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[Sex is not an anathema. It is the essence of life, as sacred as life itself. A physician’s role in preserving and enhancing the sexual libido is also a sacred duty.


Among the most beautiful scenes of life and nature are the scenes of lovemaking, between the sexes, from animals to humans. Sex and copulation scenes have been given divine status in Hinduism, as these have been richly depicted in sculpture and engravings on the walls of their temples. Nobody regards them obscene or moral-depraving. Kama-Sutra, an ancient book on marital life and aphrodisiac subjects, has a venerated place in Hindu society and literature.


The practitioners of yore, of Eastern Medicine and eclectics, used to prescribe witnessing the scenes of sexual acts of birds and animals, for their aphrodisiac effects, to the impotent, with dormant or totally slumbering instinct; and to the intellectuals, among the impotents, such literature as the illustrated Kama-Sutra.  So erotica has a therapeutic value too; but not for the old buck who has flirted, his whole life, with the sheep of  his herd.


There is paucity of literature on this subject in homeopathy. Anshutz wrote a book on this subject entitled: "Sexual Ills and Diseases." This book cannot be recommended, as it is full of errors of psycho-somatic and psycho-sexual facts. There is lot of distortions, because of author’s pre-possessions with religion. Science is not religion, nor should religion be allowed to make inroads into science.


Dr. Hale gave a beautiful classification of ‘primarily aphrodisiac’ and ‘anaphrodisiac’ remedies. Among the APHRODISIAC REMEDIES he mentions:

Phosphorus, Turn.Aph. (Damiana), Nux.v., Orig., Coca, Aurum, Cann-i., Plat., Lil-t., Santal, Sabal-S.


Among the primarily ANAPHRODISIAC REMEDIES he includes:

Con., Salix.n., Agn., Nuph.Lut., Ars., Pic.Ac., Calad., Camph., Iod., Lupulin.


Among the aphrodisiac list, I think Yohimbinum, Trib.Ter. (Ikshugandha), and, perhaps  Fl.Ac. should also be considered.


But the subject is not that simple. It is a subject on which people from Naturopathy, Greek medicine, Ayurvedic and eclectics have spent (or Spoiled) their lifetime; especially the followers of Greek medicine (Unani Hakeems) created very foolish nostrums. Every second thing in nature seemed to them Aphrodisiac. And their all prescriptions were doubtful, dubious and downright injurious, till Pfizer came on the scene, with Viagra. It delivered a death blow to all such sexual humdrum nostrums. But the Viagra is not the panacea of all sexual ills. It is only a treatment, or momentary recipe, for erectile dysfunction. But where there is lack of sexual interest, it will not properly function there. So there are many fronts of sexual weakness, or impotence, which we can describe as under:


  • Lack of desire, (or Sexual Passion, as Kent would like to say), with lack of erections.
  • Presence of normal desire without supporting erections, or incomplete erections.
  • Abundance of sexual passion, with lascivious and intensely amorous fancies, with very weak erections; or totally lacking in it.
  • Very weak erections, because of which he cannot perform intercourse.

 And so many other nuances.


To cope with all these, a remedy for impotence should do the following functions:


  • It should be an Aphrodisiac, that is, desire generating and /or desire enhancing.
  • It should improve the erectile function, by producing strong and lasting erections.
  • It should improve retention, i.e. delay ejaculation.
  • There should be some medicine to improve the quantity and quality of sperms: i.e. Spermagogues.


The classic Eastern Medicine addresses all these aspects in theory, but in practice their results are unpredictable and non-dependable. For the collective purpose of all above mentioned points, they summarily prescribe Opiates, and preparations of Cannabis. For aphrodisiac purpose specifically they enjoin diet, stressing the consumption of dry fruits, organ meat, and various eggs.


In contradistinction, Homeopathy is a beautiful system of medicine, comprehensive and all inclusive. It deals in nuances with any and all pathologico-therapeutic eventualities. I will adduce few examples to show the versatility and all-inclusiveness of homeopathic approach. Let’s take a part of the subject on Erections:


ERECTIONS, Incomplete:


a)    With strong desire: Phosphprus.

b)    Without desire: Agn.

c)     Ejaculation too soon: Calad.

d)    During coition, i.e. erection flags during intercourse: Ph.Ac., Phos., etc.

e)    Lascivious fancies, with: Sel.


ERECTIONS, Too Short: Nux.v., Ph.Ac., Sel. etc.


ERECTIONS, During Sleep, Impotence when Awake: Op.


ERECTIONS, Strong..}

ERECTIONS, violent} Both these rubrics have many remedies, from which we can select the most indicated, and try them in material doses, Allopathically, to produce Viagra effects. (An invitation to the profession to experiment, cautiously!)


