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Some Guidance On Potency Selection From Personal Experience

Mother tinctures The only mother tinctures that I use are Calendula, Avena sativa, Carduus marianus and Alfalfa tincture. The Alfalfa has been particularly helpful to aid weight gain for AIDS and cancer patients. The Calendula has multitude of uses (free factsheet on Calendula the Wonder Herb) available on request.

6c Prescribed 1-3 times daily are especially useful for elderly patients with advanced pathology and probably much allopathic medication. I would generally repeat daily for ten to thirty days with careful monitoring. A recent example was the case of a 75 year old man who was experiencing blackouts from irregular heartbeat, I initially prescribed a 30c which aggravated quite severely, but prescribing a 6c daily of the same remedy produced significant improvement in all of his symptoms. I may use 9c, 12c, or 15c to follow on in such cases. The 6c can also be valuable to manage aggravations (see notes on Remedy Relationships) or for minor acutes or when repetition of the remedy is required for some other reason.

I do not use the decimal or ‘X’ potency or below 6c.

30c I would use this if there was concern about a severe aggravation, perhaps a very suppressed case, eczema case or a very sensitive patient. A patient with low vitality e.g. unable to carry on normal daily activities, for example a case of a woman in her mid 50’s with long standing debilitating Chronic Fatigue responded very well to a 30c.

30c can also be very valuable in acutes with common and not very intense symptoms.

The 30c can work surprisingly well in patients with good vitality particularly with less complicated cultures or where there has been less allopathic suppression for example agrarian cultures. E.g. peasant woman with glaucoma and depression for 12 years since death of husband recovered her old self after one dose of 30c.

200c works very effectively in the majority of cases, if there are no factors as discussed in looking at the other potencies.

1M I rarely start a new patient’s case with 1M unless I am very sure of the remedy and feel that they have sufficient vitality to minimise the risk of aggravation. Other homeopaths, for example Jan Scholten, often start cases with 1M there is then; often an intense aggravation in the first few days.

If you already know the reactivity of a patient, perhaps someone who you have previously prescribed for then it can be fine to start with the 1M.

I often progress through a series of potencies to the 1M.

10M, 50M and CM I usually prescribe these potencies in a series to more long standing patients. It very rare for me to start a case with one of these. Some homeopaths suggest they might be useful in acute episodes of mental illness, which I have done, but I generally prefer the LMs in these situations.

LM’s Are valuable in cases with either allopathic* or recreational drug use; cases were management of possible aggravation would need to be considered such as severe eczema or very sensitive patients.

*I have found that LMs are not required in cases where patients are taking anti-depressants; other potencies seem able to work through these equally well.

LM’s have great advantages for sensitive patients as the dose can be altered according to patient response e.g. stop/start remedy, frequency of repetition, further dilution. I have a case of a woman with MS who progressed well on infrequent small doses of LM’s 1-4, but aggravated severely on 30c.

I prefer to start with LM1 and progress in sequence up the scale as required. N.B. It can sometimes be that a certain number in the sequence will not work so well, but the next dilution in the scale will; try the next LM in the sequence before abandoning a remedy that has worked well.

Remember any potency can work on any level; many proving have been conducted using 6c and 30c.

Sherr (1994) weighs up factors such as: pathology, drugs, obstacles to cure, stuck emotional and mental states and low vitality.

Sankaran’s (2003) Levels of Experience: Name, Fact, Feeling, Delusion, Sensation, Energy and Seventh can also be helpful in potency selection.

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Comment by Dr. MAS on November 12, 2009 at 11:47pm
useful information. Thank you!

What I have read is that Hahnemann in his entire life used low potencies 3c, 4c, 6c, 9c, 12c and rarely 13, 14, 15, 18, 22, 24 or above

That was the practice of founder. The man who introduced and told us the story of homeopathy. Hahnemann proved / discovered 99 medicines. Out of 99 28 are polychrest. 95% practice of homeopaths of the world is based on these 99. How can we deviate from his method and use of potency selection?
Comment by Debby Bruck on November 12, 2009 at 1:47am
More thanks for contributing this valuable info.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 10, 2009 at 5:31am
I use the following tinctures: arnica, gaultheria, balsm peru, pop can, grindelia, robinia, pothos, quercus, wyethia, calendula, avena sativa, bellis per, chelidonium, berberis v, sarsparilla, baptisia, drosera, spongia, cephalandra, rauwolfia, cratageus, laurocerasus, senega, sanguinaria, coffea, eridiction, kurchi, millefolium, ratanhia, paeonia etc.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 10, 2009 at 5:25am
The potency also should be similar to the case. I use all potencies ranging from Q to LM. Last week, one television artist called me for his hoarseness of voice. He had no time for a detailed case taking because of his busy schedule. I told him to take Populus can Q 10 drops in a glass of lukewarm water. He performed nicely in his next programme. Here, the similarity is low, hence the lower potency was given.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on November 8, 2009 at 7:12am
Thanks Mike for passing on your experience.

who is your supplier?

Much depends on the manufacterer

-- if i compare the action of a 200c DHU with Helios product, there is a huge difference.
The helios comes on more gentle creates less homeoapthic aggravation and holds out longer, acting deeper.
And again, if I compare the helios action with a 200C Dunham (first graft from 150 year old remedies): huge difference, that much, that a colleque whom i gave a 200CD Sulphur and who is used (and using) to Helios now bought her own stock of 200 CD. I found the Dunham remedies coming on with a gentle wooosch -- and hold out much longer without repetition.
Kent in one of his lectures described them as the finest, and i can only agree.

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