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SKEPTICS: 10:23AM January 30th, 2010 Three-Hundred Homeopathy Sceptics Taking Mass "Overdose"

Skeptics Have Tried Overdose Tactic Again On The CBC Marketplace Show in Canada

Yes, it's true. There is a group of Skeptics, defined as those who do not believe in observational fact and what their own body senses, who will take a supposed "OVERDOSE" of a homeopathic remedy.
Impossible to Prove the Negative: How will they prove to themselves that this remedy did nothing to them, if they have no belief in any of the senses in the material world? If they cannot count their own personal feelings and sensations as fact? This flies in the face of the point they are trying to prove. They want to show the world that homeopathy does not and cannot possibly work because they do not trust nor believe the millions of people worldwide who use this form of medicine to heal their symptoms.

Stranger than Fiction: It is quite strange that they have the harder part of the equation to prove that something DOES NOT WORK, when everyone else says it does work. Who are you going to believe? Someone who keeps repeating over and over the same phrase until it sinks into your brain, or what you observe occurs in your own body and in the people around you?

Dr Manish Bhatia Explains How Homeopathy Works A well respected homeopath and founder of the most well-known homeopathic website, Dr Manish Bhatia, has created a new YouTube Video. Please take the time to listen to his point of view.

Are You Sensitive To A Particular Stimulus? How Do You React? He cautions everyone in need of professional health care to seek out a trained homeopath. Do not try any of these pranks and tricks because homeopathy is a very powerful and effective mode of healing. If, perchance, you start taking remedies haphazardly you may be confusing your own energy system. I hope you see the light in his words and take it from an experienced doctor.

Would you prefer to be associated with a skeptic or a believer? Do you feel that your personal proof overrides that of what others tell you? Don't we have a saying, "Prove it to me!" Well, if someone else carries out this experiment, will you believe what they tell you or what you yourself observe?

Hidden Motives Do you see an underlying vindictive motivation for the people's actions? Do you see that these so-called skeptics are trying to prove that homeopathy does not work for a reason? What could that be, but that they hate something other than their own belief system. Do we want the world to be ruled by hate, or by love? Can we find acceptance, tolerance and understanding in others?

If they, in their hearts, do not trust others or even themselves at the deepest level, then they are trying to overturn a trust that the people have in a pharmacy that has existed for a very long time. Let me ask you if this is an act of insanity and desperation? They cannot bear to see another system of medicine gaining favor in the public view as allopathy is losing ground. Every day we hear of another scandal, another drug recall, another bit of fraud between manufacturers and distributers of pharmaceuticals.

The absurdity of their act shows how afraid they are of the coming medical revolution. People are taking charge of their own health and want natural means to do this. They want to change their lifestyle and go back to their roots and improve their home life and relations. Sure, it's easier to think taking a pill will fix everything and make the aches and pains go away. But, we all know that if you want something you have to work for it. That means witnessing self improvement by understanding the self. A homeopath helps you do this. A homeopath helps you find a resonant energy that is called the vital force. A homeopath really listens to you so that you feel like you've been heard. We know the medical system has been pushed over the limit of capacity and cannot give the quality time you deserve.

The homeopathic remedy is part of the healing equation and when someone experiences this on a personal level they have NO DOUBTS that it works. Until you become acquainted, introduced and educated with homeopathy you may think it is herbal medicine. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about homeopathy, its long history and the basic founding principles.

These skeptics are trying to fight against the millions of people around the globe who have instituted homeopathy as part of their medical care and preference. There are presently hundreds of thousands of homeopaths in India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada, Europe, Cuba, Mexico, Russia and many other countries. There are medical hospitals and training hospitals that have integrated homeopathy within the traditional system. Natural healers are in the majority when you add all of the CAM types of treatments available.

When we say it is all natural, that is true. We are not putting a synthetic or manufactured drug into your body system. Yes, it is a dilute substance that carries the memory of the original substance. Take your pick: do you want something dilute enough to cause no harm, or would you rather ingest or have injected some complex combination of matter that has potentially toxic effects? I worry about putting those chemicals into my body. It is bad enough the environment is so polluted today. In fact, all the drugs that go into our toilets are in our drinking water. Now, that is something that should concern you.

Who is Right? It is the consumer's RIGHT and FREEDOM to have a choice in their personal medical care and for that of their family. It amazes me how these skeptics can turn a word around and call themselves 'rights activists' when their purpose is to limit choice, just as they have a limited viewpoint of their world.

They can't swallow the truth. The few hundred people are calling themselves this massive group of people who think they have the majority rule. Think twice. Wrong. Beep. Zap. They cannot swallow their own medicine. They are now THREATENING the world. They say they are taking a mass 'over-dose' which indicates they intend to annihilate themselves. Now, would you say that is sane behavior? As a matter of fact, they are asking others to join them in this mass 'suicide' attempt. This is legally crazy behavior. They have gone over the edge of believability.

NO SIDE EFFECTS. Now, for arguments sake, let's think that this entire experiment could possibly shed some light on homeopathy. Don't you think they would have to follow the basic principles and guidelines of homeopathic prescribing? Wouldn't they have to individualize a remedy to have any response and action? Did they ever read that taking a remedy one time is like taking one dose and will not cause any harm or side-effects? That is what makes it so safe for infant, child, adult and senior.

Since they are not following the rules, they will most likely not see any action by the remedy, unless per-chance one of the people have a matching remedy. Then, only good will occur as this remedy will begin the body's own healing response. Remember, it is NOT the remedy that heals and acts, it is the immune system that recognizes the matching energy and then begins to respond. It works on the principle of "likes cures likes". This is where the idea of vaccination came into being. By giving the source of the disorder, the body will create a response to fight off the symptoms of the disorder.

