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Dear Friends,

No doubt that "Organon" is one of the finest book giving us directions for the successful understanding and giving guidence to practice true homeopathy. I am sad and surprised that many practicing homeopaths do not have the deep knowledge of this book. I first studied Organon of Medicine in 1967-68 in my National Homeopathic Medical College, Lucknow-India, but got the real taste and knowledge during my tenure as a lecturer of Organon of Organon and philosophy (1977-1987), where I had the opportunity to prepare lectures in depth on this subject. Dr James Tyler Kent's Philosophy , Dr Jhar's 40 years Practice and Dr Hahnemann's Chronic Disease are other books helped me to understand homeopathy thoroughly. The best understanding and confidence comes after the successful application of homeopathy and getting satisfactory results.

In any case the true homeopathy works on three main principles, which are as follows;

1. Law of similimum, which means that for a prefect cure, we need to find a homeopathic remedy, which covers the totality or majority of the symptoms in each individual case, We should also need an appropriate potency, suitable for the condition of disease or pathology. Then we should consider the doses as well.

2. Single remedy, this means one homeopathic remedy should be used at one time. The one which is covering the totality or majority of symptoms. I have seen some homeopaths using more than one remedies at a time to treat a case, which is not allowed with homeopathy.

If needed, then we can use second remedy (complimentary) or a remedy that follows well, again as single if the remaining symptoms requires it. (second prescription)

3. Minimum doses, this means only the smallest (potentised) required number of doses should be given to allow the Primary action, which is the result of the administration of a perfect selection of remedy and potency, such as in cases of Lachesis or Ornithogallum etc. After the primary action, our vital force produces the reaction to it, thus leading to a perfect cure.(Secondary action)

Please note that Homeopathy never fails, but we fails, only because of not following the true discovery done by Dr Hahnemann, who confirmed again and again that if one follows the true principle of homeopathy laid down in Organon, there will be no failures.

So, we can see Homeopathy is a perfect natural science and very easy to understand and at one time Hahnemann said "Homeopathy is easy, as easy as a line is drawn between two given points", which explains itself.

I am thankful to all my teachers, who gave me the true knowledge of homeopathy and I feel great satisfaction helping many and continuing the Mission of Hahnemann with the use of this divine natural and scientific medical science.

With best wishes to all.

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Comment by Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma on May 29, 2010 at 11:52am
Dear Dr Nishant,

Thanks for your devotional message. Actually, I am nothing (valueless) without the true knowledge of our master's teachings. Homeopathy is my life and my life is Homeopathy.
I am pained and saddened by the so called super homeopaths, who are not following the teachings of Dr Samuel Hahnemann. Once, the masters said, "All those who follows my knowledge and principles of Homeopathy are my true followers and anyone, who makes his own procedures and do not follow my instructiions exactly, as given in the Organon of Medicine is not a true homeopath".

I see that, some are making their procedures and neglecting the true knowledge and experiences of Dr Hahnemann, thus failing to achive the desired results, this is not only disheartening them, but also give a bad name to Homeopathy. According to the master," Homeopathy and my principles will NEVER fail, if you follow them as instructed in the Organon" and after following these correctly, one fail to achieve the results, then go on the top of the roof and shout "Hahnemann was mad". Which other master had so much knowledge and confidence?

I always bow my head in his respect and feel him around me at most of the time. I always remember his principles, which is my strength and confidence and allow me to continue his mission successfully.

May, these lines give all more confidence and success.
With best wishes
Comment by Dr. Nisanth Nambison MD on May 29, 2010 at 10:43am
I am impressed by your thoughts sir. || Gurur Bramha Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwara Gurur Saakshaat Parabramha Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah || Kudos to you.
Comment by Ranga Sai on January 12, 2010 at 1:21pm
Dear Jerry and Jennifer

Hahnemann did not speak of two remedies at the same time. He is speaking of alternation of remedies.
... nevertheless it is in such a case often serviceable, in answer to a slight change of symptoms, to interpose between the doses of pure sulphur, a small dose of Hepar sulphuris calcareum. This also should be given in various potencies, if several doses should be needed from time to time. Often also, according to circumstances, a dose of Nux vomica (x) or one of mercury (x) [***] may be used between.

Kindly read it once again.
Comment by Jerry Van den Bosch on April 27, 2009 at 2:15am
Dear dr Sharma,

I have an addition to item 2. Single Remedy ...

"Hahnemann did not gave 2 remedies at the same time, but in between he did.

In the Chronic Diseases he has written:
The only allowable exception for an immediate repetition of the same medicine is when the dose of a well-selected and in every way suitable and beneficial remedy has made some beginning toward an improvement, but its action ceases too quickly, its power is too soon exhausted, and the cure does not proceed any further. This is rare in chronic diseases, but in acute diseases and in chronic diseases that rise into an acute state it is frequently the case. It is only then, -as a practiced observer may recognize- when the peculiar symptoms of the disease to be treated, after fourteen, ten, seven, and even fewer days, visibly cease to diminish, so that the improvement manifestly has come to a stop, without any disturbance of the mind and without the appearance of any new troublesome symptoms, so that the former medicine would still be perfectly homœopathically suitable, only then, if say, is it useful, and probably necessary to give a dose of the same medicine of a similarly small amount, but most safely in a different degree of dynamic potency. [*] When the remedy is thus modified, the vital force of the patient will allow itself more easily to be further affected by the same medicine, so as to effect by it everything that may be expected of this medicine and in this ailment. [**]

To adduce an example: a freshly arisen eruption of itch belongs to those diseases which might soonest permit the repetition of the dose (sulphur), and which does permit it the more frequently, the sooner after the infection the itch is received for treatment, as it then approaches the nature of an acute disorder, and demands its remedies in more frequent doses than when it has been standing on the skin for some time. But this repetition should be permitted only when the preceding dose has largely exhausted its action (after six, eight or ten days), and the dose should be just as small as the preceding one, and be given in a different potency. Nevertheless it is in such a case often serviceable, in answer to a slight change of symptoms, to interpose between the doses of pure sulphur, a small dose of Hepar sulphuris calcareum. This also should be given in various potencies, if several doses should be needed from time to time. Often also, according to circumstances, a dose of Nux vomica (x) or one of mercury (x) [***] may be used between.


[*] If it, e.g., has first been given in the 30th potency it will now be given in perhaps the 18th, and if a repetition should, be again found serviceable and necessary, it might afterwards be given in the 24th. and later perhaps also in the 12th and 6th, etc., if, e.g., the chronic disease should have taken on itself an acute character. A dose of medicine may also have been suddenly counteracted and annihilated by a grave error in the regimen of the patient, when perhaps a dose of the former serviceable medicine might again be given with the modification mentioned above.

[**] In cases where the physician is certain as to the homœopathic specific to be used, the first attenuated dose may also be dissolved in about four ounces of water by stirring it, and one-third may be drunk at once, and the second and third portions on the following days; but it should each time be again stirred so as to increase the potency and thus to change it. Thereby the remedy seeing to take a deeper hold on the organism and hasten the restoration in patients who are vigorous and not too sensitive.

[***] That the itch-patient during such a treatment must avoid every external application, however harmless it may appear, e.g., the washing with black soap, is not necessary to emphasize.

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