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In childhood we read stories of queens and princesses so oversensitive who used to faint from the smell of flowers, we thought that this phenomena is merely a product of imagination. But during my homoeopathic practice I have met people who are oversensitive, in general terms allergic, to certain things or certain circumstances. For instance:
One gentleman who was an asthmatic told me that his trouble aggravates from clouds so much so while he is in his bed room very early morning and a small cloud gathers on the horizon he gets an attack of difficult breathing, he predicts that there is some cloud in the sky.

One more person committed that he gets an attack of bronchitis when there is any cloud in the sky.

Another person once told that he is very allergic to the ribbed-gourd (luffa – torai). He told that during its season he can not go in the vegetable market; not only this he informed that if some body puts this vegetable in his room in a bag without his knowledge, he gets a severe attack of bronchitis as soon as he enters the room.

The most unusual thing which happened with me (the writer) is up to young age I grew gourd (lowkee) at home in my village and often ate the vegetable with perfect impunity. But after appendectomy in 1962 some unusual change took place in my constitution I became allergic to it; if I happen to take the vegetable even in a very little quantity, it caused severe colic and gastralgia and after my duodenal bye-pass in 1978, it caused intestinal hemorrhage causing severe anemia whenever little quantity of this vegetable was taken by chance, otherwise I keep in good health such is the uniqueness of over sensitiveness of the vital force of the live organism.
Now, let me relate a case of a lady 40 years old that became oversensitive to every, even, mildest medicine.

On 3rd June 2008 the lady visited my clinic, she told that about nine months ago her gallbladder was removed surgically due to gall stones, during that period she was given drip which caused her severe allergy. She developed the following symptoms which were continuing:
• She felt severe burning in whole of her esophagus.
• Great flatulent distension.
• Frequent distressing headache.
• Constipation. Urging to stool not daily.

Being oversensitive to all kinds of medicines, even the mildest, she was in extreme distress and suffering as she was unable to take any medicine and there was no way for relief except suffering.

I gave her Cuprum metallicum 30 one dose (5-6 globules of No. 10 size moistened in the dilution in a little sugar of milk – it is my practice I give the dose like this) once daily for four days. She felt very much better in all respects.
On 10th June 2008 she reported the following:
• Burning sensation in mouth and throat.
• Much agitation.
• Pain around the waist.
• Sensation of plug in various part e. g. throat and abdomen etc.

Now on looking against these new symptoms in Repertory Ignatia 200 was prescribed one dose once in two days. She had taken lemon water (shikanjee); after that she felt some aggravation for two days, followed by much relief in all respects.

In the third week of July 2008 she felt distress in pelvic region, as such consulted a Specialist who advised Ultrasoud scanning. The ultrasound scanning on 17th July 2008 revealed the following:
Bulky adenomyotic uterus with a heteroechoic lesion in the posterior myometrium…? Adenomyoma/fibroid with septate fluid in the pelvis suggestive of PID (pelvic inflammatory disease.).

The photo copy of the USS report is produced below:

For the above revelation she was prescribed some Antibiotics(?) and she did not inform me about this trouble and took these medicines for few days. Surprisingly her system had borne these medicines without least reaction; while previously she used to get severe reaction from simplest medicine.

Now she is again under homoeopathic treatment and gradually feeling improvement in her uterine complaints.
Now two years have lapsed since she came for help she is pulling fine.

A few words about the action of Cuprum metallicum for oversensitive patients as Dr. J. T. Kent writes in the lecture on Belladonna in his book ‘Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica’:
“Cuprum is so sensitive all over. It has sensitive skin, sensitive polypi, everything sensitive; and it is so sensitive in its reaction that, when it is needed, partially indicated remedies will not work, because the patient is so oversensitive to everything that everything overacts. The smallest dose, the mildest dose, the simplest dose overacts and everything aggravates. Odors aggravate; well selected remedies disturb instead of cure. Cuprum tones down, relieves that sensitivity, and well-selected remedies will then act curatively and long.”


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Comment by Dr. MAS on September 19, 2010 at 11:09pm
Oversitiveness of what? obviously developed from some reason. These remedies mentioned above can control that oversensitiveness of whatever reason whether from developed after toxicity of drugs or from mental disorder (like fear). Nux and Sulphur are universal remedies :)
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 19, 2010 at 2:56pm
Dr Mas. Have you shown us remedies that are typical for over-sensitiveness or of canceling effects of taking too much medications or toxicity effects?
Comment by Dr. MAS on September 18, 2010 at 1:28am
To me the person who develops sensitivness against medicines. Following medicines could be helpful closer to your patient sympotms.

Nux Vomica
Nit Acid

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