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Last Saturday The Centre of Classical Homeopathy (CKH), which I established in 1991 held its 23rd Open Door at the beginning of a new academic year. Traditionally, there are information stands, book sellers and lectures by the teachers.

The day started with a clear and to the point explanation of the legal situation of homeopathy in Belgium. Though we are waiting for the confirmation of this decision the odds are not good and actually professional homeopathy will be outlawed by the 1st of January 2014. We will then have to close our practices if we don’t want to expose ourselves to prosecution. Of course we will try by all means to start reaction and protest and a petition is already going around. Everybody is encouraged to flood the minister with letters, I wrote an open letter that was published in a newspaper, articles for the journals and…. I keep walking….

I thought it was, thus, a good idea to uplift the spirits with a talk on plants. I gave the introduction about the research from Bose and Blackwell, mentioned before, that revealed plants are feeling creatures with emotions and memory and capable of connecting non-locally and of mutual support. However sensational all these conclusions might be, they haven’t led to any practical consequence and are waiting to be rediscovered. Most likely the time wasn’t ripe to integrate this knowledge and live accordingly.

By another – this time happy - quirk of fate the book “Homeopathy for Plants” from Christiane Maute seems to be just the right book at the right time and has been so far the bestselling book of Narayana Publishers, an unexpected success. It is not a very ambitious book, neither very sophisticated homeopathy; it is simple, nicely illustrated and most important: it works.  So my recommendation is to try it out. Everybody knows a tree somewhere, a pot plant, vegetable or flower in the garden that is sick: give it a homeopathic remedy and see how it recovers within days. And then tell everybody what you’ve witnessed. No long philosophical discussions which with you’ll spoil the next party with family or friends, just advise them to try Natrum sulph. for leave curl and fungus, Carbo veg. for Monilla on cherry trees or brown rot and  Thuja for their fruit bushes or courgettes with mildew (and even better: give them a few samples of those pills). They will try it and see with their own eyes and tell it their friends and neighbors. And it will spread like a wildfire.

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