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Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres

Guess What, We are Heading for Famine


Small dots appear to "burn" through leaves

Area affected is along Tipton and Shelby County line

Farmers afraid they may lose their entire crop

(Memphis 6/1/2010) A mystery is unfolding across MidSouth farms.

Something is killing crops, trees, even weeds and nobody can explain why.

Farmers are scratching their heads and some are worried their crops may be lost to the mysterious plague.

It's happening along a large swath of land near the Shelby and Tipton county border along Herring Hill Road and elsewhere near the
Mississippi River bottoms.

Tiny dots appear to have burned onto leaves of all types of plants, and they appear different depending on the plant.

On corn stalks, the dots seem to turn white in the center.

On other plants, a white dust speckles the leaves and then destroys the green life underneath.

"We found it all in the herbs, in the flowers, in the plum tree, in the weeds," said organic farmer Toni Holt. "It's apparently in

Holt grows organic produce that she sells at area farmers' markets.

As she and other farmers inspect the new growth covered in the perplexing plague, they fear their entire crop may be lost.

Less than ten miles from Holt's crops, the damage could possibly hit hundreds of acres of corn at Wilder Farms.

It appears to have hit everything in its path.

There does not seem to be anything in common with the affected plants.

The Holts raise organic crops, so they don't spray pesticides on any of their fruits and vegetables.

The first thought among some was a new parasite or insect caused the damage, but Wilder farms sprays pesticides and the damage there is
exactly the same.

Farmers first noticed the damaging dots over the weekend.

Then Holt came home to find baby birds dead in their nests.

"There are two dead birds hanging out of two different bird houses, so we're concerned about that. We don't know if it's related, but it's
alarming," said Holt. "We've got horses, we're concerned
about the horses on the grass. We've got chickens. We sell our eggs
at the market."

Farmers we spoke with are convinced something in the air caused this damage.

They're asking the USDA and other experts to look into the problem, and so are we.

"The most terrifying words in the English langauge are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

--Ronald Reagan.

Some comments of readers below.

1. On May 25th, the Lucite facility next to Dupont on Hwy 51 and Fite Road in Millington had a chemical leak of sulfur trioxide. The chemical could easily have evaporated in our local atmosphere then recondensed as acid rain on nearby plants. Chemical burns can cause that kind of spotty damage. Sulfur trioxide combined with H2O results in sulfuric acid (SO3 + H2O = H2SO4) Wikipedia defines Acid Rain as ... "caused by emissions of compounds of ammonium, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids..." WREG carried that story but I'd like to see the two stories linked.(,0,60...

2. After looking at the pictures, I remember I had the same problem last year. My bushes, and even my **** grass had those brown spots. Some of the bushes never recovered, they died. My tulips didn't bloom, they just died.

I live in Frayser.

What effect is this having on humans, and animals?

3. the other day i walked outside while there was a slight mist or very small drops of rain..

i ran back inside because the droplets were burning my skin..

the first thing i thought about was acid rain..

this would explain the spots and damages to crops..

4. Am wondering if it is not from all the toxic dispersants that have been used on the oil spill. Since they reduce toxins to a level that they can get through your skin it would make sense to me that they might well be picked up with water into clouds and sent along to widespread areas.

5. I'd be suspicious of oil too, but I live in Portland Oregon, and I have the same spots on plants in my garden. Probably a bit too far away for it to be oil, since crude is so heavy. However, I wonder about
the volatile and very light molecular weight aerosol dispersants they have been spraying.

6. Could this be related to the fly ash cave in last year at the TVA? Have read that the chemical toxins had traveled south in the Mississippi.
Please keep me posted as we have a suspect fly ash problem after fifty years of fly ash mountain accumulation in Oak Creek, Wisconsin that is currently under investigation by the state Dept. of Natural Resources for possible contamidation of deep wells in the area and possible leeching into the deep well acquifer. Run a search for fly ash, Maryland where a law case is in process. The plant in WI
operates on the shores of Lake Michigan a large and critical fresh water sourse for many states and life forms.

7. Wow,

Thats happening also in Spain, Today I got an appointement with the Environment director of a royal city on the south of Madrid to open investigations about this same matter.

I do wonder if there are potential adverse effects from the chemtrails sprayed around the world.

8. Could I ask a few questions?

1.) Were there any light, rapid showers right before the spotting appeared?

2.) Have any houseplants been affected, or is it strictly affecting outdoor plants?

3.) Has anyone tested the rainwater for chemical pollutants yet?

4.) If indoor plants are NOT affected, would someone be willing to do an experiment for me? It'll take five minutes, tops.

5.) Has the weather been unusual in any way?Wetter than normal, hotter, colder, etc?

Thanks, peeps.

Here is what I think about it:


someone says he has seen the same last year already in his own garden. So it is nothing new.


There are a few that ask pertinent questions that could be related.


someone says he has seen the same in Spain.

That leaves but few options. Either it is from Chemtrails as so many surmise, but that would cause it to be seen in many countries. Or it is from something else. There are then even fewer options.

I am thinking of roundup ready soy. Those plants produce glyphosate (roundup) and the powder could easily be the pollen that affects all the other plants, thus killing them. Monsanto again.

Since glyphosate is affecting everyone in the same manner - regardless the species - this to me is the most likely cause. Therefore, the birds die, other animals that are a little more robust will get very sick and humans will equally be affected.

Reminds me of John Wyndham's "The Triffids Are Coming"

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