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There are various kinds of suppressions and their consequences are also varied.
Suppression may take place from:
(1) sudden change in temperature in weather,
(2) drinking very cold water while the body is hot,
(3) taking a bath in cold water while perspiring,
(4) using ointments and salves externally to treat the skin diseases,
(5) massive doses of medicines for treating natural diseases,
(6) indiscriminate use of synthetic medicines (antibiotics, steroids etc.),
(7) sudden mental shock
&c, &c.
The consequences of suppression may be in case of:
(1) suppression by sudden change of temperature rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, cough and even asthma;
(2) suppression of skin diseases asthma, liver troubles, bright’s disease &c.;
(3) medicinal suppression the disease of the organism or sudden mental shock may cause mental derangement, melancholia, mania.
All kinds of such ailments can successfully be cures with the help of homoeopathic medicines through proper case taking and judicious use of the medicines.
N. B. Suppression may also take place from homoeopathic medicines if used indiscriminately. They certainly cure when used rationally and judiciously strictly according to the law of SIMILIA.

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