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NASH published article - A Tribute to Debby Bruck

We are sad to in-form readers that Debby Bruck, the founder and organizer of the Homeopathy World Community, took her last breath on May 5, 2018. Her blessed sojourn on this earth was impregnated with the sublime mission to selflessly serve homeopathy. She oversaw all the activities of the HWC web site, which will continue her legacy; from the smallest detail to the largest emanation of this great portal of classical homeopathy. She built this site and served with missionary zeal while fight-ing her disease with valiant optimism. She never lost hope. ‘Peace on Earth’ was her permanent prayer, with unshaken belief in her Creator.


Debby was very kind and caring. She was a spiritual heal-er, a good friend, wife, mother, and grandmother. Debby was always hard-working and devoted to the art and science of homeopathy. She touched the hearts of many people through her popular BlogTalkRadio and Health Inn Show, and live stream interviews. She was always positive, highly inspira-tional to people around her and worked for the benefit of so-ciety.


When we pay tribute to a person like Debby Bruck, the best celebration is to draw strength from the Lord’s words. We may belong to any country and be of any age or position, but it is our character and discipline that is most important.

There is no difference in the code of conduct for an American or a person from another country. We are human beings first and belong to humanity, the religion of love and the language of the heart. We should protect our character as our very life. The sapling has to be tended carefully, so that it can grow into a mighty tree and serve the people well. If we want to be remembered, we must guard our character. If we maintain good character, our progeny, the community we live in and all countries will prosper.


Debby Bruck was of good character with righteous con-duct. She shone with a righteousness that conferred joy on all and endeavored to progress further along that path with every passing day.


She has passed these values to her family, the members of the Homeopathy World Community, which she founded and to others who knew her.



Kavitha Kukunoor, CCH, RSHom(NA), is a homeopathic practitioner from India, who has lived and worked in Michigan since 1998. She is a certified HP Supervisor in homeoprophy-laxis from FHCI (Free and Healthy Children International) and a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner from the American Association of Alternative Medicine (AAMA). Ka-vitha is the administrator of HWC (Homeopathic World Com-munity). She practices classical homeopathy and also uses Bach flower, tissue salts, color and sound remedies, organotherapy, de-tox and drainage remedies. Contact Kavitha at Her website is

 Enclosed the NASH published tribute.


Thank you so much to North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) for publishing a tribute to Debby Bruck in The American Homeopath Journal.


Dr Kavitha Kukunoor

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