, you will have a certain remedy in Kali-Bi. Here it is a perfect complement to Arsenicumm, which has nearly the same symptoms, but lacks the tenacious sputum.

DOSE: “The lower potencies have been more successful in the treatment of asthma. The higher potencies have not failed, but in all of the literature that I have been able to see, the lower potencies have seemed to be the more successful. Whether this is true or not, I do not know. I only give the facts as I find them that you may judge yourself.

ARALIA  RACEMOSA is another remedy for asthma, when the patient is forced to sit up for relief. It seems as if he would suffocate if he did not. There is dry wheezing or loud musical whistling respiration. But the expectoration at first scanty, later increases,  is warm and of salted taste.               (CMM 727)




Cough with Paucity of Symptoms: Justicia Ad.

Winter Cough of Old People: Ichthyolum

Dry, Teasing Cough of Phthisis: Codeinum

Dry, Hard, Incessant Cough, Threatening Abortion: Kali-Br., Con. (Allen)

Consumptive Cough

Spasmodic Cough of Consumptives:  Drosera

Coming on in the evening, and, perhaps again after midnight. Every effort to raise a little phlegm, ends in retching and vomiting. (CMM 273)

Mephitis: In the spasmodic cougs of phthisical girls, where Drosera fails

Rumex Cris.: Night cough of phthisis, with or without clevicular pain; < 2 a.m.

Sticta Sylvestica Ө: consumptive cough with or without splitting headache.

(Read also StictaPulm.).

Spasmodic or Whooping Cough:   Sticta Pulm.

In gouty, tubercular or rheumatic subjects, < night. (Read full Chapter).

Phthisical Cough:    Eriodyctyon

Cough after influenza. Burning in fauces; pain in right lung. (Boericke)  

Cough with scraping Feeling from Upper Sternum to Larynx:   Alumen

With profuse expectoration: thick and yellow.

 Dry, Violent Laryngeal Cough:    Nit. Acid

Dr. Brown: “Constipation is a marked indication for this acid in cough cases…I’ve found this symptom so often to disappear under its use that I’ve been led to use it as a remedy for constipation itself, and with such success that I now place it in the front rank of available means in its treatment.” His dose is 2-3 drops of the first decimal dilution. [Seems to be a very heavy dose, considering that it is nitric acid. MAU]

Very offensive Breath during Coughing:  Capsicum


Night Cough:  Conium

Tormenting night-cough, from tickling as from a dry spot in the larynx, which is relieved as soon as the patient sits up in the bed. There is scarcely any cough during the day. [Also in consumptives when they find it impossible to expectorate the sputum. They must swallow it again.] Comp. Ambr.G., Caust.   (CMM)


Cough with Morning Expectoration: Ph. ac.

The cough arises from tickling in the chest, in the region of ensiform cartilage. It is worse in the evening after the patient lies down. In the morning there is muco-purulent or yellowish expectoration, tasting salty. We think of Ph.Acid, although less frequently than Phosphorus, in cases of Tuberculosis, when there is great weakness of chest, so that the patient can hardly talk. This weakness seems to be the cause of dyspnea. Every drought of air seems to give him fresh cold. He wraps up his chest warmly; he cannot bear a drought of air on his chest. (CMM)


Dry, Spasmodic Cough in the Morning: Alumina

< morning, until he detaches a small amount of tightly adherent mucus, which relieves for a while. (ibid)


Spasmodic Cough at Menstrual Nexus:  Zincum

Spasmodic cough as if it would draw the chest in pieces. The sputum may be bloody. This is particularly noticed just before or during menses. It is also aggravated by eating sweets. (CMM)


Spasmodic Tickling Cough in CARDIAC PATIENTS: Laurocerasus

Laurocerasus magically influences such coughs.


Irritating, Dry cough, Dependent on Heart Lesion: Naja


Cough from Bronchial Irritation after Influenza: Pix-Liq.

A great cough medicine.  (Boericke)


Persistent Cough after Influenza: Strych.


Dry Hacking Cough coming on at Night, keeping patient awake:  Lycop.

Difficult, Dry, Deep, Winter Cough:  Piper Aug.Ө Drop doses.


Cough on Entering Warm Room: Natrum-C.

Purulent green sputum of salty taste. Other remedies having agg. entering warm room: Bryonia (the foremost), Coc-c.   (CMM)


Cough with Chest Pains:  Borax

Cough accompanied by a sharp, sticking pain in chest, worse through the upper part of the right chest. So sharp are these pains that they make the patient wince and catch his breath. The expectoration  has a sort of musty or mouldy odor and taste. So Borax can often be used in lungs troubles, and even in phthisis, when these symptoms are present.  (CMM)


Nervous Cough: Ambra Gr.

Cough which is aggravated when strangers are in the room, or under any circumstances, which would tend to excite the nervous system. It is often a cough that is reflex from mental influence. In these cases it is exactly similar to Phosphorus.

There is another kind of cough, whooping or not, cured by Ambra gr. The cough is followed by eructation of wind from the stomach. There are not many remedies that will cure this symptom. Ambra is the best; others are: Sul.Ac., Arnica, Sang., and Verat.a. Sometimes the eructations come during the cough, a very annoying symptom. Here Ambra connects with  Ars., Cimex, Lach., and Angustura.   (CMM)


Cough Dry, Irritating and Paroxysmal: Vanad.

Sometimes with hoarseness.  (Boreicke)


Day Cough, Dry, Short, Spasmodic and with Dyspnea: Viola Odo.

Also sometimes with hoarseness.


Dry, Hacking Cough, Caused by Tickling in Epiglottis:  Wyethia


Lingering Cough, or Chest Infection, after Coryza: Thuja


Cough Loose after Eating, Dry after Drinking:  Nux. M.


Cough as soon as the Head Touches the Pillow:     Crton. Tig.



Dry Irritating Cough, < Night, on Lying Down, Must Sit-up: Puls., Con.

All the above symptoms, but cough again in Morning, in Bed, with Stringy, White Mucus: Coc-c


Irritating Cough, Agg. by Coughing:  Ignatia


Continuous, Irritating Cough, not Remitting for a Moment:  Cod. Phos.


Very Loose Cough in an Old Man, Mouthful of Expectoration: Hippoz; Ammoniacum.


Sawing Sounds on Chest of an Infant, with Milky-white Tongue:  Ant.t.




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