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Raw Food And Homeopathy Is A Blend For Champions

As more people understand the importance of proper nutrition in the stressful environment of modern lives, the raw food way of life has become more popular as an easy to follow and life enhancing. Easy to follow. Yes, I bet your eyes stopped on that line and that you set up a smug face and thought to yourself, "that's a crazy one there, better pop on to the next article that says raw food is hard and almost impossible," because that's what we're programmed to think. We are meant to think that healthy is hard if not impossible and that only a select few can go the distance when it comes to raw.

Well I am very glad to smile and say that that statement is utterly wrong.  Raw food is easy, fun and simple. And with homeopathy the transition is smooth and enjoyable.

Homeopathy is a well established way of treating the individual with remedies made from the herbal, mineral and animal kingdom.  We homeopaths know that "like cures like" and so if a person has an illness that expresses itself like the individual has been stung by a bee; the swelling, redness and puffiness, stinging pain, intolerance of touch and slightest heat and worse in the afternoon chances are that the homeopath will think of Apis Mellifica and administer it in a diluted dose.  Apis Mellifica is made from the whole honey bee and in the process of making a remedy the material is diluted and succussed until the desired dilution is acquired.

Easy huh? Yes, it's pretty easy to make a homeopathic remedy; and when the signs and symptoms are clear it´s pretty easy to get the right remedy. That´s why we encourage people to learn how to treat themselves in acute situations. When matters are complicated as in prolonged illness, it's better to have a professional by your side, a professional homeopath has gone through intense training and will help you in dire straits.

Back to raw.

Since we know that the law, "Like cures like" works and if we apply that to "going raw" and try to predict what might be the biggest obstacles to going 100% raw, with ease, we will see the these three things come up time and again: Sugar - Yeast – Wheat


The big bad villain - sugar

Sugar has a big ugly stamp on it. Sugar gives us a boost of energy followed by a very low low unless it´s embedded with some sorts of fibres like in fruits, but pure white sugar courses through your veins like a rampant train and once the train has run its course you are left with very little energy and so you are tempted to take another dose of sugar in the form of a chocolate bar or something sweet. Sugar has a renowned reputation of being hard to kick off. Sugar withdrawal sometimes leaves one weak for some weeks and it's very easy to be tempted into taking another dose just to get through the next hour.  Sugar is often combined with yeast and wheat to create bread and like most of us know, fresh aromatic bread straight from the oven is something very hard to resist.


Like cures like remember. So we prepare sugar in a homeopathic way and take it to counter the effects of sugar withdrawal. Or we might take Avena Sativa tincture to calm the nervous system in the time it takes to clean the system of the sugar.  And if your main problem is chocolate, we take a homeopathic chocolate remedy.


All the above, of course, depends on in which way your homeopath works and his method of prescribing. But, the possibility and method of action is there and it's wise to use this on your path to complete Raw-ness.


So in the time you are transitioning from modern to 100% raw food, homeopathy will help you get through the toughest situations leaving you triumphant in the end.


Simple, easy and enjoyable.




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Comment by Dagný Ösp Helgadóttir on June 13, 2012 at 4:55am

Of course that is a very valid way to assist in these cases. And works on deep levels too. I always prefer the constitutional and classical way in treating people with homeopathy. This is just an option, to introduce people to homeopathy and it´s many possibilities.

Comment by Debby Bruck on June 12, 2012 at 9:44pm

Very interesting, Dagny. As a homeopath, I would probably just add a few rubrics to a full constitutional case. For instance, I would search for remedies that include, desires sweets, desires chocolate, desires bread which would open up the case and probably go much deeper then just giving something so obviously "the same."  The sacrum alba and coca remedies may work on one level, perhaps to lessen the craving, then what to do when other symptoms appear? 

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