It is interesting that these 'skeptics' use the terminology of the religious every time they try to defend their position. They say that they will discredit the 18th century 'ritual' with the implication that it is a ceremonial act. Isn't is strange that doctors perform many rituals in their behavior as well, like wearing a 'white coat' to impart their status?

If you think these remedies are nothing but sugar pills and placebo, yet they are able to heal and remove symptoms, please take your choice. Take a deadly drug or a sugar pill that has the power to remove your disorder. What if these simple sugar pills actually contain the instructions to the body to heal?

I hope this small protest will cause a big response by the public as they become aware that a small group of people are attempting to remove their rights to choose a form of healthcare that works for them.

I hope this supposed suicide attempt shows the general public that these people are plain and simple "crazy" and could cause outright harm to themselves and others who they tempt into their way of thinking. What kind of joke is this?

I hope that this protest causes an uprising of the people to support a pharmacy who is providing all kinds of products and remedies to the public that they have come to expect because they find them efficacious and useful.

Just to show how backwards the thinking of one skeptic leader can be read that he also does not believe in global warming or that man has caused any harm to his earth. No matter the fact that our earth's resources are limited, and that the use of sustainable energy will create a cleaner and more beautiful world, he is also fighting against using sound judgment and logic in creating a more sustainable earth for the next generations.

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Comment by Suhas Kotbagi on January 19, 2010 at 8:22pm
For FUN sake, I am going to divide this group of 300 skeptics into following groups:

The basic premise to do this is the fact that, all these 300 skeptics are suffering with deranged vital force at this time. The Psora is in forefront.

Group I: This group will be those who technically are (otherwise) healthy people, (just that they have got into this frenzy at this given time), When they take the homeopathic remedy (to debunk it), most probably they will not have any effect on them, or they will just prove the medicine taken. This will prove one thing to them that “Provings” is a valid “Human functional pharmacology” science within Homeopathy.

Group II: This group will have those who are suffering different diseases.

Few among them will be a candidate for this remedy they are taking and will be cured (§ 44 and 45). As similar diseases can neither repel each other nor suspend one another or can exist besides each other. The stronger disease (produced by homeopathic remedy that they are taking) will take care of natural weaker affection they are suffering with.

Few among this group may have disease picture different than the remedy in question (they are taking), in this case (§ 36, 38 and 40) will be applicable. That is two dissimilar diseases meeting in the same body will repel (if the earlier disease is stronger then new disease picture, to be developed by this remedy will not occur), or Suspend (if the disease picture caused by this remedy is stronger than the older one they are suffering, then older disease will be suspended till the action of this remedy is over) or after long acting will join to form a complex in these people.

So either way they will learn that Homeopathy is a science.

Best of Luck to all the skeptics, try to prove Homeopathy is not a science and make fool out of yourself.

Comment by Debby Bruck on January 19, 2010 at 8:30pm
Dear Dr Suhas.
I believe the "overdose" group will each take one bottle of Belladonna 30C one time. I doubt anything will happen, although I have written elsewhere they may attract their own similimum.

It is known that on oscillococinum the instructions read to take the entire bottle. This is when the person has flu symptoms of chills, fever, sweating, dry throat, sneezing and body aches and pains. Thus, the one bottle is considered one dose. Therefore, it is well-known that taking an entire bottle will NOT be an overdose.

From this we can see that their thinking is faulty from the start.
Comment by Ranga Sai on January 20, 2010 at 12:30pm
A single dose may not effect much.
Even if they take a tea spoonful of salt thrice a day for a week, they would be very convinced of homeopathic principles.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 21, 2010 at 5:32am
Dr E B Nash says in his book Leaders, under Glonoin: "... I used, in my early
practice, to carry a small vial of the 1st dilution in my case on
purpose for those who were inclined to sneer at the young doctor
and his sweet medicine, and many a disbeliever have I convinced,
in about five or ten night that there might bee powers in small
doses of sweet medicine by dropping on the tongue a drop of this
preparation, for it seldom failed to produce its characteristic
throbbing headache within that time. One lady, not willing to
acknowledge that it affected her, rose to leave the room, and
fainted and would have fallen to the floor if I had not caught
her. No one ever asked after that experiment for any more proof
of the power of homoeopathic medicine,..."

I feel, we should follow Nash's experiment!
Comment by Ranga Sai on January 21, 2010 at 12:40pm
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 21, 2010 at 10:55pm
That Skunk is not mad, because it gives a wonderful remedy- Mephitis!
Comment by Debby Bruck on January 21, 2010 at 11:56pm
Ah! He is a special kind of animal. Every thing in the universe has positive attributes.
Comment by Heidi Stevenson on January 22, 2010 at 12:39pm
Debby, Belladonna is what they're planning to take? That's kinda funny. It's a remedy associated with deep-seated, generally unacknowledged and violent anger. It would fit most of those who are involved in the prank.

By the way, there's a discussion of it in the Independent that I've been partaking in under my own name (which most of those against homeopathy don't do:

I've learned to be very careful. What you find is that, if you answer most of what these people say, you'll be taken further and further afield - into whatever arena they want to debate. It's critical to recognize and not allow it.

So far, I've noted that not one of my three primary point, each in a separate message, has received a single response. I'm not going to continue in the thread I've been debating, since it's become ridiculous - and there's no point in going down a ridiculous path with someone who's rabid about the topic.
Comment by Heidi Stevenson on January 22, 2010 at 12:50pm
Suhas, unfortunately, I don't think these people are interested in learning. They've made up their minds, and nothing is going to change them, no matter what the results.

They aren't sceptics. They're too closed-minded to be sceptics.
Comment by Heidi Stevenson on January 22, 2010 at 12:52pm
Those skunks never pointed their nether regions at the photographer! Most patient little critters, they were.


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