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Anyone noticed how well Palladium represents the Sycotic Miasm?

Here's some Sycosis Themes from George Loukas:

The sycotic person will show off - glamorous looks, recognition, and so on are very important. They crave attention all the time and keep thier faults to themselves and hide their feelings. They are stiff because they want to stay in control of their emotions. They want things to be fixed so they focus on details and classifications. It can lead to dogma and pedantry. Doubts and anxieties (psora) are exaggerated and overdone.

How Palladium is THAT!? Palladium is so typical: "I lack confidence sometimes so I feel insecure. I'v got to be perfect so I must to hide my mistakes. If I'm appreciated I don't need to hide my mistakes. Thinking that, "My way is best" can lead to rigidity and fixed ideas".

* Delusions, appreciated that she is not
* Ailments - mortification/wounded honour/being offended/egotism.
* Delusions - abused/criticized/insulted/neglected/tall/enlarged.
* MIND - HAUGHTY - wounded self-esteem; wishes to be flattered
* MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence

These issues seem to coincide with some of the things we know about the 3rd Chakra, too ...

Development: Autonomy. Individualty. Will. Self-Esteem. Power.
Blocks: Glamour. Rejection and criticism. Secrets.

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on October 7, 2009 at 11:26am
Very interesting,Will appreciate if you can shed more light about CHAKRAS and how they affect us as individuals,Are there 7 CHAKRAS? Their significance and use in Homeopathy?
Comment by Dr. Navneet Bidani on October 7, 2009 at 12:16pm
The essential nature of Palladium is a strong need for approval and praise. In Kent's Repertory on page 63: 'Longing a good opinion of others for', only one remedy, and on page 48: 'Flattery desires' - one remedy. Also 'Delusions, appreciated that she is not', Palladium italics and the only other remedy in low type is Platina. On page 30: 'Delusions neglected that he is', Palladium is the only black type remedy. 'Delusions insulted that he is' - italics and 'Mortifications - ailments from', black type.
The basis of this need for praise is insecurity. The basic insecurity may come from an insecure childhood but the response to the insecurity is always the need to somehow make things right. In Transactional Analysis there are several 'drivers' which are seen to motivate people. One of these 'drivers' is a 'Must Please' driver which is suited to the Palladium stance.

Palladiums are eccentric, their dress, hair styles and general activity is designed to attract notice, admiration and praise. Of course Palladium is very much worse for criticism and admonition and will withdraw from people and situations which present any hint of criticism. They have a fear of losing control because they then do not have the security they need to obtain approval. They have a need for special treatment.
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 8, 2009 at 10:22am
Simply wonderful! Do shed more light on all the minerals related to the chakras and miasms. We can all benefit. I offer you praise! We all need to be appreciated. love, Debby
Comment by Katerina Harapesova on October 9, 2009 at 5:24pm
Hi, for some reason i can easy recognize Palladiums! They have very strong and noticeable energy.
I have known three women (Palladiums) who all had an alcoholic parent and was very difficult for them, as they were children, to cope with the situation. Also, all of them work in show business and look very confident to, i would say, cool-hearted... I am always fascinated with the similarity of people's lives-the same constitution! By the way, one of them is fan of homeopathy but she would not get come to me for a treatment because she finds me "too serious" and not very amusing!? :-)
Anyway I'd also like to hear more about chakras and remedies!
Comment by Paul Dixon on October 11, 2009 at 7:21am
sorry I feel I have to throw in a negative here. This is a problem within homeopathy these days in that we have put so much emphasis on mentals, 'constitution' and charactersitics of the person that we have lost sight of what we are supposed to be considering - the vital force. For me Platina is syphylitic through and through. It is as syphilitic as aurum and mercury which it sits beside on the peiodic table. This is what I was taught and I go along with that teaching.
The problem is when we talk about suggested Rubrics:
* Ailments - mortification/wounded honour/being offended/egotism.
* Delusions - abused/criticized/insulted/neglected/tall/enlarged.
* MIND - HAUGHTY - wounded self-esteem; wishes to be flattered
* MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence
Of course these are in platina, as you can also find in psoric or other remedies. But these rubrics are MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS which tell us nothing of the vital energy. The thing that tells us what miasm they are in is not 'what they are' but 'depth and pace of reaction'. So for instance * Delusions - haughty - in here we find SULPH big time, LACH and many others but what would indicate why this rubric applies to such different remedies? It is the meaning of the rubric in terms of the wider picture. So yes sulph is haughty but in sulph the vital reaction is about getting opne up on somone else, they have to dominate a discussion to show they have a superior theory because their survival depends on bolstering their weak ego. Their reaction is to try to show better intelligence. Lach is haughty because they are in a constant anamalistic competition with their perceived rivals, their reaction is to keep on top of the scene, dominate by taking over the scene ( loquacity) and watch your back. Platina is haughty because their world of priviledge is a sham and they are losing it so they have to put on this show while all around them in decaying and dangerous. Their reaction is to be the one that would stab lachesis or sulphur in the back before comitting suicide. The reaction is syphilitic.
And just to make a final point. I am only talking mentals because that is what was mentioned. You will get the misam of any remedy by looking at what process underlies all the symptoms. So what process mainly underlies physicals, mentals and emotionals in Platina? These are breakdown, decay, necrosis. This is seen in physicals (skin - eruptions, syphylitic), mentals (delusion - body, torn into rags) and emotional (mind - anxiety, salvation about - hell). Platina is a deeply syphilitic remedy.
Comment by Alias Azhar on October 11, 2009 at 11:05am
it sound like LYCO to me
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 11, 2009 at 11:46am
Dear Paul ~ thank you for clarifying this subject and differentiating between some of the other remedies which have similar mentals, but different motivating factors. I will need to keep this in mind!
Comment by Stephanie Nile on October 12, 2009 at 12:40pm
As Dr. Navneet says, one of the most crucial rubrics is

'Delusions, appreciated that she is not'.

The argument looses force without it.
Comment by Katerina Harapesova on October 13, 2009 at 5:18am
To Paul Dixon: Have you been talking about Platina or Palladium!? I am a little bit confused!
Comment by Stephanie Nile on October 13, 2009 at 6:28am
A balanced third chakra seems to be indicative of Maturity and Self-actualization.

Jan points out that major themes of Stage 10 are being centered and balanced. When a healthy Palladium performer loses balance the mental anxt centers on what went wrong - "What did I do wrong?" This is the beginning of all the Sycotic Sx that Loukas describes (above).

I'm sure Pall. has Syphilitic aspects too ... if Herings law is correct these must develop as the process takes hold and goes deeper.


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