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Human beings (for that matter all animals and plants) start their life as a single cell in mother`s womb. This fertilised ovum or Zygote splits into two - four - eight - sixteen - thirty two and so on. If all such cells are similar or the same human being with various cell groups, tissues,organs and systems can not form . Zygote inherits genetic information from father and mother. Divided cells of zygote initially differentiate into three groups . Each of these three groups carries genetic information in full .These three are named 1)Ectoderm 2)Mesoderm and 3) Endo or Entoderm.These three are called germ layers. Each germ layer in future differentiates into organs . Organs developing from one germ layer can go deep into adult body or stay superficial . For example Epidermis of the skin and crystalline lens of the eye develop from Ectoderm. Tongue and meninges develop from mesoderm. Liver develops from endoderm. Human miasmic classification follows germ layers.
ECTODERMAL MIASM -- is a constitution that most often causes ailments of organs and systems derived from ectoderm and are least dangerous and most amenable to remedies. Skin,hair,nails,enamel of teeth,junctions of all openings(the part that leads from exterior to interior of the body) like mouth ,nose,ear ,ear drum,salivary glands,breasts,urethral opening ,vaginal opening anal opening , nerves,spinal cord, brain,lens of the eye,retina etc --roughly but not wholly correspond to PSORA-anhydrotic ectodermal dysplasia is an extreme case
MESODERMAL MIASM -- Musles,tendons,bones cartilage,sphincters and other smooth muscles of internal organs , heart, blood vessels, uterus,testes,ovaries,kidneys,ureters,blood,bone marrow, and connective tissues .Less prone to ailments and better treated by natural habits . --Correspond roughly but not totally to SYCOSIS - Mafan`s syndrome and Achondroplasia are extrme cases
ENDODERMAL MIASM -- Is a miasm that effects organs like liver,gall bladder ,stomach ,pancreas,intestine, lungs and trachea. Least prone to ailments little helped by remedies and complications life threatening weakening Vital force. --Corresponds to roughly but not wholly to SYPHILIS -- Sarcoidosis is a classical example
This is not comprehensive and exhaustive , but time limits me
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