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Reasons why Sceptic ridicule homoeopathic attenuations.

“There are various reasons why the sceptic ridicules these homoeopathic attenuations.

First, because he is ignorant that by means of such triturations the internal medicinal power is wonderfully developed, and is as it were liberated from its material bonds, so as to enable it to operate more
penetratingly and more freely upon the human organism;

Secondly, because his pure arithmetical mind believes that it sees here only an enormous subdivision, a mere material division and diminution, wherein every part must be less than
whole – as every child knows; but he does not observe, that in these
spiritualizations of the internal medicinal power, the material receptacle of
these natural forces, the palpable ponder able matter, is not to be taken into
consideration at all;

Thirdly, because the sceptic has no experience relative to the action of preparations of such exalted power.

If, then, he who pretends to be a seeker of truth will not search for it where it is to be found, namely, in experience, he will certainly fail to discover it; he will never find it by arithmetical calculations. “

Dr Hahnemann.

P.S. – Triturations are also done in Ayurvedic system of medicine since its inception. There may be some link that Dr Hahnemann got this idea from here and developed it perfectly.

Dr Hahnemann though a great visionary, could not vision, the power of internet and the odd jobs available on it which are fruitful to internet savvy persons i.e airing their views about something and earning money though
they do not have any qualifications for that.

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Comment by Dr. MAS on March 20, 2010 at 4:08am
Reasons why Skeptic ridicule homoeopathic attenuations.

Because potentization method is a ridiculous method. :D Hah Hah Hah

It has crossed all limitation of known laws of science.

There are two groups in this world.

Scientific Researcher highly qualified Ph.D's and others. Their opinion is against the Homeopathic attenuation method. They say, it has nothing in it. The process is all against the known sciences rules. It is all fraud.

While there is another group called "Homeopaths". Mostly are uneducated in the field of science. But they are keep on insisting Ph.D's Scholar that the process of attenuation has something that change the properties of starting materials. In this regard they also present some practical demonstration that those Ph.D's cannot deny. But even then they do not accept.

Let’s see where this bringer of war will end. :D

I am in second type of group who believe it has something…. ;)

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