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The vital force – the energy that keeps the organism (physical body) alive – being an invisible energy cannot be explained by physical means. But in the presence of it all the parts of the organism grow in perfect proportion, it keeps the organism maintained and healthy, the wear tear is repaired automatically. The vital force keeps the life processes going in all the states of health (during healthy condition, while under the effect of drugs, and while under the effect of some disease and even during mechanical injuries if not fatal). Except during healthy state of the organism while the vital force is in order, the vital force becomes disordered and the processes of life become deviated from normal to abnormal. In the later state the vital force starts relaying SOS in the form of various morbid symptoms and sensations. Apart the mechanical injuries all the vital force is affected only by some morbid, inimical to life energy, whether it is the morbid energy of the drug substance or some other natural disease producing energy.

Who ever knows the dynamic morbid energies of the drugs (homoeopathic Materia Medica) and correctly interprets the SOS and is capable to correlate these two (homoeopathic Materia Medica and the SOS or the morbid symptoms and sensations) becomes able to re-establish the order and restores the health.

In case of the Injuries, too, they heal without any consequences, if the vital force is in its natural order, otherwise the injuries become troublesome and do not heal readily. Hereunder I will give few examples when the homoeopathic remedies worked wonderfully.

1. Long ago a wee girl of six months got injury in the sclera of her left eye by the tip of knife. It so happened that while the mother of the child was cutting vegetable the child suddenly moved her arm and the tip of the knife moved in such a manner that it made a triangular wound on the surface of the sclera. Her father brought the child to my clinic. I gave few doses of Aconite 30 which cured within twenty-four hours.

2. The Bengalis are very fond of eating fish. It was in 1980 that a gentle man brought his 8 years old daughter at about 8 p.m. who got a fish bone struck in her throat and was feeling pain. The father of the child was a new person to our place and was alarmed with the trouble of the child. I immediately administered a dose of Silicea 200 and asked the gentleman to wait for half an hour. I told him if there is no relief in half an hour I would accompany him to the emergency of the district hospital. The gentleman came next morning and thanking me he informed that after a short period the child went to sleep and when awoke in the morning there was no trace of any trouble.

3. Another similar case of another girl of the same age came to me after about ten days. In this case the base of the fish bone was visible sticking it the gullet. Silicea 200 again did the magic. The girls slept within half an hour after taking the dose and when get up in the morning there was no trace of the bone or pain.

Even today I wonder what happened of the fish bones and how they vanished in both of the cases.

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Comment by SARANG on October 8, 2010 at 11:04am
Actually I fell that the potency selection should depent on sesceptibility and sensitivity of the patient.There is the selection of minimum dose rather then mild,moderate or strong.The dose selected should be minimum just to stimulate the VF.
please explain about selection ACONITE ina eye injury case when there is a clean cut wound.

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