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PBS Special : Integrative Pediatrics with Dana Ullman, MPH

I've just gotten around to posting this video from the award-winning PBS-TV series, Savvy Moms. This segment focuses on "Integrative Pediatrics: Conventional and Natural Medicines for Treating Children

The award-winning PBS' "Savvy Moms" program explores integrative medicine in pediatrics, with Dana Ullman, MPH (homeopathic author and educator) and Ari Brown, MD (representatative of the American Academy of Pediatrics).

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Comment by Marilyn Freedman on August 16, 2010 at 4:23pm
Yasher Koach, Dana.
Comment by Alexander Begg on August 16, 2010 at 9:11am
Integrative Paediatrics - Integrating conventional and natural medicine.

Inspirational comment over some of the quotes:

1. "Different kinds of therapies can be used synergistically with conventional medicine but the key is making sure that everybody is on the same page."

What do we mean by being on the same page here? The same mission? The same Philosophy? What is it that causes people to be on different pages?

What are the conditions which keep people on separate pages and how can this be transformed? This way - people can be on the same page unconditionally.

2. "Not only can and should they be working together - I mean they must be working together - this is a part of the future, not only economically , but therapeutically - also philosophically. "

What do we mean by Philosophically here? Working together Philosophically means joint-purposes.
What is it that prevents people working together?
If Philosophy gets to the bottom line about the truth of the matter - then that is the Philosophy that integrative medicine should rest upon.

3. "Large groups of students are interested in integrative medicine. " "Homeopathy is the coming together of people from different healing arts. " "Integrative medicine takes the best from all worlds."

Do people come together for a reason or not? What is it that takes people apart? The coming together of people represents a joint-healing process. Giving the synergy in the healing arts leads to need of a new language and way of seeing things. Integrative medicine calls for a new vision, that combining Spirituality and Science, combining east and west, combining conventional and integrative.

4 "All too often people see symptoms of illness as something wrong. Actually from a Physiological point of view that fever, that inflammation is the defence of the body is trying to fight infection, and or adapt to stress. So instead of using drugs to suppress the symptoms we should look to mimic the bodies own wisdom. "

Is this reaction in the body limited to only the body? How about an analogy? The younger generations get angry and rebel when they are not listened too - this is like an inflammation of the human body.
The younger generations raise their voices when they are not heard just as the body will raise its symptoms. Therefore physiological reactions can be aligned with the basic psychology we have in everyday.

5 "Show me the literature that shows me and proves that it works and proves that its safe and I am interested in trying it for my patients.
If your talking to doctors and your trying to get us to embrace other therapies you need to show us.
In conventional medicine our mantra is science, show me the scientific study that proves that this works and proves that its safe and I am interested in trying it for my patients.
"You just need to speak our language"

The Doctor expresses her opinion and I get the feeling she desperately wants to embrace this form of medicine. However it is the codes of conduct which need to be satisfied first.
Despite this the doctor says she would try these products, so beyond the mental - scientific satisfaction one can feel - I believe there are other levels of a human which can be satisfied to effect their opinions.


The future of synergy is inevitable.

1. The key is working together and being clear what we are working towards.
2. A refined Philosophy is needed drawing bold alignments between the Philosophy of the Organon, Taoism, Oriental medicine, energy systems, and so forth.
3. A new world view is required.
4. When problem arise whether Physiologically or Psychologically we should seek to mimick and not do the contrary, this way we are truly cultivate a homeopathic life.
5. More scientific satisfaction for integrative medicine is needed, however, there are many ways to satisfy a human being beyond the mental level.
Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on August 13, 2010 at 2:13pm
Homeopathy is non scientific , as it has not been proved to do harm. Homeopathy is not safe, as it is placebo effect.

First let them decide and rethink what they mean.

They have misguided whole mankind. and have raised people with suppressive drugs...and dangerous drugs.

Indeed they have thrown all science outside the window by prescribing lot of drug than we Homeopath who still prescribe based on symptom similiarity.

In India, i have seen people taking Pill for every ill. A person with Arthritis taking 10 drugs from Orthopedic. and for Psoriasis 10 drugs from dermatologists.Still they are scientific person. Majority of allopathic Doctors prescribe an antibiotic,analgesic , steroid in each prescription. They are scientific person, they are licensed to play as they like, and Homeopathy which is safer and effective mode of treatment, which only needs SKILLFUL physicians is termed unscientific. what an irony it is.

Thanks Dana for presenting Homeopathy in comprehensible manner. Wish you all the best in your efforts world wide.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on August 12, 2010 at 12:28am
Good interview. Yes, this is the time to promote integrated medicine.

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