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Scientific bases of sialotherapy: in the Pasteur famous research institute (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol 103, p 17979) Pasteur Page


Dr. Catherine Rougeot and her team found a hormone that is up to 6 times stronger than morphine. That’s the reason all of us lick our blows and injuries on our hands. Really, saliva is the only medicine everybody uses or used once in a while.

Scientists at the “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)” discovered that saliva has elements that can conquer leishmaniasis.”Source

NEW SCIENTIST: Stimulating the superficial pain receptors lessens the return of deep pain receptors to the brain, hence licking a wound would help ease the pain. This is the basis of TNS (transcutaneous neural stimulation) pain control.

Rubbing nettle stings with dock leaves has the same principle as is the much nicer kiss it to make it better. 

In the Amsterdam University: Histatins are the major wound-closure stimulating factors in human saliva as identified in a cell culture assay. They found that histatin, a protein one finds in saliva, is one of the reasons mouth injuries heal 5 times faster than other ones. And this is the reason why saliva can restore the health of damaged air ways in the respiratory tract.


What can we do if the science behind this cell-tissue regeneration process is not understood? Here is an example: Dr. Manuel Eduardo Calderón González, UNAM, “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México” who was born in 1943, has been smoking since the age of 13. He suffered from asthma and emphysema and has been inhaling his saliva which was first sterilized with ultraviolet rays. The aim of this treatment was the regeneration of damaged tissue of the respiratory tract.

We talked before starting with the experiment. We know from the introduction of this article that saliva contains proteins that regenerate tissues of the mouth dramatically and quickly. The Amsterdam study convinced the patient that tissue regeneration of the airways would be possible  with the proteins of saliva. Something that is actually happening.

More science behind sialotherapy as a disinfectant. Wikipedia states, “Oral mucosa heals faster than skin, suggesting that saliva may have properties that aid wound healing. Saliva contains many compounds that are antibacterial or promote healing."


"The enzymes lysozyme and peroxidase,  lactoferrin, defensins, cystatins and an antibody, IgA all have antibacterial properties. Thrombospondin and some other components are antiviral. A protease inhibitor, secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor, is present in saliva and is both antibacterial and antiviral, and a promoter of wound healing. Nitrates, that are naturally found in saliva break down into nitric oxideon contact with skin, which will inhibit bacterial growth. Saliva contains growth factors such as epidermal growth factor, VEGF, TGF-β1, leptin, IGF-I,  lysophosphatidic acid,  hyaluronan andNGF, which all promote healing, although levels of EGF and NGF in humans are much lower than those in rats.


"In humans, histatins may play a larger role. As well as being growth factors, IGF-I and TGF-α induce antimicrobial peptides. Saliva also contains an analgesic, opiorphin. Licking will also tend to debride the wound and remove gross contamination from the affected area.”

In a SpringerLink study,  Dr. Nigel Benjamin of the St. Bartholomew’s and Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry found that saliva has a lot of nitrates which explains the bactericide power of saliva” 

At Harvard, the number one college of the world, researchers found antibiotics in saliva. The # 1 University of the Planet. And, some say there are no scientific bases for this declaration.

In “The Journal of Biological Chemistry”, Vol. 237, No. 5, May 1962, one finds “Isolation of a Mouse Sbmaxillary Gland Acclerating Incisor Eruption and Eyelid Opening in the New-born Animal” Stanley Cohen, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 


Now, saliva has the power to heal a lot of conditions (In my book first edition, now in its 5 edition, one may find thousands of testimonies about those possibilities, the most powerful ones coming from Hippocrates (the homeopathic law of similar) and Galen, who are the founders of the modern occidental scientific medicine. Who are we to discard the words of those giants of medicine like Aristotle, Celsus, Galen, Hippocrates, Maimonides, Pliny, Paracelsus and many more, including Seneca, Juvenal, Theophr, Paulus Aegineta, Oribasius.



In Notes on the Healing Properties of Saliva  G. Chowdharay-Best wrote and said, “Saliva heals.” From this, I think the saliva must have a homeopathic effect when it comes out of the mouth cavity. Upon removal from the mouth, the source material changes its structure, because of the change in temperature, the chemical influence of air gasses, etc., and becomes a "similar" rather than the "same". So, it could be the simílimum at the same time. I say this because conditions inside the mouth do not get the healing effect of saliva, but when it comes out of the mouth, the saliva can heal sores. As an example, as when one puts it on a finger tip, takes it out of the mouth and then applies it on the sore. A number of experiences of this kind I have had and some other people and doctors have told me the same thing. Dr. Juan José Cepeda Covarrubias ("Juan José Cepeda" ) has prescribed sialotherapy to his patients to heal mouth sores using sialotherapy with fast relief, quicker than with any other way.


Sialotherapy deserves respect and deeper study, not fast condemnation. Tens of doctor's study this method and prescribe it. Dr. Edwin Gwitz, of Guatamala City owns a Naturopathy Homeopathy Chiropractic school and he teaches and studies sialotherapy.

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Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on November 7, 2012 at 10:35am
Edwin Güitz ("Dr. Edwin Güitz" <>, ) was about 5 or 6 years old when he got sick for weeks ; first it was common measles, then "black measles" to finally get sick with scarlet fever. “I was only bones and skin” he reports. (He remembers everything that happened) Doctors said that he was going to be dead or blind deaf and mute. Pus oozed from his ears, eyes, mouth, "everywhere", he said to me. The tips of the fingers exploded. His mother, lady saint Flavia Alberta Puac Rodas, maybe just for instinct or because she heard or saw about similar experiences like this, decided to clean with saliva his eyes, with a piece of cotton. Cotton would hurt so she decided to do it with her tongue. He clearly remembers to feel fresh and nice his mother's tongue contact through the eyes contour.

