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The patient is 75 years old lady, who is a patient of HYPERTROPHY OF HEART since May 2006. Previously she had been under the care of a cardiologist but for the past five months she is taking homoeopathic medicine by which she was feeing cheerful and her general health is improving and she is feeling cheerful. Though she is not taking allopathic medicine yet she gets herself checked by the cardiologist from time to time who is satisfied with the progress in her state of health.
In the middle of night following 19th October, 2009she had an attack of acute and severe dyspnoea. The attack was alarming. The symptoms were as under:
• The attack was so severe that she was feeling unable to breath.
• She was panting and gasping.
• Feeling severe constricting in her chest.
• Forehead, face and hands were very cold.
• Voice weak.
• The dyspnoea was < from slightest movement, < from walking even a step.
• She was unable to lie down and was sleepless.
• The trouble was < from sleep.
• She was feeling was much anxiety.
First of all I gave her a dose of Lachesis 30 which produced slight > but for a short time. So I gave her a dose of Carbo veg 200 it too gave her some relief for a few minutes but did not hold. So I gave her Spongia 30 which gave her some relief which stayed and she got sleep. By the noon hours on 20th October 2009 her breathing was almost normal. The accompanying symptoms were also gone. In the night she slept well and in the morning of the 21st October woke up normal with respect to the above symptoms.
Lachesis and carbo vegitabilis did not hold because these were covering part of the symptoms but Spongia was the appropriate remedy covering most of the symptoms. So, it worked producing favorable result.

N. B. – As far dose is concerned I use 3-4 globules of No. 10 size in a small quantity of sugar of milk as one dose.

The pathogenesy says about Spongia toasta:
• Burning sensation is felt in throat after coughing, suffocative attacks of breathing (as in asthma), without any mucous rattle; respiration loud; very hollow voice, all without any rattling sound, or any looseness.
• Cough, proceeding from bottom of chest with pain as from excoriation and burning sensation.
• Great dryness of larynx, agg. from hawking.
• Respiration, quick, anxious, and difficult, sometimes with fits of suffocation, and mucous rattling in chest.
• Short, panting respiration, surging from heart into chest, as if it would force out upward.
• Awakens from sleep with suffocative sensation.
• Hypertrophy of the heart is frequently met by Spo., and it is especially indicated when the right heart is affected and when asthmatic symptoms are associated with it.
• Its cardiac diseases tend to develop slowly, with actual tissue changes, enlargement of the heart, it takes on a steady growth and the valves become changed, do not fit, hence, there are blowing and whizzing sounds, regurgitation with the mental symptoms.

Life is a dynamic entity, similarly the homoeopathic remedies in potentized form are also dynamic entities; hence the indicated potentized remedy is administered it works in lightening speed and in acute and emergent cases eve if they are alarming. In my practice of forty years there were occasions when I have encountered different kinds of such cases and homoeopapathy always did the magic on its own.
Dr. S. K. Mamgain

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Comment by Shailendra Kumar Mamgain on November 1, 2009 at 10:36am
The lady is non diabetic, she is not so weak as you assumed. Neither she is hypertensive. There was no mucus rattling in chest. The case took place at the middle of night and immediate help was needed. Spongia worked at that need of the hour.
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 29, 2009 at 12:54pm
Dear Furquan ~ Thank you for your assessment of the case. It helps to understand the relationships between remedies.
Comment by Shailendra Kumar Mamgain on October 24, 2009 at 5:41am
There was no fear of dying. lachesis has enlargement of heart, dry cough and dyspnoea. Carbo veg was given as her body was very cold. No doubt the cough has sound as of "saw" cutting through a board, but I have seen Spongia curing dry cough without this sound.
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 23, 2009 at 4:40pm
Please explain what led you to try Lachesis and Carbo veg first and what were the differentiating symptoms? Were there specific keynotes? SRP [strange, rare, peculiar?]

We know that Aconite, Spongia and Hepar sulph are the triad for Croup when waking at night with dyspnea.

Did you not see the 'fear of dying?' of Aconite? We think of Lachesis as aggravated from sleep and thus worse "waking" from sleep. Maybe we can learn something in this case of 'unable to lie down' for Spongia. Was there a cough like a 'saw?'

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