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The stand up desk

In recent days the buzz word making the round of corporate corridors is the “Stand up desk”

In this connection a book “Drop dead healthy” by A. J. Jacobs is worth reading.

It is a new phenomena in the work place and is a piece of furniture that is easy to assemble and which sits on top of a normal desk surface making sitting a bad habit. You may do talking or computer work from there.

In my past blog I talked about , how walking helps our health and in many ways too. Now I would like to talk about the bad aspect of sitting and the great health advantage that can accrue by standing and working, and of course, walking. Sitting for a little rest is always an added attraction.

If we review our daily routine we find that we sit for 9.3 hours at our home and our work place, with only 0.7 hours per day we do low intensity physical activity. The remaining waking hours we participate in medium to vigorous activity.

We sit down every where all the time. We use the car to move about, avoid walking even if it is within walking distance. We use the elevator when we can climb a few stairs. In short, we slowly poison ourselves by shunning any activity which adds to our quality of life.

Research has shown there are severe health consequences by becoming a full couch potato, lounging or sitting for too long.

What happens when we sit or sit for longer period of time?

1. As soon as you sit electrical activity in the leg muscles shut off.

2. Calorie burning drops to 1 calorie per minute.

3. Enzymes that help break down fat drop 90%

4. After 2 hours of sitting, good cholesterol drops to 20%

5. After 24 hours, insulin effectiveness drops 24% and risk of diabetes rises.

It is also no secret that sitting adds to obesity, see those who spend time in front of TV munching junk food , drinking Colas ,and watching their favorite shows for hours. For this there is price to pay, health wise.

HHS (Health and human services) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius extolled the numerous benefits of regular standing, explaining that it can be central to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"We recommend placing two feet on the ground shoulder-width apart, straightening out the legs, and then locking the knees to hold an upright position," said Sebelius, adding that just about anyone can start standing regardless of age or prior experience. "Supporting your own weight while keeping your torso erect won't just make you feel better. It will also force much-needed blood to your legs—and the positive effects will continue long after you've sat back down."

So standing and working is a blessing in disguise. When we stand for any work, in kitchen, in garden, or while ironing our clothes, or do any other chore in standing position take it in good standing, and enjoy good health.


It has been recommended to start with a few seconds of standing, between your work, if you have a job where you have to sit and work and to increase it up to 10 minutes. This way you will build up your stamina.

Homeopathy and “standing”

Let me now tell you that “standing” can be a problem for many, and there are over a thousand symptoms listed in the repertory where we find homeopathic medicines have some relationship to the standing position. Symptoms can vary from urinary problems to vertigo.

Listed below find just a few general symptoms with their medicines, which can be used after consulting a qualified homeopath. So happy standing.

GENERALS - WEAKNESS - standing agg.

acon-c.a1 Acon.kr1 aeth.mtf33 agn.k Apiskr1 asaf.k aster.kr1 berb.k calc-sil.k2 Cic.k crot-h.k cur.k cystein-l.rly4 ham.a1 Kali-c.kr1 MERC-CY.a1,kr1 merc.k mur-ac.k nat-m.k ped.a1 petr-ra.shn4 ran-b.k ribo.rly4 spig.k sul-ac.k2,, Sulph.k zinc.h2 zing.k

GENERALS - FAINTNESS - reading - standing agg.; while


EXTREMITIES - WEAKNESS - Legs - standing agg.

aster.k,a1 chin.k cinch.a1 nat-p.k,a1 ol-an.a1,k samb.k,a1 stroph-s.sp1 valer.k,a1

EXTREMITIES - WEAKNESS - Thighs - standing agg.

mag-m.k,a1 plat.k,a1 stann.h2

EXTREMITIES - WEAKNESS - Knees - standing agg.

acon.k Anac.k,a1 calad.k,a1 carb-v.a1,k chin.h1 Cic.k,a1 Cupr.k dios.a1 hipp.a1 iod.a1,k iodof.a1 merc.k,a1 Mosch.k olnd.ptk1 plat.a1,k prun.k,a1 sul-ac.k,a1

EXTREMITIES - WEAKNESS - Hips - standing agg.



dirc.k,a1 Merc-c.k,a1 Zinc.k

EXTREMITIES - SWELLING - Legs - standing agg.

merc-cy.k,a1 mez.k,a1 sep.k,a1


chin.h1 tub.tl1

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on November 8, 2012 at 9:18am

I am also avoiding sitting for a longer period,and get up and walk for a few minuets before i sit again.

Your colleague is VIP himself for practicing in this healthy manner.Thank you for your comment

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on November 8, 2012 at 1:28am

Now I feel afraid to sit for a long time. The situation is worse after using the revolving chair, it made me more lazy :)

I have a colleague, he does not prefer to sit when the patient comes to his cabin. His style is, when the patient comes, he will standup and greet the patient. And then,the patient is allowed to sit on his chair. He will stand near the patient, supporting the body on the table!

Once I asked him about this, he said, "for me, my patient is a VIP"

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