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Support Health Freedom in NC and every state in the US

Dear NC Health Freedom Supporters,

Thank you for continuing your communication campaign (phone calls, emails, letters, fax messages, and personal visits) to let your representatives know that you want Health Freedom Legislation to pass in North Carolina!

After spending several days in the Legislative Office Building speaking with the Representatives and asking our Lobbyist Mike what he had heard, OUR VOICES ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! The Representatives are getting the message!

Last week we were waiting for our bill, HB 842, to be heard by the House Committee on Health. After opposition from the medical doctors lobbying group, the NC Medical Society, our main bill sponsor, Rep. Earline Parmon, began negotiations with the Medical Society to come up with language that will be acceptable to both sides.

A break-through negotiations meeting took place on Monday, May 11, 2009 in Rep. Parmon’s office. Rep. Parmon, Representatives from Health Freedom Now campaign, Diane Miller, JD, the NC Medical Society and legal staff were present to thoroughly discuss ways to make this legislation happen in this legislative session. The NC Medical Society is now drafting proposed changes that we hope will be mutually agreeable to all parties involved. Rep. Parmon expects to hear back from the Medical Society within the next few days.

We DO HAVE several ways to PRESERVE the Health Freedom bill this session. For now, please continue sending letters, making phone calls, emails and faxes. Pass out petitions in your neighborhood, your gym, your church, at your children’s soccer games (you get the message) and let’s continue to gather as many signatures as we can. And remember to send a small donation (we’ll take the big ones too!) to the CHF so we can pay YOUR LOBBYIST, who has made it possible to have the support in the legislature we now have!

Please stay on Alert!

We will keep you informed on other actions as they arise. Please remember to forward our emails to everyone you know that can benefit from Health Freedom. Let them know they can join our mailing list by clicking here: and signing up at the “join our mailing list” box on the left side.

The Board of Directors of Citizens for Healthcare Freedom Thanks You!!

"In this interview Diane discusses health freedom and safe harbor bills that have passed around the country. She also discusses the challenges of restrictive health and dietitians bills such as the one currently being faced in Wisconsin."

What you can do to help:

1. Volunteer! We need people to help us spread the word to Alternative Practitioners and citizens in NC and need folks who can help us do this. Please call Christina Mueller at 828-626-4079 if you can help.

2. Call your local representatives (visit, enter your zip + 4 on the lower right hand side to find yours)

3. Call the Sponsors and Co-sponsors of this bill and show your support (visit for a list with contact information)

4. Sign a paper or online Petition to show your support. Visit to download and distribute copies in your office, your neighborhood, church and local community.

5. Pass this along to your family and friends. Sign up for the e-mailing list at
for Urgent Action Updates.

Thank you for your support! Let's make this bill pass this year!!

Thank you, as always for your invaluable help and support,
The Board of Directors,
Citizens for Healthcare Freedom

The Board of Citizens for Healthcare Freedom
(a non-profit 501(c)3 group)
and all Alternative Practitioners in this State

Please help support the work of the CHF and our lobbying efforts by making a donation to this worthy cause or make checks payable to CHF, PO BOX 12893, Raleigh, NC 27605

This is a reprint of an email message

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Comment by Debby Bruck on May 23, 2009 at 4:02pm
Dear Angela - I hope you will lead us in the path of accomplishment in all states to your success level.
Comment by Angela Burr-Madsen on May 22, 2009 at 8:31pm
Hi Debbie,
I am a member of the California Health Freedom Coalition in fact I am very proud to say that I was on the board of the organization as we passed legislation in the state of California. Not only was I able to be a part of that but my husband and I were able to secure the titles "Naturopath," "Naturopathic Practitioner," and "Traditional Naturopath," on the Naturopathic Physicians bill. I also know Dianne Miller very well and consider her a good friend.
Keep up the good work,

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