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Painful Penile Indurations and Homoeopathy

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Painful Penile Induration and Homoeopathy.pdf


Introduction. 2

Anatomy. 2

Glans 2

Corpus cavernosum.. 2

Corpus spongiosum.. 2

Urethra. 2

Peyronie Disease. 3

Common remedies for Pyeronie disease. 3

Inflammation. 3

Common remedies for Penile inflammation. 4

Trauma. 4

Common remedies for Penile injuries 4

Dorsal Vein Thrombosis 5

Common remedies for dorsal vein thrombosis 5

Corporal Thrombosis 5

Common remedies for dorsal vein thrombosis 5

Calciphylaxis 6

Common remedies for calciphylaxis 6

Priapism.. 7

Low-flow priapism.. 7

High-flow priapism.. 7

Common remedies for priapism.. 7

Primary Tumors 7

Common remedies for penile tumors 8

Secondary Tumors 8

Common remedies for penile tumors 8

Homoeopathic remedies for painful penile induration. 9

Bibliography. 9


IntroductionTop of Form

Patients presenting with circumscribed or diffuse penile induration are commonly encountered in daily practice. The majority have Peyronie disease. However, a differential diagnosis that includes several benign and malignant entities must be carried out. These painful penile conditions include Peyronie disease (Psora/ Sycosis), inflammation (Psora), trauma (Causa occasionalis), dorsal vein thrombosis (Psora/ Sycosis), corporal thrombosis (Psora/ Sycosis), calciphylaxis (Psora/ Sycosis), priapism (Psora), primary tumors (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis), and secondary tumors (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis).


The penis is the male sex as well as excretory organ. It has following parts-


 It is head of the penis and covered with pink, moist tissue called mucosa. Covering the glans is the foreskin or prepuce. In circumcised men, the foreskin is surgically removed and the mucosa on the glans transforms into dry skin.

Corpus cavernosum

These are two columns of tissue running along the sides of the penis. Blood fills this tissue to cause an erection.

Corpus spongiosum

It is a column of sponge-like tissue running along the front of the penis and ending at the glans penis. It fills with blood during an erection, keeping the urethra open.


The urethra runs through the corpus spongiosum, conducting urine out of the body.

Peyronie Disease

Peyronie disease is the most frequent cause of painful penile induration. This pathologic condition is characterized by formation of fibrous tissue plaques within the tunica albuginea (Psora/ Sycosis), causing deformity and shortening of the penis (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis). Diagnosis is based on the medical history, autophotography, and a clinical examination with plaque  palpation. Its main cause is an incidental or sexual trauma (Causa occasionalis).

Common remedies for Pyeronie disease

acon. Agav-a. AGN. alum-p. alum-sil. alum. anac. ant-c. ant-s-aur. anthraco. ARG-N. Arn. ars. aur-m. aur. bell-p. bell. berb. borx. bry. cact. Calad. calc-f. calc-p. calc-s. calc. Calen. camph-br. Camph-mbr. Camph. Cann-i. CANN-S. Cann-xyz. CANTH. CAPS. carb-v. carc. caust. chin. chlol. clem. Colch. con. cop. crot-h. crot-t. Cub. cupre-l. cur. Dig. diphtox. dros. erig. ery-a. eug. ferr-i. Fl-ac. gast. gels. GRAPH. grat. hep. hyos. Hyper. ign. Iod. jac-c. junc-e. kali-bi. Kali-br. kali-c. KALI-CHL. kali-i. kali-m. kali-p. kali-sil. lach. lact. Lup. lyc. lyss. mag-m. maland. merc-c. Merc. mill. mosch. mur-ac. Mygal. nat-c. nat-m. nat-p. nat-sil. NIT-AC. Nux-v. oena. ol-sant. Petros. Phos. phyt. pic-ac. pip-m. pip-n. plb. psor. PULS. Rhus-t. sabad. sabal sabin. sal-n. sel. seneg. sep. SIL. sin-n. Staph. still. Stram. sul-ac. Sulph. sumb. tab. TER. thiosin. Thuj. tub. tus-p. vac. Vip. x-ray yohim. zinc-pic. zinc. Zing.


