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An elderly gentleman 67 years of age was brought to my clinic on 1st August 2009, with trouble in his left leg. He was limping with great difficulty with the help of a walking stick.
His history was as given hereunder:

He met with an accident about ten years ago whence his left leg got crushed under a water tanker. After treatment he almost remained well for some time. Then he started feeling aching pain in the leg. Walking became painful and difficult. The pain was such that he was unable to get sleep in the nights. A discharging ulcer had formed in the old scar on the middle of left tibia smelling badly. The discharge was thin and badly smelling. Neither the ulcer was drying up nor was the pain subsiding as such the patient was in distress (see the photo of the leg, given below, arrow pointing the ulcer). The orthopedician has told the patient that it is most probable that the leg will have to be amputated. He was feeling pain in the ankle also. The condition of the bones of the leg on 24th July 2009 was as shown in the X-Ray photo given below.

Loss of appetite.
Urination most frequent in the night.
From the discharging ulcer on tibia it looked as if there is caries of tibia.
On 3rd September 2009, it was reported that after homoeopathic medicine the patient had an itching eruption which is now drying up.
31st September 2009, the itching eruption is gone. The discharging ulcer had healed up.
Feeling much amel. in pain now.
Now he walks with great ease, even without walking stick.
The patient is very happy. Expressed his gratitude for saving from amputation of the leg.
This happiness was brought by few infinitely small doses of Asa foetida.
The patient is still under observation.
Now the question is why Asa foetida? The law of Cure is SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR.

It has been found in the pathogenesis of Asa foetida that it causes among various other symptoms:
• Syphilitic, mercurial and scrofulous affections of the bone, as caries, and of the skin, as ulcers; also cases of periostitis and supra-orbital neuralgia of syphilitic origin. In all these cases, apart from the pain, there is great sensitiveness and a blueness about the part.
• The edges of the ulcers are high, hard, sensitive to touch, and bleed easily.
• The discharges from all sources are very offensive.
• Caries of bones.
• Old cicatrices break open, turn purple/black, esp. of amputated limb.
As a matter of fact every physician earnestly desires to cure his patient and as such selects the remedy to the best of his ability, but, the outcome of the application of the remedy confirms the accuracy of the selection.

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