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Patient make us learn more than Our Books?

Hi Friends,

We all are striving to make our neighbor happy and free of distress, through our knowledge of Medicine and homeopathy.

We really forget all the nonsense talks about skeptics ,once we are dealing with our patient.
From April 2009 , i have been helping one patient of Motor Neurone Disease .

She and her family has been witness of How wonderful our remedies work.
I have learnt lot from serious cases than the easy ones. Serious cases when dealt with success gives more confidence than anything else.

I ask directly and indirectly,i sometime feel like observing very closely, looking,touching,feeling, assessing the function of each system , and as Teacher finds out mistake immediately we are able to understand, pathology,characteristic of both disease and remedy.

We read in books about disease. We read in books about a remedy. Patient who is live entity, with a constitution, intellectual being, and how we interact with him and CATCH SYMPTOMS, UNDERSTAND SYMPTOMS, AND MOST IMPORTANT RELATE THEM , holds the key to Correct prescription,confidence and success.Patient exhibits symptoms,and tell us how the symptoms developed, aggravate,ameliorate and what are the concomitants.

If we know the disease symptoms, we would suspect that disease if symptoms agree.

If we know the medicine symptoms , we would suspect that remedy if symptoms agree.

We must always examine each system of patient and keep reading the disease as well as remedy systemwise, so that we can relate remedy as well as disease symptoms, simultaneously.

We must not miss the symptoms of any system whatsoever.

Patient before us is the person who exhibits,reflects signs and symptoms, its our job to read through these sign and symptoms both remedy and disease.

You will find your patient as best teachers, because they represent and we have to identify our remedy in them and disease condition.

Once he /she is benefitted you will find them as your biggest assets.

Serious cases which have been treated successfully by Homeopathy, are never BEFOOLED BY NONSENSE TALKS OF SKEPTICS, they would just think them as foolish and shrewed.

Let concentrate on our patients. Help them, heal them , and make them smile. Its strange but true that truth can never be destroyed.

All the Best.

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Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on August 14, 2010 at 9:29am
Female aged 85 came with complaint of hypertension 180/100 mm of hg on 10/8/2010. and then came today with 203/113 mm of hg, she told she was unable to sleep due to anxiety last night. I asked for other associated complaint like chest pain etc..she said she had eructations and burning in abdomen. On 12.48 am her BP ..203/113 mmof hg 12.49 am administered Carbo veg 200 two drops on Tongue. 12.55 am Bp 160/90 mm of hg . On 1.15 again one more dose of Carbo veg 200 repeated. At 1. 40 pm BP 132/85 mm of Hg.

Thanks Carbo veg .Thanks Dr Hahnemann .Thanks Homeopathy.

I love homeopathy.
Comment by Dr Neena Singla on August 11, 2010 at 2:54am
Any case if dealt with seriousness,whether it is a case of simple cold and cough provides us lot of information because each case is different from others in causes,modalities etc. so if we are not biased we tend to research , we tend to pick up repertory and learn a lot more
Comment by Debby Bruck on August 9, 2010 at 9:01pm
Dr Piyush ~ Thank you for all the encouragement. We must band together in spirit and concentrate on improving our vision and skills. Taking care of live cases, and if need be, consulting with other experienced homeopaths moves us forward. ♥

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