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Steal this Blog Post - Zicam $pharma propaganda = opportunity !

I am beginning to see that specifically this Zicam thing .. and likely in-general..
$pharma propaganda = opportunity !

Aside from the sites belonging to the actual $pharma stooges .. that is to say, on news sites and blogs, and any other site which is not primarily dedicated to bashing homeopathy and other competitors for "health market share" .. I am going to be experimenting with re-spinning the spin into an informational counter-attack on $pharma and a MARKETING opportunity for homeopathy.

Please steal the blog post below; put in your website address if you are a homeopath & comfortable with this type of marketing. Or feel free to post as-is.

Zicam - lost sense of smell - cure by homeopathy

Zicam was recently removed from the market by FDA due to fraudulent labeling .. which was discovered as a result of numerous complaints of loss of sense of smell.
The labeling was a fraudulent offering for sale "an unapproved drug" .. by claiming unwarranted OTC status as homeopathic remedy. Zicam IS NOT a homeopathic remedy...
-and luckily any loss of sense of smell caused by Zicam is very likely curable by homeopathy.

Searching 'loss of sense of smell' in the Radar 10 homeopathy software database, I find 106 homeopathic remedies listed.On the good side, that means that a professional homeopath will undoubtedly be able to cure a loss of sense of smell due to either high sensitivity to --or perhaps overuse of zicam, which contains Zinc, the active ingredient identified as likely cause of loss of smell.
On the downside .. so many choices means that it is much less likely that DIY use of homeopathic remedies will cure (this is basically true in almost any instance other than first aid; the most famous homeopathic remedy in first aid is Arnica for bruising & trauma; naturally loss of sense of smell is not your typical first aid situation.)

San Francisco bay area homeopath: -referrals available in other areas.

Maxxim, makers of Zicam, have seen their stock drop +/- 80% prior to being frozen from further trading.
Hopefully, this will send a message to other pharmaceutical type companies who think it might be clever to try to take advantage of homeopathic remedies' Congressional approval as OTC medications within the strictly delineated labeling standards and in accord with HPUS, the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

Homeopathy is a medical system with medical residencies & training in hospitals .. in India and other places where it is not rigorously suppressed by $pharma & AMA with all their 'skepdic' internet trolls; thanks to this suppression by $pharma, you have fewer choices in medical care, and thus are more likely to buy-in to the $300 Billion in annual $pharma sales .. all of which contributes to $pharma being recognized by health experts as #1 leading cause of death in the U.S. see
as a starting place on the epidemic of Death By Doctor

and now for some voices of hope & good cheer:

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Comment by Myra Nissen on June 21, 2009 at 12:16am
The 'homeopathic' label says it all: Unproven
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 20, 2009 at 11:02am
Please see the numerous posts in Pharmaceutical Forum on Zicam and drugs

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