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The Gleanings XI-1 Female Sexual Functions

The Gleanings-XI PART-1 by Dr Usmani

Copyright 2011/All rights reserved © Dr Usmani 
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FEMALE GENITALIA and Female Sexual Functions by Dr. M. A. USMANI


Uterine Diseases Depending on Diseases of Bowels and Rectum: Collin.

For example, dysmenorrhea with hemorrhoids, pruritus vulvae with hemorrhoids. (Also during pregnancy).


Uterine Growths  

Aurum Salts: Indurations

Aurum Met.:with depression, leading to suicide.

Aurum Muriaticum Kalinatum:Best preparation of gold in cases of uterine indurations and hemorrhages.

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum:

  • Enormous induration of an ovary. Induration of one part and softening of another part of the uterus. Scirrhus or Carcinoma of breasts and uterus.

Ulceration of Cervix Uteri: Arg.n.

  • Ulceration of the cervix of the uterus, when it is enlarged and indurated, with copious yellow, corroding leucorrhea, and frequent bleeding from the point of ulceration. (CMM)

Fibroids Uteri: Frax. Am.

Fibroids Tumors of Uterus: Solidago Virga

With enlargement of the organ that presses down on the bladder. Dose: Frax.Am = M.T. 10-15 Drops; Soidago V. drop doses.(Boericke)

Hemorrhage with Uterine Fibroids: Thlasp. B. P.

Hemorrhage from Fibroids Uterus: Trill. Pend.

  • Uterine hemorrhage with sensation as though hips and back were falling to pieces; better tight bandage. Hemorrhage from fibroid. (Comp. Calc., Nit.Ac., Phos., Sul.Ac.)


Fibroids with Subinvolution: Gossypium

Suppressed and tardy menses with constant sensation as if flow is about to start. Menses too watery. Tumors of the breasts with swelling of axillary glands.Backache and weight and dragging in pelvis.  (Boericke) 



Bearing down and Prolapsus:  Stannum

  • “I’ve hardly ever known it fail to correct bearing down and have been quite astonished at its power over prolapsus. It seems to strengthen the uterine ligaments.” (Hughes Ph.D.)
    Prolapsus uteri et vaginae with ‘goneness,’ bearing down and melancholy. But its characteristic is falling of uterus and vagina during hard stool.”  (CMM 136)
    [The menses in Stannum are always profuse and leucorrhea yellowish, with debility.]

Antimony Crud.:

  • When there is constant bearing down feeling, as if something were pushing out of the vagina, and tenderness over the ovarian region, particularly when the menses have been suppressed by cold bathing.

Aurum Met.:

  • Congestion of uterus. It becomes prolapsed from its great weight. It is enlarged from chronic congestion. This is the form of prolapsus that Aurum will cure, and no other remedy. The ordinary remedies of prolapsus, such as Lil-tig. and Nux.v, cannot relieve this case because the prolapsus is not the main characteristic. The cause of the prolapsus is the weight of the organ, and not the relaxation of the ligaments or weakness of the general system.

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum:

  • has been successfully substituted for Aurum Met. This has been used in the second and third potencies for prolapsed and indurated uterus.   (CMM 605)

Ferrum Met, preferably Ferrum Iodatum

  • There is soreness of abdominal walls. On sitting down she feels as if something were pushed upwards in vagina.  (CMM) 

Bearing Down in Groin and Back:  Platinum

  • Useful in cases of indurated and prolapsed uterus, associated with continual pressure in groin and back. The affected parts are painfully sensitive to touch. The patient exhibits sensitiveness, even vaginismus, during coitus. In indurated uterus compare Sepia, Aurum (which has more suicidal mania), Arg.n., and Helon. (CMM 615)

Prolapsus with Arthralgia: Arg. Met.

  • Arthralgic pains in women who suffer from prolapsus uteri. They can scarcely move their joints, and yet a most careful investigation shows no rheumatic inflammation. Arg. Met. has particular affinity for cartilages of the joints. Thus we find general debility with bruised feeling in the small of back from weakness of the spine, and general weakness forcing the patient to lie down to obtain rest. The knees are particularly weak. There will be no true articular rheumatism, but rather an arthralgia, with pains that increase gradually, reaching a high pitch, then suddenly cease. All these symptoms are common enough. We find them; in hysterical women, and in men after loss of vital fluids, particularly semen. (CMM 611)


Prolapsus or Subinvolution: Natrum Chloratum

  • The key idea in this remedy is: flabby debilitated constitution. Everything is flabby, the uterus, its ligaments, and general musculature. A phlegmatic constitution. Feeling as if uterus were pushed up on sitting down, (Ferr.Iod.). feels as if uterus opened and shut. Passive bearing down from heavy condition of uterus. Womb is heavy, sodden, with tendency to prolapse. Both hands swollen in morning. Leucorrhea with backache. (Boericke)


Prolapsus Uteri with Excessive Sexual Desire: Lil.Tig. 