On other parts of the body she used to put the marvelous liquid with her finger tips. He completely healed. Those who know him can see a healthy Young man normally functioning: neither blind nor deaf nor mute. The only physical remaining of that terrible experience is a small enlargement of the finger tips just behind the nails that can hardly be seen. His mother hardly left him alone. She would lie with him to comfort and heal. He remembers to feel a great relief to feel her mother hand over his hand. His father Domingo Güitz (He was there when Edwin told me his story, as a witness) would do all the necessary tasks of the home to keep life flowing as naturally as possible. Edwin always thought that his mother love was the healing power. Now he is strongly convinced that the actual power was her mother saliva, and her love, of course.
The report of this wonderful experience gave me a huge thrill that still makes me shudder.
In page 56 of my book “¿Qué cura la saliva y porqué?” I report information I found in Internet; mother’s saliva can heal children blindness. I never thought I would see an actual case like this and that it was an old, very old practice, just in case that it was true. I really doubted.
In Guatemala in a radio program (4 November 2012) of another good friend Francisco Quiñonez, ("Francisco Arturo Quiñonez Garcia" <>,) “Salud en Punto Programa Radial" we got information of another case like this. I will look forward to see if I can get all the details of this one.
Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on October 23, 2012 at 11:32pm

I welcome your gentle words, Dr. Gopal Patel! 

And yes, dogs know where is a problem. In Eurpe there are clincs with trained dogs to find cancer. 

In my book there is a testimony of a lady who says that her dog used to lick a mole and one day the dog tries to bite it, "with a lot of care" she says. She was surprised and decided to go to the doctor who found a dangerous skin cancer. So her dog saved her life.
May I advice you to let your dogs to lick you as much as they whant? Later on I will tell about a dog who saved de life of his owner who suffered "Sudeck syndrome" And I just got knowledge of a lady who suffered serious injures in her arm, so much that the bone could be seen; and her dog licked and licked until the muscle and the skin recovered completly!! And a few days ago I got the testimony of a lady who told me that her mother:5 years old!! used to cure her mother with saliva. They were very poor, her father died and had no money to by medicine. Her instinct told her to use her saliva. And later on she would use and recomended to her children. This lady, on her sixties, hear me on the radio and called me up very emotioned because the memories. Remember her mother made her cry. Her respect for sialotherapy is enormous. 

I hope we will be in touch now on, Dr. Patel. It's a pleasure. 

Comment by Dr Gopal Patel on October 23, 2012 at 10:35pm
Thank you dr will surely try it out no wonder when we when we got a cut in childhood we used to lick the wound it was not thought but A natural responds that worked so effectively to stop the bleeding.
When if you observe animals they do that, specially dogs they lick the wound and cats lick there full body clean.
I used to observe when i was in the teenage , my dog it would Come smell some part in the leg or hand and start licking and then again smell some other part and start licking I used to wonder at that age maybe it smelt some microbes and cleaned it. But all that was forgotten until now when you explained the curative properties of Saliva.
Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on October 22, 2012 at 3:50pm

Microbes in saliva are not pathogenic except for a few and in not many cases. If they were pathogenetic we would always be sick because we swallow it all day long.

Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on October 22, 2012 at 3:35pm

Consuelo Vega, 75, diabetic, Cuban, residing in the street Frank País, # 58, Levisa, provincia de Olguín, Cuba suffered gangrene in a toe and applied saliva on it. She knew my book on the healing power of saliva and applied it, especially in the morning on waking up but also during the day… until healed! She did it on her own, with no advice. She was scheduled for amputation. She was cured in 4 months. This and a large number of more extraordinaire and astonishing experiences I will inform later on, makes me think saliva is a homeopathic medicine, when it comes out of the mouth. So, sialotherapy is sialohomeopathy... or sialhomeopathy? 

I invite all doctors to prescribe the application of saliva to all patients. But! Never use it in deep wounds or injected, unless it is sterilized.

Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on October 22, 2012 at 5:09am

Saliva is the medicine of the poor. It’s a free medicine and the only one each and everybody of us use it or have used because; what do we do when we get a blow in the hand, for instance? Immediately we put saliva there in the hurting place. It’s so because in the saliva there is an analgesic 6 times stronger than morphine (Pasteur Institute)
Saliva has an influence on the acupoints. 
Saliva has a homeopathic influence too, because in some cases its action is very profound. I say that the moment the saliva comes out of the mouth it changes its nature because the change of temperature, the influence of the gases of the air, and more, it becomes a similar and stop to be an equal. Could we call it sialohomeopathy or… just sialhomeopathy? I think so. 
Saliva has an allopathic effect because in some cases its action is on the cell. 
Sialotherapy is the medicine of the mothers and the mother of all the medicines and it is therefore imbued and infused with love, mother's love, and the mother of the mother, the grandmother’s. It is therefore the most loving of medicines.
An exaggeration? (Sorry if it is so) If Jesus and the Prophet Mohamed were here would promote it; "We have healed with spit! Yes it works".
I urge each and everyone to divulgate it for the good of the needy that do not have the money to buy medicines.


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