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Safe, Natural, Effective, and Long-Lasting Answer for Eczema is Homeopathy


Eczema is an inflammatory skin disorder. It is described by patches of dry, red, flaky skin, often accompanied by areas that are inflamed, broken, moist and oozing. Eczema can be Acute, short-lived, or Chronic, lasting for several years with periods of remission. If eczema is chronic, then the skin may become thick and scaly and may change color. The itching caused by eczema can be so severe and intolerable that scratching may cause the skin to crack and bleed. Eczema can affect any part of the body, but is most commonly found on the face, scalp, hands, behind the ears and in the creases of the elbows, knees and groin. It is not contagious. People who have eczema usually have very dry, itchy skin that struggles to hold moisture. Eczema often runs in families and may be aggravated by stress or contact with certain chemicals or allergens.

The various different types of Eczema:
Atopic eczema: Atopic eczema is the commonest form of eczema and is related with asthma and hay fever. It can affect both children and adults, usually running in families. The most common symptoms of atopic eczema are dryness of the skin, redness, inflammation and unbearable itchiness that can cause the skin to split, leaving it prone to infection. In infected eczema the skin may crack and weep.
Allergic contact dermatitis: Develops when the body’s immune system reacts against a substance in contact with the skin. The allergic reaction often develops over a period of time through repeated contact with the substance. For example, an allergic reaction may occur to perfumes, nickel, which is often found in earrings, belt buckles and jeans buttons.
Irritant contact dermatitis: This type of eczema is caused by frequent contact with everyday substances, such as detergents and chemicals, which are irritating to the skin. It most commonly occurs on the hands of adults and can be prevented by keeping away from the irritants and keeping the skin moisturized.
Infantile seborrhoeic eczema: Is a common condition affecting babies under one year old, the exact cause of which is unknown. It usually starts on the scalp or the nappy area and quickly spreads to the face then elbows, knees, neck, wrists and ankles. Although this type of eczema looks unpleasant, it is not sore or itchy and does not cause the baby to feel uncomfortable or unwell.
Adult seborrhoeic eczema: This type of eczema affects adults between the ages of 20 and 40. It is usually seen on the scalp as mild dandruff, but can spread to the face, ears and chest. The skin becomes red, inflamed and starts to flake.
Varicose eczema: Varicose eczema affects the lower legs in the middle to late years, due to poor circulation. Commonly the skin around the ankles is affected, becoming speckled, itchy and inflamed.
• Discoid eczema: Is also found in adults and appears suddenly as a few coin shaped areas of red skin, normally on the trunk or lower legs. They become itchy and can weep fluid.

Various causes of Eczema:
Eczema is not caused by one specific allergy. It is influenced by many environmental factors like:
• Synthetic or woolen fabrics.
• Washing powders, industrial chemicals and dyes, cement, garden plants, bracelets and watch straps, rubber boots and gloves.
• Irritant foods - such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts and fish.
• Cigarette smoke - in an enclosed room, fumes will irritate the skin.
• Cats and dogs - almost all furry pets will produce an allergic reaction in a child with eczema.
• House dust mites - these are microscopic creatures that are found in large numbers in old mattresses and within the dust in carpets and other surfaces. When scratched into the skin they will worsen eczema and, if inhaled, will provoke asthma.
• Grass pollen - most children with eczema are allergic to grass pollen.
• Cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes, antiperspirants and deodorants may cause eczema.
• Nickel fastening, underwear elastic and contraceptives.
• Weather changes and emotional stress also precipitate Eczema.
• Poor drainage of blood due to stagnation in the varicose veins causes varicose eczema.

Homeopathic approach to Eczema:
Homeopathy offers very good treatment for eczema. According to Homeopathic principles skin affections are usually an expression of an internal disorder and are therefore not treated only with external applications. Homeopathic medicines work towards eliminating the basic sensitivity to develop such a lesion using internal medicine. This approach not only successfully removes the eczema but also removes the possibility of development of other hypersensitivity disorders like asthma after the eczema is cured. Homeopathy considers any skin disease as an expression of lowered vitality and immunity. So it cures by enhancing the immunity level of an individual.

Homeopathy believes that suppressing a symptom at the skin level may cause the original imbalance to express itself in another more important internal organ. After taking Homeopathic medicines, the texture of your skin will improve. If your eruptions are moist with discharge, they will become dry. There will be an improvement in the associated symptoms like pain, itching, and dandruff. Relapses of skin eruptions will be less frequent, less intense, and of a shorter duration and finally your skin will be free from eruptions and will revert to its original condition without any blemish.
Hence, for a safe, natural, effective, and long-lasting answer for Eczema, is only Homeopathy.

IN last 3 YEARS of my clinic i had seen more than 5000 case of eczema and it is really wonderfull result.
thank you
dr ajay

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