Prolapsus Uteri with Diarrhea and Prolapsus Recti: Podo.




Displaced Uterus: Graph.

  • The os is far back and presses against the posterior wall of the vagina; hence the remedy is indicated in anteflexion and in anteversion.  With this there is bearing down extending into the hypogastrium. The leucorrhea is watery and profuse, sometimes coming in with gushes; often with these symptoms there exists an eczematic eruption about the vulva. (CMM 500)

Dispalced Uterus with Sore Feeling at the Fundus:  Abies-Can.

  • Pain is > by pressing upward. Thinks womb is soft and feeble. Prostration with chilliness, wants to lie down all the time. Cold shivering as if blood were ice-water. Cold water feeling between shoulders. Skin clammy and sticky.   (Boericke)

Displacement of Uterus: Calc. Phos.

  • Feeling of weakness and distress referred to the hypogastrium with uterine displacement, worse by passing either stool or urine. Especially indicated in women whose joints ache in every change of weather. This quality separates it from other similarly acting drugs. The uterine symptoms are aggravated by change of weather.  (CMM)

Displacement of Uterus with Strained Feeling in the Groin:   Am-m

  • This groin pain compels her to walk bent. Am-m. being more germane to female organs than the Am-c.; has great many symptoms referred to the inguinal and hypogastric region, which would suggest the use of the drug in uterine and ovarian diseases. E.g. the patient of tensive pain in one or other groin. Sometimes the symptom is described as a feeling as if she had sprained herself. There are stitches, cutting and soreness, or, what is more characteristic than all, a strained feeling in the groin which forces the patient to walk bent. That is the indication which leads to Am-m. in the treatment of deviation of the uterus, and also in ovarian diseases. One will find in almost all these cases the characteristic muriate stool, a characteristic leucorrhea attending the symptoms: a brown lumpy, or else clear and albuminous leucorrhea, which follows every urination. (CMM)

Malposition of Uterus: Cimicifuga

  • When there are sharp and cutting pains across the hypogastrium from side to side. (CMM)

Diplacement of Uterus with Metritis:      Mel Cum Sale

  • Key-Note: feeling of soreness in the hypogastrium, extending from ilium to ilium. (CMM)
    Boericke says: ‘Prolapsus uteri and chronic metritis, especially when associated with subinvolution and inflammation of cervix, uterine displacement and in the commencement of metritis. Sensation as if the bladder was too full. Pain from sacrum to pubes. Pain as if in uterus. Dose: 3rd. to 8th. potency.’

Sudden Inability to Hold Urine, in Women: Physalis.

Consciousness of Womb:  Murex., Helon. 

Moles and Foreign Bodies in Uterus: (Promotes expulsion):  Sabin.




Cocculus:as if sharp stones rubbing against each other in abdomen. Excessive distention of abdomen from accumulation of flatus. The colic is liable to awaken the patient at midnight. It is relieved by belching, but returns again from the re-accumulation of flatus. Patient very irritable. Menses either very copious, gushing and debilitating, or tardy.

Chamomilla:Menstrual flow dark. Mental symptoms of Chamomilla.

Pulsatilla:Scanty flow, coming by fits and starts. Griping pain, doubling the patient up; but the disposition is mild and tearful.

Cyclamen: Very similar to Pulsatilla. Chilliness with pains; crying tearful mood. Dyspepsia made worse by eating fats and pastry. Scanty menses with colic. But Cyclamen does not get relief in cool air or in cool room; and many times has thirst.

Compare also Ign., Nux.v.

Cerium Oxalicum:Dysmenorrhea in fleshy robust women, better when flow is established.

Menstrual Colic after the Failure of Colocynthis: Caust.

  • (for indications see Chap. On Abdomen)

Spasmodic Dysmenorrhea: Pituitrin

  • With under-developed breasts

Uterine Hemorrhage:  Ferrum Met.

  • The flow is bright red blood, often mixed with coagula, and this is associated with a great flushing. The face which is ordinarily earthy and sallow, becomes red and flushed; the breathing becomes rapid and a little labored, just as in Ipecac. The pulse is very much increased in frequency and strength. Ferrum in hemorrhages, seems to stand between Cinchona and Ipecac. Like Cinchona it is suited to very much prostrated cases, in persons naturally anemic. It is allied to Ipecac. in the bright red gushing flow of blood and difficulty of breathing. Ipecac. suits hemorrhages that come with a gush. It may be associated with nausea or not, but there is apt to be loud hurried breathing. (CMM 643)

Late and Scanty Menses:  Mag. Carb.

