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Mr Vital Sickness A Journey From Health To Sickness


This is a story of Mr. Vital who is very ill right now and is treated by various specialist for
various disorders. He was always a very weak child. As a child he had eczema which the neighboring Dr. Allopath had cured him promptly with a some ointments and pills and everything had mysteriously disappeared as if by magic.

His mother Mrs. Miasma and father Mr. Susceptibility used to always keep him warm for every change of weather caused him problems cough cold etc. Again Dr. Allopath was called, he opened his magical chest and gave some antihistaminic and a few antibiotics and so on.

And again as if the fairy God mother turns the magic wand young Mr. vital was again fine. But the “health” was short lived again to be treated in the same manner. Dr Allopath was an excellent physician and he got his blood tests his X-rays done and said he had infection and said he should be just fine. He was given antibiotics newer powerful ones launched by a Pharmacy after years of meticulous research. It was some molecule which was supposed to be the panacea for all infections.

But alas the problem persisted but this time with wheezing. Dr Allopath said now he had asthma he was given some pills and pumps and said it would be life long he would be fine as and lead a healthy life with asthma. The conscientious Dr. Allopath made a reference to a specialist Dr Bronchos. Now Dr Bronchus was a specialist in treating only lung problems he along with Dr Allegralis an allergy specialist took up the case. Mr. vital followed up with them for years his asthma had been fine he was on a some tablets. But he was “healthy”.

Now Mr vital was a fine young man. He was quite popular with the ladies. One day he saw some warts and he then went to Dr. Derma V. D. who told him nothing to worry about nothing a few injections and a burning the warts would definitely help him. Again he was “healthy”. He got married and changed the name of his wife to Sycotica. Mr. Vital grew in business, wealth, stress had become a part of his life. He was developing depression and he saw Dr. P. Schizonagger.

All of a sudden he developed some chest pain. Dr Hearty saw him and told him that he has diabetes and hypertension and cardiac problems and he had to put him on some tablets life long to prevent damage to vital organs and thus prolong his life. He had to take the medicines life long. For diabetes he went to Dr. D. Mellitix. a very sweet old man who told him to avoid sugars. By that time he developed kidney damage and was seeing Dr Renalis.
Now Mr. Vital was treated by Dr Bronchos, Dr allegralis, Dr P. schizonagger, Dr Hearty, Dr renalis and Dr D. Mellatix. Now all were seeing his different organs and he was “healthy” and fine for many years. Until one day he got breathless and was admitted to the ICCU. Where he is now. His neighboring bed is occupied by Mrs. Syphillica who is in worst shape them him and is on artificial respiration and is probably seen by the same number of physicians and even more. All specialists are treating him with the best available medicines which the multi million dollar pharma can offer.

Now you wonder has Mr. Vital ever been well. Has he ever been treated. The specialist saw various parts of his body, but did anyone see the individual. Everyone saw a diseases of Mr. Vital but did anyone see Mr. Vital who is diseased. In the end the question to be asked is who are we treating, the diseased parts or the diseased individual having these parts

The diseased parts were one to be treated just that with every treatment the expression of the “disease” changed. So this is how a “allopath” sees a disease.

When we as homoeopaths open the text book of Organon we see the first aphorism
“The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.”

What is exactly meant by sickness? Is the sickness for “allopath” and a homeopath is one and the same? The true homeopath, when he speaks of illness knows who that is sick where as the “allopath” thinks that only part of sickness are the pathological changes.

There is something prior to the organs and that is the individual.

Remember the aphorism the restoration of sick to health; the sick man to health and not the results of the illness. When the “diseased” man has been restored to health, there will be restored harmony in the tissues and activities. Prescribing for results of the diseases will only create changes in
the results but the sickness goes on leading from functional illness to a pathological one, from a simple to a complicated one, from a disorder of function to change of structure.

Aude sapere (dare to be wise)

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on March 24, 2010 at 10:11am
Dr Nikhil,a very interesting and insightful story on Mr Vital;;Yes all around the conventional medicine is treating the organs and the disease but neglecting the person who needs to be treated. Which is the basic tenet of Homeopathy.

Its only with hard work and research in Homeopathy we can match THEM the conventional system, and attract the masses to explore the goodness of homeopathy in all its facets.

While going through your profile i note the way you perceive homeopathy and what you would like to achieve for it in future. My best wishes to you and your ambition,may it prosper and become a reality,in near future.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 24, 2010 at 12:46am
When a patient approaches an ENT surgeon, he will "diagnose" that all his problems are because of enlarged tonsils. He will convince the patient that tonsillectomy can make him perfect. Similarly, a general surgeon will say that "your appendix is responsible for all problems". Like this, each specialists remove the organs allotted to them. Finally, the patient becomes a living dead body.

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