ERECTIONS, lacking: sullen and totally depressed, after the first night of the wedding: Camph.

(This is unfailing prescription. Give 200 potency, two doses 15 minutes apart. MAU)


Let’s show you some more glimpses of the greatness and versatility of homeopathy. Read the sub-section, Sexual Passion, in the Chapter of ‘Male Genitalia’, in a good and complete repertory. The following differentiation you will never find anywhere in the world literature.


Under the rubric SEXUAL PASSION, you will find the following detail, under the Sub-Rubric, ‘Sexual Passion Increased:’


  • In an old man: Fl-ac., Staph., Sulph.
  • In an old man, with impotence: Lyco., Sel.
  • In paralytic diseases: Sil.
  • Without erections: (so many medicines).
  • With discharge of prostate fluid: Nit-ac.
  • After a nap: Agar.
  • In fleshy people: Kali-bi. ---MAU]



Sudden Impotence with Aversion to Coition: Chlorum


Sexual Neurasthenia: Also Psychical Impotence: Onosmodium

It produces diminution of sexual desire, in both sexes. ‘Acts as if born tired’.


Impotence from Sexual Excesses or Masturbation:  (Hahnemann’s Group of Remedies):  Nux.v., Sulphur, Calc.c., Lycopodium


NUX V.: the patient has headache, frequent involuntary emissions at night, especially towards morning. He complains of backache and difficulty in walking.

CALC. CARB.: Usually follows Nux. (and Sulph.) particularly when night sweats follow every emission, or, after marriage, every coition is followed by weakness of mind and body.

LYCOPODIUM: is indicated still later, when the case has gone on to complete impotency. The erections are either absent or incomplete. The genitals are cold and shriveled.

STAPHISAGRIA: Called for in the bad effects of masturbation, particularly if there is great emaciation, with dark rings around the eyes, sallow face and well-marked peevishness and shyness.

COBALTUM: An excellent remedy for backache, in the lumbar region, following seminal emissions, whether voluntary or involuntary. This backache is particularly worse while sitting.  (CMM p.192)

[Elsewhere, (p. 477), Farrington explains the Trio of nux., Sulph. And Calc. He says that this trio is “useful in cases of masturbation, and excessive venery. Beginning with Nux. you will notice some improvement in the patient; and by and by you will find symptoms of Sulph. presenting themselves. If sulph. fails after producing partial relief, Calc. completes  the cure. The symptoms calling for Sulphur are these: the patient is weak and debilitated, suffering from gastric ailments, flushes of heat, cold feet and heat on the top of the head. There are frequent involuntary emissions at night, exhausting him the next morning. The seminal flow is thin and watery, almost inodorous… The genital organs are relaxed; the scrotum and trestles hang flabbily; the penis is cold and erections are few and far between. If coitus is attempted, semen escapes too soon, almost at the first contact. He has weakness of back and limbs, so that he can scarcely walk. He is low spirited and hypochondriacal.]


Waning Potency or Impotence from Loss of Semen:         

Ph-ac.: For long-lasting, or chronic effects of loss of seminal fluid. Parts relaxed, erection deficient or wanting. Seminal discharge too quick. Formication of scrotum. Cinchona, for acute effects. For example, a man has emissions for 3 or 4 nights consecutively, and thus much weakened, here Chin. will relieve him promptly. Ph-ac. should be given low in potency.      (CMM 527)


Phosphorus:  Seldom indicated in impotency, unless it has resulted from the over-excitation of the sexual organs. This is a valuable hint. Especially indicated in young men who are trying to restrain their natural passion, and yet there is locally this erethism. If by reason of celibacy or of over-indulgence in sexual pleasures, the sexual organs loose their power and the patient becomes impotent, Phosphorus is the remedy when this has preceded by over-excitation.        (CMM 564)


Impotency: Aur. Met.

Aurum produces hyperemia and fullness of blood-vessels.  This hyperemia also affect the genital organs. There is strong tendency to erections and lasciviousness, leading even to spermatorrhea, sexual excesses, as well as onanism; and, later on, partly from too much indulgence in wine and women, and partly from syphilis, he may prematurely develop completely impotency, or total loss of manhood. The testicles too become inflamed, particularly the right. So Aurum is especially suited to orchitis, especially the right testicle.     (CMM 603)


Ill-effects of Pre-Puberty Masturbation: Platina

It is called for by the melancholy and the sheepish look that the children have. Also when, as a result of this unnatural vice, spasms of an epileptiform character appear. The youth has hollow eyes and yellow skin, more so during the attack. Total consciousness is not lost. (CMM)


Impotency with Diabetes: Coca, Moschus, Ph-ac., Uran.