Painful induration is a common manifestation of penile inflammation. These include-

  • Cavernous tissue ischemia- especially in diabetics (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Penile infections, frequent after surgical drills or prosthesis implantation (Causa occasionalis)
  • Spongiositis, after improper catheterization and endoscopic manipulation of the urethra (Causa occasionalis)
  • Penile cellulitis (Psora/ Sycosis)
  • Balanitis (Psora/ Sycosis)
  • Penile abscesses and infection of the corpora cavernosa can be life-threatening (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Acute purulent cavernositis often requires penile amputation (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Severe fibrotic cavernosal changes usually develop, producing irreversible erectile dysfunction (Psora/ Sycosis)

Common remedies for Penile inflammation

Acon. alum. Alumn. antip. Apis Arg-n. Arn. ARS. aur-ar. aur-s. Aur. benz-ac. bry. Calad. Calc. Calen. cand. cann-s. Canth. caps. carbn-s. caust. CINNB. coc-c. con. Cop. Cor-r. crot-t. cub. cupr. Dig. elaps Gels. graph. ham. hedy. hep. iris Jac-c. KALI-CHL. Kali-i. kali-m. kali-p. Kali-s. LACH. led. Lyc. lyss. m-aust. Merc-c. MERC. mez. mur-ac. nat-ar. Nat-c. Nat-m. Nit-ac. nux-v. ol-sant. petr. ph-ac. plb. Psor. Puls. Rhod. RHUS-T. sabin. sars. sep. sil. Sulph. Sumb. Thuj. viol-t.


Patients with penile injury usually present with painful swelling and deformity of the shaft, either diffuse or circumscribed or with penile fracture. Urethral rupture is also not uncommon. (Causa occasionalis)

Common remedies for Penile injuries

Arn. Calen. con. Hyper. mill. Rhus-t. Staph.

Dorsal Vein Thrombosis

Patients with dorsal vein thrombosis present with a rod-like painful induration in the dorsal aspect of the penile shaft. Thrombosis can be associated with thrombophilia (Psora/ Syphilis) but may also be idiopathic or follow inflammation (Psora), trauma (Causa occasionalis) , and vigorous intercourse (Causa occasionalis).

Common remedies for dorsal vein thrombosis

acetan. am-caust. Apis arn. Ars. Both. calc-ar. carb-v. card-m. cortico. Crot-h. fl-ac. ham. Kali-chl. Kali-m. lach. Nat-s. quinhydr. sec. Vip.

Corporal Thrombosis

Persistent pain and induration of the proximal portion of the penile shaft may result from partial segmental thrombosis (Psora/ Sycosis) of a corpus cavernosum. This is rare and may be idiopathic or follow traumatic events such as vigorous intercourse and extensive bicycle riding (Causa occasionalis).

Common remedies for dorsal vein thrombosis

acetan. am-caust. Apis arn. Ars. Both. calc-ar. carb-v. card-m. cortico. Crot-h. fl-ac. ham. Kali-chl. Kali-m. lach. Nat-s. quinhydr. sec. Vip.


Penile calciphylaxis presents with severe penile pain, unresponsive to narcotics and associated with diffuse penile induration (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis). This rare, life-threatening disorder is characterized by progressive vascular calcification and ischemic tissue loss in patients with end-stage renal disease. The disease progresses to superinfection and wet gangrene (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis). Penectomy is usually necessary.

Common remedies for calciphylaxis

aesc-c. allox. am-c. anil. apis apoc. Arg-n. Ars. arum-t. aspidin. aur-m-n. aur-s. aur. benz-ac. cann-s. canth. caul. chel. chloram. coc-c. creat. crot-h. cycl. dig. geum Ign. jac-c. juni-v. kali-bi. kali-c. kres. lac-c. lach. lith-c. lob-e. Lyc. mag-c. Mag-m. Mag-s. Merc-c. merc. mez. naja nat-c. nat-m. op. osm. Par. Pareir. ph-ac. Phos. pilo. pip-m. pitu-p. plb. prun. rhod. rhus-t. rhus-v. sabad. sabin. sep. Ser-ang. solid. stram. streptom. stry. Sulph. sumb. tarax. ter. thuj. Urea urt-u.


