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Microscopic  polyangiitis and Homoeopathy

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Etymology. 1

Definition. 2

Signs and symptoms. 2

Causes. 3

Pathophysiology. 3

Diagnosis. 3

Differential Diagnosis. 4

Acute Mesenteric Ischemia. 4

Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (Churg-Strauss Syndro...

Crescentic Glomerulonephritis. 4

Cryoglobulinemia. 4

Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (Wegener Granulomatosis) 4

Infective Endocarditis. 4

Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis. 4

Polyarteritis Nodosa. 4

Prognosis and complications. 4

Treatment 5

Homoeopathic remedies for microscopic polyangiitis. 5

Short repertory of microscopic polyangiitis. 8

Bibliography. 14



Microscopic polyangiitis (MPA), Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies associated vasculitis (AAV), ANCA-associated vasculitis


Microscopic polyangiitis is a rare multisystemic disorder that causes vasculitis ((Psora/ Sycosis), which can lead to various organ damage (Syphilis). The kidneys, lungs, nerves, skin, and joints are the most commonly affected areas of the body.

Signs and symptoms

The first signs of MPA may be palpable, raised purpura and other signs of cutaneous vasculitis like ulcers, splinter hemorrhages, vesiculobullous lesions etc. (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis)

The symptoms of MPA depend on which blood vessels are involved and what organs in the body are affected. The most common symptoms of MPA include kidney inflammation (Psora), anorexia (Psora), weight loss (Psora/ Syphilis), skin lesions (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis), nerve damage (Syphilis), and fevers (Psora). Generalized symptoms such as fever and weight loss are very common (Psora/ Syphilis). Other symptoms depending on the location of the body affected may include-

  • Kidney- rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis)
  • Skin- rash, palpable purpura, vesiculobullous lesions (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis)
  • Lungs- cough, dyspnoea, hemoptysis (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Gastrointestinal- gastrointestinal tract bleeding, abdominal pain (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Brain/neurological- tingling, pain, weakness, loss of sensation, seizures, mononeuritis multiplex (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Constitutional Symptoms- weight loss, fevers, fatigue, and malaise (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • Musculoskeletal- arthralgia, myalgia (Psora)
  • Eye- intermittent irritation of the eye due to conjunctivitis or episcleritis, uveitis
  • Cardiovascular– Chest pain, symptoms of heart failure (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis)
  • Testicular pain (Psora)
  • Symptoms of sinusitis (Psora/ Sycosis)


The cause of MPA is unknown. It is not contagious, nongenetic, and is not a form of cancer. It is related to autoimmunity. The overactive immune system causes blood vessel and tissue inflammation (Psora/ Sycosis), which leads to organ damage (Syphilis). It is not known what causes the immune system to become overactive.


MPA is mediated by the immune system. However, the exact pathophysiology is unclear. Many components of the immune system are involved in this process- neutrophils, macrophages, T and B lymphocytes, antibodies, and many others.

The leading hypothesis is that the process is begun with an autoimmune process of unknown cause that triggers production of p-ANCA (plasma- Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies) in following way-

  • p-ANCA antibodies circulate at low levels until a pro-inflammatory trigger— such as infection, malignancy, or drug therapy (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis/ Causa Occasionalis)
  • The trigger upregulates production of p-ANCA (Psora/ Sycosis)
  • The large number of antibodies bind a neutrophil (Psora)
  • Once bound, the neutrophil degranulates (Syphilis)
  • The degranulation releases toxins that cause endothelial injury (Psora/ Syphilis)
  • The anti-MPO antibodies alone can cause necrotizing and crescentic glomerulonephritis (Syphilis)


  • Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA)- positive
  • Acute-phase reactants- elevated
  • ESR- elevated
  • CRP- positive
  • Urine examination- microscopic hematuria, proteinuria, and red blood cells
  • CT scan of the chest- if lung involvement
  • Tissue biopsy- from kidney, skin, nerve, muscle or lung
  • EMG/NCV- mononeuritis multiplex, sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy

Differential Diagnosis

Acute Mesenteric Ischemia

AMI is a syndrome caused by inadequate blood flow through the mesenteric vessels, resulting in ischemia and eventual gangrene of the bowel wall.

Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (Churg-Strauss Syndrome)

It is a rare systemic necrotizing vasculitis that affects small to medium sized vessels and is associated with severe asthma as well as blood and tissue eosinophilia.

Crescentic Glomerulonephritis

Crescentic glomerulonephritis is a morphologic expression of severe glomerular injury that can be caused by many pathogenic mechanisms which lead to formation of crescent formation by rupture of glomerular capillaries.


Cryoglobulinemia is characterized by the presence of cryoglobulins in the serum, forming cryoglobulin-containing immune complexes, which may result in a clinical syndrome of systemic inflammation, most commonly affecting the kidneys and skin.

Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (Wegener Granulomatosis)

It is a rare multisystem autoimmune disease of unknown etiology characterized by necrotizing granulomatous inflammation and pauci-immune vasculitis in small and medium sized blood vessels.

Infective Endocarditis

It is defined as an infection of the endocardial surface of the heart, which may include one or more heart valves, the mural endocardium, or a septal defect.

Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis

It is characterized by leukocytoclasis, which refers to vascular damage caused by nuclear debris from infiltrating neutrophils.

Polyarteritis Nodosa

It is a systemic vasculitis characterized by necrotizing inflammatory lesions that affect medium sized and small muscular arteries, preferentially at vessel bifurcations, resulting in microaneurysm formation, aneurysmal rupture with hemorrhage, thrombosis, and, consequently, organ ischemia or infarction.

Prognosis and complications

  • MPA is the most common cause of pulmonary-renal syndromes
  • Interstitial lung fibrosis that mimics usual interstitial pneumonitis
  • Pulmonary hemorrhage
  • The pathologic findings in the lung are typically those of capillaritis
  • Vasculitic neuropathy (mononeuritis multiplex) is also common


Homoeopathic remedies for microscopic polyangiitis

Apis mel


  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels - Veins
  • GENERALS - PAIN -Joints
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION - parenchymatous
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION­ parenchymatous - acute
  • KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION- parenchymatous - chronic
  • EYE -INFLAMMATION -Conjunctiva
  • EYE -INFLAMMATION- Conjunctiva- granular
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - blisters
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - rash
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- patches

Antim tart


  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels - Veins
  • GENERALS - PAIN - Muscles
  • RESPIRATION - DIFFICULT­ accompanied by - cough
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION­ parenchymatous
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs
  • EYE -INFLAMMATION- accompanied by -pneumonia
  • EYE -INFLAMMATION- Conjunctiva
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- vesicular
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - rash

Aristolochia clematitis

  • GENERALS - INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels -Veins
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - vesicular


  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels -Veins
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels -Veins - chronic
  • GENERALS - PAIN - Muscles
  • GENERALS- PAIN- Joints
  • SKIN- PURPURA- miliaris
  • SKIN - PURPURA -weakness; with
  • RESPIRATION- DIFFICULT- accompanied by - cough
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs- accompanied by - respiration; difficult
  • EYE -INFLAMMATION- Conjunctiva
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - vesicular
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - petechiae
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - petechiae - purple

Arsenic album

  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels - Arteries
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels - Veins
  • GENERALS- PAIN- Muscles
  • GENERALS- PAIN- Joints
  • SKIN - PURPURA -weakness; with
  • RESPIRATION- DIFFICULT- accompanied by- cough
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION­ parenchymatous
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION­ parenchymatous - chronic
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs- ailments from hemorrhage
  • EYE -INFLAMMATION -Conjunctiva
  • EYE - INFLAMMATION -Conjunctiva - granular
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - blisters

Secale corn

  • vessels - Arteries
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION- parenchymatous
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs
  • EYE - INFLAMMATION- Conjunctiva
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- blisters
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- vesicular
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- patches
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- petechiae
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- petechiae­ tendency to

Veratrum viride

  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels
  • GENERALS - PAIN - Muscles
  • GENERALS - PAIN -Joints
  • KIDNEYS -INFLAMMATION - parenchymatous
  • CHEST- HEMORRHAGE of lungs
  • SKIN- ERUPTIONS- vesicular


  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels
  • GENERALS -INFLAMMATION – Blood vessels -Veins
  • vessels -Veins - accompanied by - swelling
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - blisters
  • SKIN - ERUPTIONS - vesicular

Short repertory of microscopic polyangiitis

CHEST - HEMORRHAGE of lungs - accompanied by – congestion erech.