Partial Impotency:   Ikshugandha (Tribulus Ter)

Partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age, or when accompanied by urinary symptoms with prostate enlargement, etc. (Boericke, pp.142, 651)


Seminal Emissions with Impotence: Scut. Lat.

With fear of never being better. (Ibid)


Sexual Neurasthenia: Thymol.

Profuse nightly emissions with lascivious dreams of perverted character.  Polyurea with urates increased and phosphates decreased. (Ibid)


Prostatitis with Increased Sexual Desire: Hippomanes

Drawing pains in testicles. (Ibid)


Sexual Irritability (in both Male and Female): Sedum Acre.

Relieves irritation of nervous centers, and gives rest. (Ibid)


Sexual Weakness from Overindugence:

Calc. Ostrearum: (or Calc. Carb., as Ostrearum is not in vogue now.) “First suggested by Jahr for sexual weakness arising from masturbation or other excesses in sexual indulgence.” Calc. is indicated when there is excessive sexual desire, more mental than physical_ that is there is more passion than the objective concomitant of passion. Erections are diminished or imperfect during coitus; emission is premature. Calc is also indicated when, after abuse of this kind, a man settles down to a moral and quiet life. His sexual power is of the character just described, and its gratification is followed by vertigo, headache and weakness in knees.

Dioscorea: It is all-sufficient for excessive loss of semen, with weakness of legs, particularly about the knees; but its cases are milder that cannot be traced to so deep an origin as defective nutrition of Calcarea.

Agnus-Castus: In old men who having spent their youth and early manhood in the practice of excessive venery. They may be just as excitable in their sexual passion at sixty as at eighteen or twenty, and yet they are physically impotent.They may suffer from constant dribbling of semen. (CMM 674f)


Sexual Weakness with Too Early Ejaculation: Titanium


Sexual Neurasthenia, Impotency: Damiana

Sexual debility from nervous prostration.


Lascivious Indulgence in Old Age, with Enlarged Prostate: Dig.


Enlarged Prostate with High Blood-Pressure:     Dig., Sabal Ser.


Enlarged Prostate with Impotency:   Dam., Dig., Lyc., Sabal., Sel.


Sexual and Stomach Tonic: Cydonia Vulg.


Involuntary Emissions at Night with no Lascivious Dreams: Gelsemium

Organs relaxed, with cold sweat on scrotum. After-effects of onanism.


Atonic Seminal Emissions:   Dioscorea

Genital organs are so relaxed, that two or three dreams, with emissions of semen occur in single night. Next day the patient feels weak, particularly about the knees. “I usually give first in the 12th. and afterward in 30th.”


Bad Effects of Sexual Excesses, when Wet Dreams occur without any Lasciviousness and any Sexual Excitement whatsoever:    Caladium Seg.


Spermatorrhea in Old Sinners: Agnus Castus

The parts are cold and relaxed. The sexual appetite is gone; and the patient is melancholic. Other remedies are: Dig., Phos., Nux.v., Calc.c., Lyc., Camph. and Sep. Sel., and Con. produce similar seminal weakness, with erethism and easy emissions. (CMM 174f)


Nightly Seminal Emissions: Nat. mur.

It has marked action on genital organs. It causes great weakness of these, giving rise to seminal emissions during sleep. These are followed by great debility. The genital organs are greatly relaxed. Wet dreams may occur even after coitus. This may seem to be an anomalous symptom. During the intercourse erections are not strong and the ejaculation of semen is weak or even absent. The consequence of this is that the entire emptying of the seminal vesicles does not take place. There is still some irritation remaining there. When the man goes to sleep, this irritation by reflex action excites lascivious dreams. As consequence of excessive seminal loss, we will find backache, night-sweats, weakness of the legs and the melancholy, which is the characteristic of the remedy.  Nat.Mur. is not alone among the soda salts in this class of ailments. NAT. PHOS. has seminal emission every night. At first there seems to be erethism with lascivious dreams, but later emissions took place once or twice in a night, without any sensation whatever. These were followed by weakness of the back and trembling of the knees. (CMM 703)


Emissions Depending on Sexual Weakness, and after Onanism: Lupulus

Painful erections.


Nocturnal Emissions with Very Vivid Dreams: Viola-tricolor

Emissions also on straining at stool. (Boericke)


Seminal Emissions, without Sexual Dreams: with great weakness:  Pic.Acid


Spermatorrhea after Masturbation: Salix.n.


Seminal Emissions, with Rheumatic Pains: Ginseng


Seminal Emissions, with Wasting of Testes: Iod., Sabal.