  • The menses are usually too late, with the peculiarity: flow more at night, and on first rising in the morning. Scanty during the day, even cease altogether, in the afternoon. The flow is also more profuse between pains. In all the Magnesia Salts the menstrual flow is dark and black, almost pitch like. (Read Magnesia Mur. Below)

Delayed Menses at Puberty: (Calc, Ost.), Calc. Carb.

  • Calc. is called at the time for onset of menses, when they are delayed. The girl is apparently plethoric and suffers from congestions of the head and the chest. She is fat and apparently robust, but if you were to examine the blood of such a patient, you would find it disproportionately full of white blood corpuscles or leucocytes. She complains of the palpitation of the heart, dyspnea and headache, worse when ascending. (CMM 672)

Irregular and Copious Menses: (Calc.Ost.), Calc. Carb.

  • Especially indicated when menstrual flow is too frequent, coming every two or three weeks, and copiously. The flow is provoked by over-exertion or by emotions. The patient complains of the sweat of the head and coldness of feet.  (ibid.)

Amenorrhea of Puberty: Senec.

  • “When the patient is reverse of Pulsatilla, i.e. she is worse from cold.”  (Boger, Case taking)

Amenorrhea in Obese Girls: Thyroid 3x.

Amenorrhea, after the Failure of Nat.m.:  Kali Carb.

  • Kali-c will bring on the menstrual flow, when Nat.m., though indicared, fails.” Hahnemann

Non-descript Copious Menses: Trill. Pend.

  • “One of the best remedies I know of for ordinary profuse menstrual flow, coming frequently and yet without any decided constitutional character by which to judge the case; especially if the flow exhaust the patient very much. I’ve never given it in any other potency than the 6th. That has been sufficient in all my cases.  (ibid. 673)

Irregularity of Menstrual Function: Zincum

Particularly when it is associated with ulceration of cervix uteri, and Boring pain in left ovarian region.

  • All the symptoms improve at the onset of menstrual flow. (CMM 638)

To Restrain Profuse Menstruation: Lysimachia

  • Mother tincture for physiological effects.

Pain with Irregular Menstruation: Piscidia

  • Regulates the flow. Nervous insomnia. Spasmodic affections.

Exhausting Menses and Leucorrhea: Carbo-an.

Menses Too Early, Too Profuse and Too Long-lasting:     Tuberculinum

To Establish Normal Menses in Young Girls: Damiana

Menstrual Irregularities of Sterile Women, with Uterine Displacement;

Also Habitual Miscarriages, (A Uterine TonicViburnum Prunif.

Passive Hemorrhage: Vinc. Min.

  • Blood flows in one continuous stream, post climacteric, or from fibroid. (also,Ustilgo, Trill.. Sec.)

Weak Delicate Women with Profuse Menstruation: Xanthoxylum

  • Spasmodic and neuralgic dysmenorrhea; the pain extending along the anterior crural nerve. Also same symptoms with Ovarian Neuralgia. (Boericke)

Menstrual Irregularities with Irritable Heart: Lil.tig.

Metrorrhagia, Menorrhagia: Thyroid.

Hemorrhage due to Fibroids and other Tumors and Backache: Variol.



Hot, Albuminous, Copious Leucorrhea: Borax        (CMM 710)

Leucorrhea of Little Girls: Caulophyllum

  • A valuable drug when the discharge is copious and weakens the child much.

Calc. Ost.: 

  • Leucorrhea before puberty, even in infants. Discharge being milky, purulent, or yellow or thick in appearance, with considerable burning and itching. Other confirmed remedies are: Cann.s., Cubeba., Merc., Phos., Puls., Sep.   (CMM 674)

Leucorrhea, with Constipation: Dictamnus 

Acrid Leucorrhea, Offensive Ulcers; Nymph.Odorata

Leucorrhea with Diarrhea: Pulsatilla

Leucorrhea with Habitual Tendency to Abortion: Aletris F.

  • Also Caulo., Sabina, Sep.

Leucorrhea with Moth Spots on Forehead: Caul., Sep.

Leucorrhea with Pruritus Vulvae, Leucorrhea Yellow: Fagopyrum

Leucorrhea wit Spasmodic Contraction of Vagina: Aur.Mur.Nat.