CHEST - HEMORRHAGE of lungs - accompanied by – convulsions hyos.

CHEST - HEMORRHAGE of lungs - accompanied by - respiration; difficult arn.

CHEST - HEMORRHAGE of lungs - ailments from hemorrhage ars. CARB-V. Chin. coff. ign. Squil. sulph.

CHEST - HEMORRHAGE of lungs Acal. Acet-ac. Achil-m. ACON. All-s. aloe alum-sil. Alum. am-c. Anan. Ant-t. Apoc. Aran. arg-n. ARN. ars-s-f. ARS. arum-m. aspar. Bapt. Bell. brom. Bry. bufo CACT. Calc-p. calc-s. calc-sil. Calc. canth. carb-an. carb-v. carbn-s. Card-m. casc. caust. cham. CHEL. CHIN. chinin-ar. chinin-s. chlor. cinnm. Coc-c. cocc. coff. Colch. Coll. con. Cop. Croc. crot-h. cupr-s. cupr. Dig. dros. dulc. elaps Erech. ergot. Erig. Ferr-act. FERR-AR. Ferr-i. ferr-p. FERR. fic-r. fic-v. gelin. Ger. HAM. helx. Hydrin-m. hyos. ign. IP. jug-c. kali-ar. kali-bi. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Kali-i. kali-m. kali-n. kali-p. kali-s. kali-sil. Kreos. Lach. lam. Led. lyc. Lycps-v. mag-c. mag-m. mang. Mangi. meli. Merc-c. merc. MILL. Nat-ar. nat-n. NIT-AC. Nux-m. Nux-v. ol-j. op. oxyurn-sc. Ph-ac. phel. Phos. Plb. Puls. Rhus-t. Sabin. Sang. sarr. SEC. Senec. sep. sil. STANN. staph. Stram. stront-c. stroph-h. Sul-ac. sulph. tab. Ter. tril-p. tub. Urt-u. Verat-v. verat.

EXPECTORATION – BLOODY Acal. acet-ac. ACON. aesc. agn. ail. all-s. aloe alum-p. alum-sil. alum. alumn. am-br. AM-C. am-m. ambr. anac. Anan. anis. ant-c. ant-s-aur. ant-t. Apis Aran. Arg-n. ARN. ars-i. ars-s-f. ARS. arum-m. asar. aspar. atra-r. aur-ar. aur-s. aur. bad. bamb-a. bapt. bell-p. Bell. beryl. bism. Borx. both. brom. Bry. bufo Cact. cadm-met. calc-i. calc-p. calc-s. calc-sil. Calc. CANN-S. Canth. capp-g. caps. carb-an. Carb-v. carbn-h. carbn-o. Carbn-s. carc. Card-m. casc. Cench. Cham. chel. Chin. chinin-ar. chlor. cimic. cina cinnm. cist. cob. coc-c. coll. Con. cop. Cor-r. Croc. CROT-H. Crot-t. Cupr. cur. daph. der. Dig. dios. Dros. Dulc. dys. elaps erig. eug. euphr. Ferr-ar. Ferr-i. FERR-P. FERR. fl-ac. gamb. gels. graph. guaj. Ham. hell. helx. hep. hippoz. hydr-ac. Hyos. ind. iod. IP. jug-c. just-r. kali-ar. Kali-bi. kali-c. kali-i. kali-m. kali-n. kali-p. kali-perm. kali-s. kali-sil. Kreos. lach. lachn. lam. lat-h. LAUR. LED. loxo-lae. Lyc. lycps-v. m-ambo. Mag-c. mag-m. manc. Mang. merc-c. Merc. Mez. Mill. mur-ac. myrt-c. naja Nat-ar. nat-c. Nat-m. nat-p. nat-s. nat-sel. NIT-AC. nux-m. nux-v. oena. oncor-t. Op. ph-ac. PHOS. Plb. psor. PULS. pyrog. Rhus-t. ruta sabad. Sabin. sal-ac. sang. sarr. SEC. sel. senec. Sep. Sil. sol-mm. spong. squil. STANN. staph. stram. Sul-ac. sul-i. SULPH. tarax. Ter. thlas. thuj. tril-p. tub. vanil. vario. verat-v. verat. verb. Zinc.