Seminal Emissions Leading to Weak Vision: Kali-c. (Boericke)



Chordee: Camphora

“We know no remedy as efficacious for the relief of chordee as camphor. Let a drop or two of the mother tincture be taken at bedtime, and the patient will probably escape for that night.”  (Hoyne)


Tumor of Urinary Passage: Anilinum

Pain in penis and scrotum with swelling. (Boericke)


Congenital Hydrocele, (may yield to) Puls.


Balanorrhea [Purulent Balantitis (inflammation of glans penis and prepuce)]:  Jac.

Other remedies are Merc., Nit-ac., Thuja.


Enormous Swelling of Prepuce with Gonorrhea: Fl. Acid

Also Cann.S.


Varicocele: [Applied externally and taken internally]: HAMAMELIS

For chronic symptoms PULSATILLA.


Undescended Testicles, in Boys: Thyroid.

ORCHITIS: From Suppressed Gonorrhea or Otherwise


Pulsatilla: Orchitis or rather Epididymitis: The testes is retracted, swollen and very sensitive to touch. The skin of the scrotum is dark red. Sharp dragging pains, following the course of the spermatic cord. Supporting the scrotum and hot fomentation relieves.

Hamamelis: Absence of subjective symptoms. Testicles swollen and exquisitely sore to the touch. The gonorrheal discharge has almost, if not entirely ceased.

Clematis: Gonorrheal orchitis, when the testicles is indurated, as hard as a stone.

Rhododendron: When orchitis becomes chronic, and the testicles is indurated, as under Clematis; but teticle, under Rhodo. tends to atrophy. There is also a feeling in the gland as if it was being crushed. Other remedies for indurated testicle are: Con., Arn., Staph., Spong., Aur.

Oxalic Acid:
Terrible neuralgic pain in the spermatic cord, worse from the slightest motion, even on thinking them. USTILAGO and HAMAMELIS also cause neuralgia of the testes.


Mercurius: Glands are swollen, and what little discharge remains is greenish, and when there is phimosis.


[This topic is vast, and full of variegated problems and grave consequences. Along with purulent discharge from the urethra, there can be inflammation and purulent ulceration of the glans penis, with thick pus from its surface, with serious complications of the prepuce, which may even lead to gangrene. In medicine the state of the art at present is this that such a patient, with these grave pathologic devastations, will opt for Allopathic treatment; and will never turn to Homeopathy; nor will his family let him go that way. Who has seen the consequences? No body. And nobody practically has seen it. The effects of suppression that happen years after, no body suspects them as such; nobody will ever take them as rooted in gonorrhea. So only a passion for martyrdom will bring such a guy to put himself under the cares of a veteran homeopath.


To the profession I’ll advise to keep themselves abreast with the available knowledge on the topic of gonorrhea. I’ll request them to browse this topic in Farrington’s Clinical Materia Medica; especially read the chapter on Digitalis, to know Digitalis and get at the same time insight into gonorrhea.   MAU]


Male Sterility: X-Rays, Calc. Iod., Eug.

Thirst after coition: Eug.


[Read Boericke, under the rubrics: ‘Coitus followed by’ for guiding symptoms. P. 820]

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Comment by Debby Bruck on April 28, 2012 at 8:59pm

We are fortunate that people outside of the HWC community may contact us and have conversation via other social networks. I received a tweet from @Nina_Fox1 stating: "I understand your desire to help. Sometimes 2 much emphasis on sex can destroy it. Maybe just allow the natural flow."

For those who do not understand the homeopathic method, much of what we say here may seem disconnected to reality, difficult to understand the language, meaning or purpose in all this collection of information, behavioral patterns and words spoken by the individual.

We have an opportunity to explain more of our thinking and processing in order to assist a person back to wholeness. Dr Usmani has explained well that each person's life experience will determine the best approaches to retain healthy in mind, body and spirit, including sexual health.

He starts off telling us that sex in nature can be viewed as beautiful and with reverence; that it can be inspirational and motivational for those whose libido lies dormant, while those over indulging do not need such stimulation.

Dr Usmani provides the wisdom from past physicians on this matter, including Dr Hale on aphrodisiacs - a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire. 

Dr Usmani further explains types of impotence and how it is tied to the mind, as well as the body's dysfunction. Reading the related remedies above, you can see how intricate and complex human nature and the care taken by the practicing physician. Finally, the presentation takes us into the realm of pathology, which must be noted to save a life or a person from suffering.

To tell a person, "To let it flow" as an answer to a chronic and deep-seated medical problem brushes away an important part of a person's life, when an experienced physician may be able to assist a person's healing life journey. Readers would be well to study this page and then find a practicing homeopath who understands the depth of these words and can treat holistically.

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