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RA rheumatoid arthritis a connective tissue disorder with crippling joint stiffness, fusions and deformations characterised by high titre of RA Factor i.e. > 35, spell bound modern pathy physicians regarding the declaration awaited for the patient's prognosis which is nothing more than keep taking pain killers and supplements for general well being.

Homoeopathy considers it under the heading of chronic diseases as a trimiasmatic disorder which is syco-syphlitic in later stages of disorder.

A case referred with RA factor > 150 and typical presentation of rheumatoid arthritis. It was a lady of 31 married to a merchant navy officer who was calling himself chief officer.she was obese and presented with the goggles over head, all the make up and bangles, wristwatch, she seems to be going for some function, such high dressing with perfume sprinking.

she had this problem since 6 years and being suggested by the doctors that it is incurable, she left all the treatment. Now after compelled about possible recovery she came for the consultation.
she narrated about the story of being sick as, after getting married her mother-in-law complained about her to his parents that she didn't work and participate in household jobs.she get reprimanded. after this incidence she separated the kitchen and stopped talking to anyone in the house.she felt extremely insulted for being wrongly complained without telling straight to her.But without arguing or talking harsh she silently stop talking to his in-laws.His sister-in-laws were also boycotted by her.

after getting diagnosed with RA preceded with the complaints of stiffness and pain in joints who were not responding to pain killers , she felt hopeless for the recovery.

She is a teacher, and doing job in a school but there also she is not in communication with other teachers or staff. she is very fond of makeup , jewellary, and normal life she loves and wants to wear jeans.

At every possible oppurtunity she spent her time in his parents home like if she gets two holidays she pick the train for this 3 hour journey.She doesn't want to share his weekend or comfort time with them.She was so angry with them but without showing it to them with sharp arguements or insults.

She was not able to tolerate winters or cold environment.she prefers hot environment.

she was taking anti-depressents from a psychiatrist since a year with monthly counselling for changing his behaviour and forced positive thinking all around.which she was doing religiously.

"what wud be you like if you are not thinking forcibly everything in a positive way."

that made me feeling dull and sleepy all day. i feel my son is a burden for me as my husband is not with me and i feel missing him so many times.

i love fashion even on waking up my first work is to brush my face first with poder, as i feel very inferior to others and i don't want that others insults me as i can't express the way i am feeling for them, if i can then i wil tell them , but i can't you know.

why you are not seperated from the house why in the same home?

no i don wan that people know what is happening inside, i have my own ways. i wil not talk to them without saying something to them.Thats my way of protest.

why you felt so much when mother-in-law complained about you?
doctor, can you imagine i was newly wedded with all the dreams and expectations from that family about the way they will greet me, but all was shattered you was not expected at all for me.

rubrics i took for analysis

A/F anger suppressed
A/F disappointment
sensitive reprimands
injustice cannot support
fear social position about

Remedy was prescribed with 200 potency with advise of no ointment or lotions
called after two weeks

after two weeks

stiffness is same
sleepiness is less
stopped anti depressants altogether herself
app ok
irritability little bit on son
stool ok

wait and come after two weeks
follow up after another two weeks

stiffness is less now only in morning for 1/2 an hour
sleepiness slight
app less
stool ok
urine bit burning
no irritability
thirst less

adv: more fluid intake and come after two weeks

no stiffness at all
no sleepiness at all
app good
start teaching his son by herself as before he was like a load for her
no burning in urination
she sent her elder sister-in-law for the same problem
on asking she said i have started talking to them , in the evening i went to them for gossiping with a cup of tea , they all are surprised and happy for this.

adv: come afte two weeks

she complained me that how it comes i am having no interest in fashion and that thing that get up with a brush in hand in the morning.
How are you feeling then?
i am feeling good , you know, before i wasd having complex , now i am feeling calm and composed with confidence on myself that i don't need it
theni remember that since last three visits she was without makeup
she started gym for his general health
she said i am enjoying my life now

