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Response to "1023" & the skeptics (the "denialists")!

Skeptics (who I prefer to call "denialists") may be concerned about how few molecules there are in homeopathic medicines, but I am much much more concerned about the incredibly HIGH number of molecules there are in conventional drugs!

I calculated the number of molecules of common drugs that people take on a DAILY basis.

For Zoloft (setraline), the average daily dose has 1,091,963 to the 23rd power # of molecules.

For Paxil (paroxetine...formerly the #1 most commonly Rx drug), the average daily dose if 59,501 to the 23rd power # of molecules.

For Vicodin (the painkiller, an extremely popular painkilling drug that is now banned for sale in the USA), the average daily dose is 464,264 to the 23rd power # of molecules.

These drugs BOMBARD the body. They do not "heal" the body. They create a WAR on the body!

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 21, 2010 at 1:28am
They prefer quantity; we need quality.

Their patients loose quality of health and quantity of their pockets.

Our patients improve the quality and quantity of life!

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