EYE - INFLAMMATION - accompanied by – pneumonia ant-t.

EYE - INFLAMMATION - Conjunctiva – granular abr. acon. Apis ARG-N. ars. Aur-m. aur. calc-i. crot-t. Ery-a. Euphr. Ham. kali-bi. Merc. nat-m. nat-s. Petr. Phyt. psor. puls. rhus-t. sang. sep. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. zinc-s.

EYE - INFLAMMATION – Conjunctiva abr. achy-a. ACON. act-sp. aethi-a. ail. ALL-C. alum-p. ALUM. am-br. ant-c. ant-t. APIS ARG-N. arn. ars-i. ars-s-f. ARS. asaf. asc-t. aur-i. aur. bamb-a. bar-i. bar-ox-suc. bar-s. BELL. beryl. bomb-chr. brom. bry. Calc-f. calc-i. Calc-p. CALC-S. CALC. cann-i. cann-s. Canth. CARBN-S. cedr. Cham. chin. chlam-tr. Chlol. chrys-ac. chrysar. Cinnb. Clem. coc-c. colch. conyz-sm. cortico. cortiso. crat. crot-h. Crot-t. cupr-s. des-ac. Dig. dys. ery-a. EUPHR. ferr-i. ferr-p-h. Ferr-p. flav. gels. gonotox. Graph. grat. grin. guare. Ham. Hep. hist. Hydr. influ. Iod. Ip. kali-ar. Kali-bi. kali-chl. kali-m. kali-p. kali-s. kali-sil. lap-la. lat-h. lat-m. led. leptos-ih. lil-t. Lyc. lyss. med. merc-c. merc-d. Merc. merl. mez. morg-p. myric. Nat-ar. nat-p. Nat-s. Nit-ac. Nux-v. oscilloc. oxal-c. paeon. parat-b. penic. peti. Petr. physala-p. pic-ac. pieri-b. plac. propr. psor. Puls. RHUS-T. ruta sang. sanic. sec. ser-a-c. spira. Staph. sul-i. sulfa. SULPH. sumb. syc. syph. tell. tep. thal-xyz. thal. Thuj. thyr. tub-a. tub. v-a-b. vac. Zinc.

EYE - INFLAMMATION – Uvea arn. AUR. BRY. GELS. hep. KALI-BI. kali-i. merc. RHUS-T. sil. streptoc. toxo-g.

EYE - IRRITATION – Conjunctiva Acon. Arg-n. sulph.

EYE – IRRITATION amyg-p. apis arge-pl. Ars. atis. bar-ox-suc. canth. carbn-dox. cardios-h. Caust. con. cortiso. EUPHR. fago. ign. iod. irid-met. ketogl-ac. Luna lyc. mang-p. med. merc-i-f. nat-ar. pant-ac. petr-ra. puls. ran-s. rhus-t. ruta sang. sinus. Trios. vanad.