Priapism is an involuntary, prolonged erection unrelated to sexual stimulation and unrelieved by ejaculation (Psora). It may be of two types-

Low-flow priapism

This condition is generally painful, although the pain may disappear with prolonged priapism. It shows-

  • Rigid erection (Psora)
  • Ischemic corpora (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • No evidence of trauma

High-flow priapism

It is generally not painful and may manifest in an episodic manner. It shows-

  • Adequate arterial flow
  • Well-oxygenated corpora
  • Evidence of trauma- blunt or penetrating injury to the penis or perineum (straddle injury) (Causa occasionalis)

Common remedies for priapism

agar. agn. Am-c. ambr. anthraco. apis arg-n. arn. bell. Calc. camph. Cann-i. Cann-s. CANTH. Caps. carb-v. carbn-s. caust. cinnb. clem. Coloc. dig. Dios. euph. fl-ac. Gins. Graph. hyos. ign. iod. Kali-br. kali-c. kali-chl. lach. lat-m. led. lyss. M-arct. Med. merc. mur-ac. mygal. Nat-c. nat-hchls. Nat-m. nat-p. nit-ac. nux-v. oena. op. opun-s. opun-v. ped. Petros. ph-ac. Phos. Pic-ac. pip-n. Plat. Puls. raph. rhod. Rhus-t. sabin. sel. sep. sil. sin-n. spirae. staph. Stram. tarax. Thuj. thymol. verat. yohim. zinc. zinc-pic. zinc-val.

Primary Tumors

Induration or a warty exophytic growth is a common manifestation of a primary penile tumor (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis). Pain may be present in cases of tumor inflammation. The tumors of the anterior urethra may manifest in the same way.

Common remedies for penile tumors

arg-n. ars. carbn-s. chion. con. ox-ac. phos. phyt. sil. spong. stigm. still. thuj. zinc-s.

Secondary Tumors

Metastatic invasion of the corpora cavernosa by a malignant neoplasm (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis)can manifest as painful penile induration, either circumscribed or diffuse. The prognosis of patients with penile metastases is poor.

Common remedies for penile tumors

alum-sil. anan. ant-ar. ant-i. arg-met. arg-n. ars. bell-p. benzq. cadm-act. cadm-ar. cadm-br. cadm-chl. cadm-chr. cadm-f. cadm-gl. cadm-i. cadm-m. cadm-met. cadm-n. cadm-o. cadm-s. cadm-sel. calc-f. carbn-s. chion. con. hydr. kali-tcy. lap-a. ox-ac. oxyg. phos. phyt. scir. scroph-n. sil. spong. stigm. still. symph. thuj. zinc-s.

