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Since I compile a list of news articles about homeopathy, I am often directed to skeptics' sites, where they campaign against it. You and I have heard most of their arguments by now, But recently I was surprised by their campaign against the term "allopathy." It seems they think (or act like they think) that the term is abusive and inaccurate. This article by Walter Jarvis is typical:

Although medicine never accepted the label of allopathy, nonmedical practitioners such as chiropractors, homeopaths, and naturopaths regularly misrepresent physicians as "allopaths."

What's going on here? Clearly allopaths resent the idea that they represent one medical system among many, each with their own world view. They would rather think of their view as THE TRUTH and all other views as variety of error. It seems to me that truth is not such a simple thing and there is room for multiple, conflicting views in our complex world. But my view doesn't seem to be so widely shared.

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Comment by Muhammad Noor Asi on July 16, 2009 at 2:22am
The Term "Allopathy" was first used by Hanneman according my knowledge.

This term may not be acceptable to those who are associated with it for the reasons best known to them.

But one thing I believe is that homeopathy is a Medical System and I am , in my capacity, doing all my best to cure the patients. This act of providing treatment to patients is the most effective way to answer all the questions raised by anti- homeopathy people.
A cured patient is the best answer to any question about homeopathy.

The homeopaths in world are best answering the questions through curing patients.

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