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Muslim around the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. For Muslims this is a time to regulate their lifestyle. This is achieved by observing fast from dawn to dusk and this means no eating and drinking, water included,it also means to abide by the discipline of offering prayer regular and the extras. It also expects of the Muslims to detoxify their body, mind, and emotions by obeying the laws as laid down in Quran.

It is a time for charity, forgiveness, and strengthening your personal character, as laid down in the BOOK;

I will not dilate on the subject further as my topic basically is to let the people of HWC and the readers know, how homeopathy can help them with acute health issues which they may encounter while fasting. Some of the problem which often besets them is mentioned here.

1: URINARY PROBLEM , “dysurea with other complaints”, raw burning pains, intolerable urging, and tenesmus. Pains in loins with incessant desire to urinate. Chill with fever.(Boerickes) CANTHARIS 30

NOTE: This happened on 1St Ramadan to a lady and CANTHARIS30 resolved the problem within 12 hours;

Below are symptoms associated with Fasting, and the medicines mentioned in the repertory.

2: HEAD PAIN DUE FASTING, There are 38 medicines indicated. Here I am mentioning only the grade 1 remedies. LYC, PHOS, SULPH. If hunger is not appeased at once LYC.

3a: STOMACH INDIGESTION: “diet from errors in” There are 12 grade 2 medicines, no grade1 mentioned. ANT.C, BRY, CARBO VEG, NUX, PULS.

3b: OVEREATING: There are 9 medicines, no grade 1 remedy. Grade 2 remedies, CHINA, NUX. Rest are all grade 3 remedies.

3c: DIARRHEA: Grade 1 remedies mentioned. ARS, IP, PULS, VERAT.

3d: DISORDERED: Total of 107 remedies, only grade 1 mentioned. ANT C, ANT T, ARG N, ARS, ASAF, BRY, CARBO VEG, CHINA, KALI BIC, LYC, NAT MUR, NAT SULPH, PULS, VERAT.

4a: STOMACH NAUSEA, Fasting aggravates. 23 remedies. Only single grade1remedy LYC.

4b: STOMACH PAIN, Fasting aggravates, 18 remedies. Only single grade 1 remedy GRAPH.

5: WEAKNESS, Fasting after, Only 3 remedies, all grade 3, BROM, EUPHRASIA, IOD.

6: ABDOMEN PAIN Fasting aggravates, Only single grade 3 remedy DULC.

The above are just highlight of medicines that are associated with FASTING.

However taking the case with detail is the best method to arrive at the most appropriate remedy.

It is to be noted that if few homeopathic medicines are at home it can be blessing in disguise;Even the minimum, sometimes is like a blessing in disguise.

REF: Radar, Boerickes.



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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on July 20, 2015 at 9:39am

Useful drugs: Ars alb, nux vom, nux mos, ant crd, china, carbo v.

Comment by Dr Bajwa on June 28, 2015 at 7:31pm
Thanks DR SB on valuable informations.

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