Homoeopathic remedies for painful penile induration

Abrot. Acon. act-sp. aesc. agar. Agn. ail. All-c. aloe alum-p. alum-sil. alum. Alumn. Am-c. am-m. Ambr. ammc. anac. anan. ang. anil. ant-c. ant-o. ant-t. anth. anthraco. antip. Apis Apoc. aran. arg-met. ARG-N. ARN. Ars-h. ars-i. Ars-met. ars-s-f. ARS. arum-t. arund. asaf. Asar. asc-t. asim. aspar. aster. aur-ar. Aur-m-n. AUR-M. aur-s. AUR. bac-t. bapt. BAR-C. Bell. benz-ac. Berb. borx. bov. brach. brom. Bry. bufo cact. CALAD. calc-p. calc-sil. CALC. Calen. Camph-br. Camph. cand. Cann-i. CANN-S. CANN-XYZ. CANTH. CAPS. carb-ac. carb-an. Carb-v. carbn-o. carbn-s. card-m. carl. casc. castm. Caul. Caust. cham. Chel. Chim. chin. chinin-s. chlol. cic. cimx. CINNB. CLEM. Coc-c. cocc. Coch. cod. coff. Colch. Coloc. colocin. Con. Cop. Cor-r. corn. croc. crot-h. crot-t. Cub. culx. cupr. cur. cycl. cyt-l. Dig. Dios. Dor. Dros. dulc. elaps equis-h. erech. erig. ery-a. eug. euon. Euph. euphr. eupi. ferr-i. ferr-m. ferr-ma. Ferr-p. Ferr. FL-AC. form. franz. Gels. geum Gins. GRAPH. grat. guaj. Ham. hedy. hell. helon. HEP. hera. hipp. hippoz. hydr. hyos. Hyper. IGN. IOD. ip. iris Jac-c. Jac-g. jatr-c. jug-r. Kali-bi. Kali-br. Kali-c. KALI-CHL. Kali-i. Kali-m. kali-n. kali-p. KALI-S. kali-sil. kalm. Kreos. lac-ac. Lac-c. LACH. lact. lat-m. Laur. Led. Lith-c. lob. LYC. lyss. M-ambo. M-arct. m-aust. mag-c. Mag-m. mag-s. Mang. Med. mela. merc-act. MERC-C. MERC-I-F. MERC-I-R. merc-pr-r. MERC. Mez. mill. mosch. Mur-ac. mygal. naja naphtin. narz. nat-ar. Nat-c. nat-hchls. NAT-M. nat-p. Nat-s. nat-sil. nicc. NIT-AC. Nuph. nux-m. NUX-V. oena. ol-an. ol-sant. onis. op. opun-s. opun-v. osm. ox-ac. PAR. PAREIR. parot. ped. petr. Petros. PH-AC. Phos. Phyt. PIC-AC. pilo. pip-n. plat-m. Plat. Plb. plect. polyg-h. Prun. Psor. ptel. puls-n. PULS. pyrog. ran-b. ran-s. raph. rat. Rhod. RHUS-T. Rhus-v. rumx. ruta sabad. sabal Sabin. sacch. sal-n. samb. sang. Sars. scroph-n. sec. Sel. seneg. Sep. SIL. sin-n. sol-ni. Spig. spirae. Spong. squil. Stann. Staph. still. Stram. stry. sul-ac. SULPH. Sumb. syph. tab. tarax. tarent. tep. TER. Teucr-s. teucr. thlas. THUJ. thymol. urt-u. ust. valer. verat. VESP. Viol-t. visc. wies. wildb. yohim. zinc-p. zinc-pic. zinc-val. Zinc. zing.


 Case Study Answers Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine, 7e... granulocytes. The late-phase response is characterized by erythema, induration, heat, burning, and itching and microscopically by a significant cellular influx of mainly eosinophils and mononuclear cells. Changes consistent with airway remodeling and tissue hyper-reactivity may also occur. Patients...

 Chapter 41. Disorders of the Penis & Male Urethra > Peyronie's Disease Smith and Tanagho's General Urology, 18e... Peyronie's disease (plastic induration of the penis) was first described in 1742 and is a well-recognized clinical problem affecting middle-aged and older men. Patients present with complaints of painful erection, curvature of the penis, and poor erection distal to the involved area. The penile...

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 DISORDERS OF THE GENITALIA, PERINEUM, AND ANUS > INVASIVE SCC OF PENIS Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, 8e..., or prepuce. Clinical findings : Subtle induration; small excrescence; small papule; warty growth to an obvious extensive carcinoma with sloughing. Necrosis and/or secondary infection in phimotic foreskin. Extends along the penile shaft and involves corpora cavernosa. Rarely, bleeding, urinary fistula...

 Disorders of the Male Reproductive Tract Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine, 7e... (NO). Their release causes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penile corpora, which in turn leads to increased blood flow and blood trapping, resulting in erection. The ejaculatory reflex is initiated primarily by afferent input from the dorsal nerves of the penis, although cerebral erotic stimuli can also...

 Erectile Dysfunction > Managing Peyronie Disease ... Clostridial collagenase Only FDA-approved medication for the treatment of Peyronie disease Collagenase is administered to the central portion of the penile plaque by needle injection Causes enzymatic digestion of the lesion with subsequent correction of penile curvature...

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 Male Genital Problems > PEYRONIE'S DISEASE Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 8e... Peyronie's disease produces progressive penile deformity, typically curvature with erections, that is painful and may result in erectile dysfunction or preclude successful vaginal penetration during intercourse. 26 Examination of the penile shaft will disclose a thickened plaque, typically...

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 Urology > PEYRONIE’S DISEASE CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Surgery, 14e... with erection, thus leading to dorsal chordee. The disorder may be due to vasculitis in the connective tissues. Palpation of the penile shaft reveals a raised, firm plaque dorsally. There is an association with Dupuytren contracture. Controversy exists regarding treatment. Expectant therapy or medical...

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