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Sensitivity or sensitiveness is a virtue of a refined, educated and a cultured person. But a sensitive patient is a therapeutic problem, especially in homeotherapeutics. Such a person is a difficult patient. A physician cannot fare well with such a guy. But as a prover in homeopathic pathogenic drug proving he is a real prize, a gem, pure and simple. Finest and elaborate and in-depth provings are the sweat of their forehead, and the result of their selfless devotion for the cause of homeopathy and humanity. As a patient he is very unfortunate and a gigantic problem. Such a patient cant tolerate repetition of the dose nor the high potency.

It can be taken as a patent rule that if the first dose does not work, in a really sensitive patient, (mostly in a chronic case, indeed), that remedy may not be the indicated remedy for his complaints. The case should be reassessed for the really indicated remedy. Never repeat, as it’ll work havocs!

Even changing potency, and going up will cause unnecessary harm. The threshold of such patients is from low to medium potencies; i.e. from 3,6 to 30, or, at the most, 200 potency. A single dose of 1M or higher potency may put this fine specimen of humanity to churn out the pathogenetic symptoms of the remedy to a partial or full-blown proving. Finding himself on the tenterhooks of proving for weeks and even months, he will curse the day when he wantonly took such a dose. But to no avail now!!

Hahnemann himself was such a soul. Me too. But he was a missionary. I’m not. He gave us many finest provings done on his devoted self. We can seldom bear such an unmitigated suffering. Once in my life I gulped a dose Sulphur (my constitutional remedy) in 10M potency, with a pious belief that it would straighten up the kinks of my personality; which it verily did; but after my cursing, many times myself and cursing the day I so wantonly took such a dose, during the period of some 6 months, that this remedy troubled me. It reminded me of Dr. Kent, as he had said, somewhere in his Lectures, that he would rather accept to be attacked by a negro with a sharp razor than to submit to a treatment by from a naïve or incompetent homeopath. A razor cut you but superficially. A homeopathic remedy or dose may cut you there where no instrument or gadget can reach.

A physician always tread a perilous path treating a ‘touch me not’ patient- as every sensitive patient is as such. He should select a remedy and its potency very carefully. If he decides to use a fairly high potency for such a patient, he should make a solution of two poppy-seed globules of the indicated remedy, in a half-cup of fresh water, and, after thrashing vigorously with the spoon, take one spoon of this solution and mix it in another half-cup of water, and give again a thorough thrashing, and dispense a spoon from this second cup (or from a third such cup); and wait for the result.

My safe advice is: Seldom try to go above 200!

• Never despise or degrade any form of homeopathic remedies:
from Mother Tinctures to low potencies. They have their own fields of usefulness.

• There is only one and only one law of therapeutics and prescription: e.i. Similia similibus curentur.

• Be faithful only to this law, and experiment without fetters, a la Dr .Compton Burnett.

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Comment by Dr. M. A. Usmani on November 19, 2009 at 1:05am
Hello, Dr. Katja,

I'm elated to know that u too are sensitive to homepathic doses. Such people can have intimate feeling of the genious of a remedy.

thanks for commenting.

Dr. Usmani
Comment by Katja Schütt on November 2, 2009 at 5:01am
Thanks for your very interesting and valuable comments on sensitivity Dr.Usmani !
I'm very sensitive too and know whereof you speak. Hahnemann mentioned the range of sensitivity scale between 1 and 1000 in patients and did not try in vain to perfect the application methods to avoid any unnecessary aggravation. As he wrote, the suitability of a remedy does not only depend on its accurate homoeopathic selection alone, but likewise on the proper potency and dose.

Warm regards,

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