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Shaping a Walk for Homeopathy is a whole lot of work! (I’m just warning). Christel, my coordinator and me spent days on end creating trajectories, making all the appointments with participants and supporters, organizing the “Rounding-off Celebration Party” and a million other things. But here we are: the last part of the Walk in Belgium is fixed, all preparations for the celebration made, the Walk in Germany structured as well as the Walk in the UK in April.

In the three busy weeks at home I’ve treated patients, gave a  Master’s Apprentice seminar in San Francisco on line, visited friends, had my grandchildren coming over the holiday week and celebrated my daughters 38th birthday.  We can’t stop wondering where all this time fled away since she left home and how she manages this big family (three daughters and a stepdaughter) while working full time as a fashion designer. But when I worry that my children are too busy  (my son is the creator and director of a Movie theater, International Short film festival and Documentary festival) and work too hard, for some reason  everybody starts smiling mysteriously.

In February it’s stronger then myself: I can’t but try to surprise my Valentine. Also in that month we take our yearly February-picture:  therefore me and my beloved Paul take the same position and wear the same clothes.. This year we did this for the 17th time. This is the result

And ‘in between’ I prepared the garden for spring: the first signs are undeniable:  snowdrops, crocuses and hellebores are blooming already. Soon the wild primroses I put everywhere in the garden will flower. They are more beautiful when the fallen leaves and last years’ dried flowers are removed.

Last weeks gave me some time and opportunity to ponder over many things. For instance: is the schism between doctors and therapist homeopaths something we continue to take for granted? In the Netherlands this was much less noticeable, though homeopathy is under attack as well. It must have something to do with national mentality. In Belgium the support and sympathy for the project is much more hidden and silent and some doctors would only support anonymously. I wouldn’t give their identity even when tortured but aren’t we all responsible for this hypocrisy to continue? I know most people aren’t heroes but can’t we at least try? Have fear and self-interest ever proved satisfying to anybody?  Do we realize enough that we strengthen forces we might disapprove by our actions and fears? Or do we secretly hope to get away with it?

If we act out of egoism and self-interest, the reaction will be equal, because we know from psychology and physics, as well as homeopathic analysis: ‘action and reaction are equal’ (and opposite).  What if we for a change and for the experiment of it, tried, to be honest, to speak our truth in all circumstances, to act according to our convictions, to give instead of trying to get, to love instead of trying to fight for our rights. We know with our mind we will receive what we broadcast, but do we risk the practice?
In practice is the proof. It’s easy to be spiritual in an ashram, Osho said, but go out on the market place and test yourself. The same applies to us. If you want to know who you are and where you stand: go out and prove it. Then you know. And didn’t Hahnemann already summon us to “Aude Sapere!”
Homeopathy isn’t only about diseases, homeopathy is about how to be a healthy human.



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