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Dear Colleagues
I take this opportunity to present a cured case of Lachesis.

Source: Website case.
* Lady aged 55 years.
* Suffered from gall stone colic and benifited by BERB.
* Yet, the colic was intense again and a rash appeared on the spot where an ice packing was applied.
* The colic comes through night, esp. after falling asleep and there were thirst for large quantity and patient
drank water in the night.
* The patches were very itchy, very sensitive to touch and red in color with numbness.
* The patches were very sore, sensitive to touch, and unbearable any pressure or cloths upon it.
* Following rubrics were taken for repertorisation:

GENERALITIES; TOUCH; agg.; slight (K1407, SII-640, G1160)

SKIN Discol red X sensitiveness to touch X numbness:

GENERALITIES; PAIN; General; agg.; night; sleeping, while (SII-401)

GENERALITIES; PAIN; General; night (G1136)

STOMACH; THIRST; night (K528, G450)

GENERALITIES; CLOTHING; pressure of; agg. (Covers; agg. or intolerance of)

* Remedy: Lachesis.
* LACH. 200C cured the colic and the rash with infrequent doses when the pain disturbed the patient.

Discussion by the author:
* The differential remedies were Merc, Hepar, Phos, Bell. But the pain being always aggravated at night and
the numbness along with sensitivity of the skin to clothes, pointed to Lachesis. Often in the acute state the
mental state may or may not be indicative of the remedy. What is decisive are the peculiar physical
modalities of the indicated remedy. Some residual symptoms remained and responded to a dose of


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Comment by Poorni Sudhakar on October 13, 2010 at 4:46am
Hello Sir,
Thanks for the case. I hope you remember me. We have met in Vidivelli. Presently I am in Vadodara, Gujarat.
Comment by sajjadakram on August 11, 2010 at 9:27am
Thanks for posting the case.Simple and perfect approach.

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