RA factor is 29

adv to cont with the same regimen and medicine
medicine prescribed was STAPHYSAGRIA 200 1 globule in 3 tablespoonful of water
case is still under observation

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Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on November 3, 2009 at 12:44am
dear Dr.Gina
Very nice case mentioned.We need to promote, not the ever new emerging theories but "The principles of Dr.Hahnemann", with our cases where we succeed and where we fail for the fraternity.Miasmatic theory is still mentioned as controversial by so many docs and co related with the syndromes.Concepts must be made very clear for all.seniors who are into these studies and perfections must elaborate.dr. Prafful Vijaykar is showing it on dias In front of thousands of homoeopaths.
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on November 2, 2009 at 9:33pm
Dear Dr. Mittu
Good subject.
One of my first complex cases was a case of crippling RA going on for 20+ yrs-Female.
Her entire life was seeking relief from Allopathics that specialized in RA.
At the end of this 20yr. nightmare of pain and suffering (a slow death) She stoped all meds and changes over to using only homeopathics.
Constitutional anti-miasmatic prescribing for the over all imbalance not only of RA factors but emotional/mental traumas.

The results were miraculous! Within a few months slowly changes were happening,within aprox 2 yrs no more pain/swelling. She still checks her RA factor each year with an allopath /showing a total negative RA factor,total cure using homeopathy.Its been aprox 12 yrs now since she stoped taking allopathics that almost killed her and switched to homeopathy where symptoms started to turn around for the better.
Till this day she uses NO ALLOPATHICS ,only homeopathics-
The deranged vital force has made a comeback only possible through homeopathy.
The incurables can be cured if proper homeopathic principles are prescribed,We can NEVER slip into thinking like an allopath and see our patients as a diseases diagnosis,if we do this we will fail.
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on October 30, 2009 at 2:28am
In homoeopathy, we treat MAN IN DISEASE and not disease in man.It is deranged vital principle which is responsible for the disorders and diseases we face.Our remedies treat that derangement whatsoever it is.
If one can produce it, similar can remove it.If body can produce it, body can remove it.Only condition is THE SIMILIMUM.If we can hunt that, we can get the ideal cure or else we will keep treating diseases and not "the man".
Fundamental causes are responsible for all the outcome of rheumatoid arthritis.When body turns against oneself thats a syphilitic miasm.When similimum covers this miasm, all the expressions of the said miasm starts fading and miasm starts reverting either to less destructive miasm or disappear altogether depending upon the pathogenetic pathway of the said disorder in a given patient.
all these changes that you mention are simply an expressions of miasmatic disturbence.
Homoeopathy says don't be allured by the names of the disorders or what practice of medicine of allopathic world said regarding prognosis of the case in hand, simply apply the principles of homoeopathy and wait for the result according to hering's law of cure.
No wonder you can see some astonishing results.
Comment by Dr. MAS on October 29, 2009 at 10:43pm
Dr. Meakin Mittu

For my knowledge and understanding could you please elaborate how RA factor can be changed. Its an autoimmune disease like Ankylosing Spondylitis. How homeopathic remedies when selected can change the factor? In RA, we see joint erosion in x-rays. Joint are eroded and cartilages are damaged. My question is how those eroded joints can takeup its shape back?
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on October 29, 2009 at 3:09am
patients must be told pre hand that they can have return of old symptoms if they are suppressed and are the reason of present pathology, then they will stick with treatment

congrats for the R tox case, u did well
Comment by Rochelle Marsden on October 28, 2009 at 7:40pm
I had a case I was treating that spontaneously disappeared after she had a hysterectomy!!!

I had another case which I treated with a Lanthanide whoi never can back because it brougt back an old symptom M.G. in the eyes!!

I have an ongoing case which improved 95% with one dose of Rhus Tox 200- he had the M and E's of the Rx as well. He hasn't returned because he is so pleased with the result but I am trying to get him back for a follow up so I can try and see if homeoapathy will get rid of it 100%!!!

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