Uterine and Ovarian Diseases arising remotely from Emotional causes, as grief, etc.:                                                                                  Ph.Acid

  • E.g. prolapsus uteri precipitated from depressing emotions. If other symptoms agree the both local and constitutional symptoms will be removed by its administration. ‘Crushing weight on the vertex’, is characteristic. (CMM 528)

Ovarian Tumors: Colocynth.

  • Stitching pains, as from a needles, in the right ovarian region. And crampy pain, better by bending double and pressing hard. 

Ovarian Dropsy: Iodine

  • Other remedies that have proved efficacious in this affection are Apis., Coloc. etc. If the whole picture calls for  Iod. it should be given, but not unless such is the case, “it must be given for weeks and months before it will bring about absorption of the tumor.” (CMM 510)


Ovaritis:         Arg.Met., Arg.N.

Arg.m. acts on left ovary, causing bruised pain in that organ, and, sometimes a feeling as though the ovary was growing large. (Arg.n. the corresponding sensation in the rightovary). This is purely a subjective sensation. Associated with this bruised pain, there is often a prolapsed uterus.              (CMM 611)

Ovaritis Suppurativa: Platina

  • Platina has even succeeded in curing ovaritis when pus had formed, and Hepar. and Lachesis had been insufficient to effect its  evacuation.  (ibid 613)

Chronic Oophoritis, Right-sided: Palladium

  • [Palladium is indicated in that gynecological condition where the disease has its inception in the right ovary, the uterine prolapse and retroversion, the sub-acute peritonitis.] Soreness in abdomen with downward pressure, a very common symptom in uterine diseases. A pain in uterus and bladder after exertion during the day. Knife-like cutting pains in the uterus, relieved after stool…She complains that she feels sore and bruised all over. Heaviness as from lead, deep in the pelvis, worse exertion and standing. Walking is much less irksome to her than standing. Lying on the left relieves. Swelling in the region of right ovary, and pain from navel to pelvis, with a feeling of bearing down. Compare Arg.m., Lil.t., Plat., Helon.  (Consult CMM p. 616)

Ovaralgia, especially Left: Viscum Alb.

Ovarian Cysts: Bov. 3x.,  Aur.m.n. 3x.

  • Routine remedies of Burnett for pathology of the ovaries.

Great Relaxation of Pelvic Organs, wit Inflammation: Arct. Lappa.

Spasms of Pelvic Organs and Nervous Irritability: Leonurus Card.

  • Suppressed menses and lochia. Dysentery, vomiting, thirst, tongue dry, cracked.



Nymphomania with Pruritus Vulvae: Tarent. Hisp.

Nymphomania with Aversion to Her Own Sex & Children: Raphanus

  • Sexual insomnia.

Sexual Insomnia: Kali-Brom.

Voluptuous Tingling Keeping her Awake: Kali-Br., Orig.

Passion Increased in Aged Woman: Mosch.

Sexual Desire Increased when Nursing the Child:   Calc.Phos., Phos.

Desire Increased after Sex: Tarent.H.

Insatiable Sexual Desire: Calc-p., Med., Plat., Sabin., Zinc.

Nymphomania, with Herpes of Vagina and Vulva: Robinia

Nymphomania and Sexual Excitement, after Menopause:  Murex

Nymphomania after Suppression of Menses: Murex., Plat.

Nymphomania, Puerperal: Kali-Br., Plat.

Nymphomania, Sterile Women: Cann-i.

Nymphomania, after Disappointment in Love: Verat. 

Excessively Aroused Sexual Desire with Lascivious Impulses: Origan.

  • Erotomania. Desire for active exercise, impelling her to run.

Dances to Repress Her Sexual Desire: Tarent.H

Violent Sexual Excitement : Ferula Glauca

  • Icy coldness of occiput.

Frigidity: Damiana

Sexual Excitement after Menopause: Mancinella

  • Mental depression at climacteric, with exalted sexuality.  (Hering)

Disposition to Masturbation:  Kali-Br., Orig., Plat., Bellis-p.

  • In Little Girls: Med.
  • Due to Itching in Vulva: Calad.

Orgasm Delayed or Absent: Sepia

Orgasm Easy: Plat., Stannum

Refuses Conjugal Sex: Ign., Sep., Nat.m., Con.

Coitus Interruptus: Bellis-p.

Trauma of Masturbation: Bellis-p.

  • [Read my remarks about Bellis Prennis in the Chapter on Rectum. MAU]

Lesbianism: Med., Plat., Staphys., Nat.m., Sep.


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Copyright 2011-12/All rights reserved © Dr Usmani
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