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New research on water and its mysteries...


There is a new article in a leading scientific journal about WATER:

Kumar et al. A tetrahedral entropy for water. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2009; 106 (52): 22130 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0911094106

Here's a press release about it: Click HERE.

I wrote to LIONEL MILGROM, a PhD chemist and a homeopath, and asked him his thoughts on it. Lionel was so poetic that I thought other would like to see what he wrote to me:

Yes, I had a look at the paper, and it tends to confirm the view of people like Alex Hankey that what we are dealing with here with water is a perculiarly sensitive system in which, because of it being in a state where we are close to phase changes (e.g., solid to liqid and vice versa), quantum effects are magnified so that they affect the bulk properties of the whole material.

Of course, the authors of the paper are considering what happens in super-cooled pure water, but there is an argument that in living systems like cells, the water in these structures can vary from being more or less fluid in some organelles to being almost solid in others (especially when it contains a high concentration of proteins, phospholipids, etc). This means that even within something as tiny as a cell, the range of possibilities for what can happen in terms of intra- and inter-cellular communications is enormous.

Someone once said that water is the matter and the MATTER of all life, and as we consider this, we begin to realise something that most biochemists miss completely. If proteins, DNA, lipids, vitamins etc, etc are the perfomers on life's stage - and that is what they are fixated on, as indeed anyone who goes to good all-engrossing theatre naturally is - it is water that provides what goes totally unnoticed: the stage, the props, the scenery....hell, even the theatre, the seats and the audience. That I think is the key to the whole performance, and like any good performance, it is only successful to the extent that the illusion of 'reality' is maintained. And we are only happy with the performance when we leave the theatre to the extent that it maintains and reinforces our illusions about life. For theatre, read modern biochemistry....

What I'm saying is that we are dealing with a is the function of water within in intra- and extra-cellular environment that is the main determinant of how the biochemistry of life operates: everything else functions the way it does because of this. What this paper begins to do is to try - in my humble (well, perhaps not so humble) opinion - to shift the fixated gaze away from the main performers, and onto their aqueous and semi-aqueous environment....and this ain't easy, not just because of the comfort of ignoring it. To model what water is doing here is stupendously difficult and will require maths and physics.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 8, 2010 at 5:07am
Thanks for the information.
Water is having several positive qualities. There is a system of medicine called Hydrotherapy, which proposes internal and external use of water as a mode of treatment. Naturopathy also uses water for various treatments like hip bathing.

In homeopathy water is the best vehicle compared to globules and sugar of milk. The result we get from the plussing method is marvelous! In the aphorism 291 Hahnemann has mentioned about the importance of water and bathing. Apart from its use as a vehicle, there are some homeopathic medicines prepared from medicinal waters: Sanicula (water of sanicula springsottawa), Skookumchuk(Salts from Water from Medical Lake near Spokane, Wash) , Aqua marina (sea water), Carlsbad aqua (water of the sprudel springs)

Religiously also water obtained from certain places is said to have divine qualities: In Hinduism water from the Ganges and Mansarovar lake; In Islam Zamzam water from Mecca; In Christianity, baptism is done using holy water.
Comment by Jonathan Lawrence on March 4, 2010 at 6:14am
Very helpful, but we still have to recognise that the exact mode of action of homeopathic remedies is not understood but this paper is another piece of circumstantial evidence in our favour. Keep up the good work.

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