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The oils of Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens), of the mark SAINTWOOD, can be obtained in three presentations: Essential Oil, Oily Resin and the combination of both or Palo Total.

ESSENTIAL OIL: Is obtained through a careful and harmonious process of tri-distillation that begins with the eco-collection of the raw material on the private forest of San Mateo – Manta. It energy properties is the type Yang. Is the most powerful of the essential oils by its broad spectrum of healing and aromatic use. Implemented directly in the skin, acts in the first place, nurturing and disinfecting, thanks to that is an agent bactericide, antiviral and fungicide. Palo Santo essential oil goes deep on the body activating the regenerative process, characteristic of cellular survival instinct. It is recommended for use for minor injuries, warts, rashes, psoriasis and eczema of different etiology; we see as the annoying injuries are dried after of a few days of use disappear without a trace of their existence. Acts better than the gluconate cloherxidina, iodopovidona (merthiolate) and the iodine, it is important to emphasize that no stain the skin. It has been tested in small wounds and surgeries, where not only serves as an antiseptic but also helps impressively in the process of healing. In breathing problems have been achieved phenomena of seconds in cases of children and elderly. It is spectacular for asthmas, colds, sinusitis, rhinitis and allergies. Applies directly or diluted, or sprays or inhalations. Release dramatically the throat and ears pain if directly applies a drop in a swab. To ingest, diluted in water (+/-7drops), cleans taken out the inflammation of colon and ends with the parasites. There are serious evidences of the benefits of the use of oil of Palo Santo in cases of arthritis, muscle injury and edema. It is ideal for problems of migraines, headaches, and also eliminating the stress.

OIL RESIN or OILY RESIN. It is collected through the process universally accepted of the tree incision. Obtaining directly drop by drop of the crust of the tree as it comes from ancient times. This ancestral balm sacred has energy properties of the genus Yin. Have the same qualities of the essential oil in a more soft or subtle way. Use oil resin as an element of link to enhance and for the development of creams. It is used diluted in oil vehicular basis.

PALO TOTAL. To get the oil integral, is mixing the oily resin and the essential oil in a universal integration of the Yang and Yin in proportions 70 % essential oil, 30% resin. This combination creates an energy field so impressive that becomes a miraculous element that served as a basis for creating the homeopathic medicinal and a therapeutic neural base in the perfect dilutions. This combination produces sacrum oil, mystical by excellence.

IN MASSAGES OF ALL KINDS, Palo Santo’s oils, enlighten and provoke a state of well being, happiness, uplift your mind and relax your body. Oils are distributed in the skin like a film, working out like a protective shield; and inside, you will be involved as an element of inner relaxation unique. It is truly magical the effect sedative and at the time protector that leave these oils in its uses individual or combined, use it for your intuition.

THE OILS OF PALO SANTO, have an important role to play in the recovery of injuries and illnesses thanks to that are a powerful agent regenerator of health that is shared by all the system neuro vegetative acting intelligently.

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