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Revenge, the desire to get even, is the purest of all emotions , which is difficult to remove from ones mind. No matter how many years have passed, this emotion always recollects the bad event that occurred in the past. And, no matter how kind a person becomes later in life, the mind always seeks revenge.

After treating hundreds of patients with different emotions like grief, fear, jealousy, heart-broken love, etc., only this one emotion called revenge just can't be treated.

Each and every person has experienced this emotion some time in life. It lays dormant somewhere in the mind just waiting for action, either by a physical retribution or maybe just in a thought.

No wonder we find countries continue long wars or some act of injustice by the government or a person is remembered for many years.

The important thing is its so strong that even some one hurt you in childhood it's easy to recollect the full incidence of that person or situation after many, many years.

People's emotions are complex. We can study other interesting emotions such as envy, greed, hatred, fear, rage, worry, wonder, excitement, hope, desire, lust, pity, sorrow, pride, regret, trust, loneliness, shyness. etc since, we, as humans, experience them all.

Basic emotion and their opposite
Joy - Sadness
Trust - Distrust
Fear - Anger
Surprise - Anticipation
Sadness - Joy
Disgust - Trust
Anger - Fear
Anticipation - Surprise

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Comment by Debby Bruck on October 28, 2012 at 12:51am

Well, glad to hear of the success with homeopathy, Dr Noori, for this incredible pain. I have been thinking about your article on 'revenge' and how to heal this toxic emotion. There has been much written about it over the millennia and it would take a couple of hours to discuss the many aspects: on the one hand, a need for justice and on the other hand the desire to take action to harm. One, justice, comes out of intellect and repairing improper human behavior toward another person. The other, comes only from a negative aspect of retribution. When a person cannot 'hit back' this can go internally, eating away at the soul, only causing further pain. 

When we have a deep discourse and understand some of the spiritual aspects of the incident and parties involved, we can learn about the soul's journey, about people's choices, responses, ability to grow in life and also to have faith. When someone has done harm in some way, what message and what lesson can a person learn? It may sound harsh, and there is so much we don't understand. But, in the end, if we harbor a grudge, or only wish to 'get back' and injure another person, I don't think we can heal ourselves. 

In your chart, you might put "forgiveness" across from "revenge." This includes forgiving self, others and God. However, it does not mean not to seek justice in the world. 

Comment by Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi on October 27, 2012 at 2:04pm

I believe you're right. Of course I experienced a very unique case . About 2 years ago a man aged about 38 was referred to me. He suffered violent head pain after his friend and business partner had cheated him. The pain was so bad that he kicked his head against the wall to feel better and less pain. A thorough case taking was done and his rubrics were analyzed by Radar. Two remedies were prescribed for him the first one was Phos. 30c because of his constitution and Belladonna as the second remedy. 

The two remedies helped him get rid of the headache and hatred and severe revenge toward the man that had bothered him deeply. 

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