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My comment in "Reversing Autism" on Facebook

I acknowlege that fact that children have had catastrophic changes including diagnosis of Autism after being vaccinated. I also acknowlege the fact that there are children with Autism who have never been vaccinated.

I also see that some characteristics of Autism in children are amplified characteristics of one or both parents, & other family members, so I tend to look at the heredity as well as environmental factors such as vaccination. That is not to say, that the parents have not been affected by vaccinations.

We have only to look back to when vaccinations began. Statistics show that there is a sharp increase in diagnosed cases of Autism. Does this simply mean that more cases are diagnosed, rather than there being an increase in incidence?

In any case, I use (& prescribe) Homeopathy regardless of the name of the condition, where the cause is unknown, & there is no satisfactory "treatment" in medicine..

Good homeopathic prescribing lessens or eliminates the need for expensive "band aid" treatments, improves health & wellbeing & reduces many hereditary tendencies/weaknesses of mind and body.

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Comment by Anne Sash on February 18, 2010 at 6:32am
I think you have said it very well indeed, Dr Rafeeque. Most grateful for your contribution.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 3, 2010 at 5:48am
Here is an excerpt from my article on causation:

Beware of causation

Though the prescription on the basis of causation has helped us a lot and is still working for many cases, we should not be blind in considering the causation for a remedial diagnosis. In many of the cases, the causation could be a coincidence or a misconception. Some times the patient may tell that so and so factor is responsible for his ailments but may not be the real cause. Hence we should not give over importance to anything unless we confirm by asking about the repeated history of the same complaint after exposing to any particular stimuli. Or else, we will be misguided. Of course, confirmation of causation is not that easy and may not be possible in certain cases. However maximum care has to be taken while weighing each and every word told by the patient.

There is a trend among many of us to get prejudiced in the remedial diagnosis, when the prescription is given on the basis of causation. For example: Arnica for injury, Rhus tox for physical exertion, Natrum mur for grief. If we refer repertory, we can see that there are many drugs indicated for the above causations. Hence, if we follow the prejudiced way of prescription, we may miss some other drug that may also cover the same causation and may be much more similar to the whole case.
Comment by Anne Sash on February 3, 2010 at 1:09am
I would include OPV under the broader term, immunisation, yes. I used the term vaccination because that was the one used on the Facebook page.

I researched the subject of immunisation for an essay of I think 6000 words when I was studying Homeopathy many years ago. Unfortunately I dont have a copy on computer so long after. I agree with you, that the effects of immunisation on the parents and grandparents may be passed on to the child as a "miasm", but we have to be careful when we attribute a patient's illness to a particular cause.

I have had this problem recently when I developed a very severe & widespread eczema. For months, I went through all the possibilities of cause, from coincidental sudden death of a close friend, to use of prescribed eye drops (no longer used in other countries due to toxic effects!) in conjunctivitis, aggravation from previous homeopathic remedies, photosensitivity due to vitamin B deficiency etc. A naturopath even told me I should never eat potatoes again because I said that peeling raw potatoes brings on eczema on my hands.

It was only when my daughter started to develop eczema on her hands and face at that time that I suspected contact dermatitis, due to essential oils in a base of nut oils which we had used. Dermatologist Dx was "atopic eczema". Who knows for certain what set it off? Whatever it was, it affected mother & daughter, so that ruled out a lot of things.
My point is that we must be very careful in deciding a cause in each individual.

You are correct about the OPV, transmitting to the unimmunised. Also there is a lot said about abnormalities of the bowel in people who have Autism, so it is suggestive of a possible link with the OPV.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 2, 2010 at 6:14am
Side effects of vaccination is seen in almost all kids, including those who are vaccinated! Since "vaccine" is like a miasm, which can get transmitted from one generation to the other. The oral oplio vaccine is given as pulse polio immunization (in India), wherein all kids are vaccinated at a particular date. When the OPV vaccine is taken, the attennuated viruses present in the vaccine will be released through the stool and can also infect the other kids who are not vaccinated. This is the intention behind OPV administration. Hence there is no meaning in asking vaccinated or not.

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