GENERALS – CACHEXIA acet-ac. arg-met. arg-n. arn. ars-i. ARS. bad. bond. calc. caps. carb-ac. chim. chin. clem. Coc-c. cund. fl-ac. Form. hippoz. hydr. Iod. irid-met. Kali-bi. lath. mang. merc-n. merc-ns. merc. morph. mur-ac. nat-m. NIT-AC. phos. phyt. pic-ac. plb. sacch. sec. seneg. suis-chord-umb. thal. thuj. uran-met. vanad. vip. x-ray

GENERALS – CONVULSIONS abrot. absin. acet-ac. acetan. Acon. aconin. aesc-g. aesc. aeth. aether agar-pa. agar-se. Agar. alco. Alet. alum-p. alum-sil. alum. am-c. am-caust. am-m. ambr. ambro. Aml-ns. amyg. anac. androc. ang. anis. Ant-c. Ant-t. anth. Anthraci. antip. Apis Aran. Arg-met. Arg-n. arge-och. arist-cl. Arn. Ars-s-f. Ars. ART-V. arum-m. Asaf. asar. aster. ATRO. aur-ar. aur-fu. aur. bar-c. bar-i. Bar-m. bar-s. bart. BELL. ben-n. bism. borx. both. brom. bruc. Bry. BUFO bung-fa. buth-a. cact. calc-ar. Calc-i. Calc-p. calc-sil. CALC. Camph. cann-i. cann-s. Canth. Carb-ac. carb-an. carb-v. carbn-h. carbn-o. Carbn-s. carbn. castm. CAUST. CHAM. chen-a. chin. Chinin-s. Chlf. chlor. cic-m. CIC. cimic. CINA cit-ac. clem. coc-c. coca Cocc. cod. coff. colch. colchin. coloc. Con. convo-s. cop. cortico. cortiso. croc. Crot-c. Crot-h. cryp. cub. Cupr-act. Cupr-ar. cupr-s. CUPR. cur. Cypr. cyt-l. dat-m. dat-s. Dig. Dios. diosm. dor. dulc. echit. euon. Eupi. fagu. ferr-ar. ferr-m. ferr-s. ferr. form. frag. Gels. Glon. gran. Graph. grat. guaj. guare. Hell. helo-s. hep. Hydr-ac. HYOS. hyper. Ign. indg. iod. Ip. iris-fl. jasm. jatr-c. juni-v. kali-ar. kali-bi. Kali-br. Kali-c. Kali-chl. kali-cy. kali-i. kali-m. kali-ox. kali-p. kalm. kara keroso. kreos. lac-e. lach. lact. lat-m. laur. linu-c. linu-u. LOB. lol. lon-x. Lyc. Lyss. m-ambo. m-arct. Mag-c. mag-m. Mag-p. mag-s. manc. mand. mang. med. meli. meny. meph. Merc-c. merc-d. merc-n. merc-ns. merc-pr-r. Merc. methyl. Mez. morb. morph. Mosch. Mur-ac. mygal. naja nat-c. nat-f. Nat-m. nat-s. Nicot. nit-ac. nitro-o. NUX-M. NUX-V. Oena. ol-an. ol-j. olnd. OP. ox-ac. oxyurn-sc. passi. pert. petr. ph-ac. Phos. phys. Phyt. pic-ac. pitu-p. pitu. plat. plb-chr. PLB. Podo. prot. Psor. Puls. pyre-p. ran-b. ran-s. Rat. rauw. rheum rhod. rhus-t. ric. rob. rumx-act. russ. ruta sabad. sal-ac. samb. Santin. sars. scol. Sec. sel. seneg. sep. Sil. sin-n. sium Sol-crl. Sol-ni. spig. spirae. spong. squil. stann. staph. staphytox. STRAM. stront-c. Stry-s. STRY. sul-ac. sul-h. sul-i. Sulph. syc. tab. tanac. tarax. tarent. tax. Ter. teucr. thal-xyz. thal. thea thuj. thymol. toxo-g. tritic-vg. Tub. upa-a. Upa. valer. Vario. verat-v. Verat. verb. verbe-o. vesp. vib. vip. visc. zinc-cy. zinc-m. zinc-o. zinc-p. Zinc-s. zinc-val. zinc. zing. zing. ziz.

GENERALS - HEMORRHAGE - cough agg.; during vanad.

GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - Blood vessels – Arteries ars. Calc. carb-v. eberth. echi. hist. Kali-i. lach. Nat-i. sec. sulfa.

GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - Blood vessels - Veins - accompanied by – swelling Vip.

GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - Blood vessels - Veins – chronic arn. merc. Puls. ruta

GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - Blood vessels – Veins acon. agar. All-c. ant-c. Ant-t. apis arist-cl. Arn. Ars. Bapt. Bell. both. BRY. Bufo calc-ar. Calc-f. CALC. carb-v. carbn-s. Cham. Chin. chlorpr. Crot-h. eberth. Ferr-p. graph. Ham. hecla hep. Hippoz. hir. Iod. Kali-c. kali-chl. kali-m. kreos. LACH. Led. Lyc. Lycps-v. mag-c. mag-f. merc-cy. merc-i-r. merc. morg-p. Mur-ac. Nat-s. nux-v. parathyr. phos. prot. Puls. rhod. RHUS-T. Sep. Sil. spig. streptoc. stront-br. stront-c. sulfa. Sulph. thiop. thuj. verat. vip-a. VIP. zinc.

GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - Blood vessels acon. Ant-t. apis ARN. ars-i. ARS. aur. BAR-C. BELL. bufo calc. canth. carb-v. cham. chin. Cupr. Ham. hell. Kali-c. kreos. lach. lyc. nux-v. Puls. rhus-t. sep. sil. spig. SULPH. thuj. Verat-v. VERAT. VIP. zinc.

GENERALS - INFLAMMATION - Sinuses; of aids. am-c. ant-c. arg-n. ars-i. ars. aur-m-n. aur-m. aur. bell. berb. calc-f. calc-s. Calc. carb-ac. carc. caust. cinnb. cor-r. cupre-l. distemp-vc. dulc. elaps euph. fl-ac. flav. hecla Hep. Hydr. ign. influ. Kali-bi. kali-c. kali-i. kali-n. kali-s. lac-c. lob. luf-op. lyc. mag-c. mag-f. mag-m. med. Merc. morg-g. morg-p. mucoc. mucot. nat-m. nat-ox-act. nat-s. nit-ac. nux-v. oscilloc. ozone penic. Phos. pneu. prun-v. puls. pyrog. sal-fr. scut. sep. SIL. spig. stann. Stict. streptoc. Sulph. syc. teucr. thuj. Trios. tub-a.

GENERALS – NUMBNESS ACON. agar. alum-sil. Ambr. Anac. ant-t. apis Aran. ars. bar-c. berb. bov. cadm-s. Calc-p. Calc. carb-v. caust. Cedr. cham. Chel. chir-fl. cic. cimic. Cocain. COCC. cod. con. crot-h. diph. gels. glon. GNAPH. GRAPH. helo-s. helo. hipp. hyos. ign. irid-met. kali-br. Kali-c. Kalm. lappa lyc. mag-c. med. nat-m. nux-m. nux-v. Olnd. onos. Op. Ox-ac. Ph-ac. phos. pic-ac. Plat. Plb. PULS. rad-br. raph. RHUS-T. Sec. stann. Stram. sul-i. tarent. tell. thal. Thuj. xan. zinc.

GENERALS - PAIN – Joints Acon-c. acon. aesc. agar-ph. agar. all-c. Alum. anh. anthraq. Apis Apoc-a. Apoc. aran. ARG-MET. ARN. Ars-i. Ars. asaf. asc-t. aster. aur. bacls-7. bar-c. Bell. Bol-la. brass-n-o. BRY. caj. CALC-P. calc-s. Calc. cann-i. Caps. carb-ac. carb-an. Carbn-s. cartl-s. casc. caul. Caust. cedr. Cham. Chin. chinin-ar. Cimx. Cinnb. cist. Cit-v. Cocc. coff. Colch. Coloc. com. con. cop. croc. crot-t. cupr. cycl. daph. dig. dios. diph-t-tpt. diph. Dulc. Ferr-ar. ferr-i. Ferr-p. Ferr. fic-m. flav. gels. Guaj. harp. hell. hist. hydr. hydrc. ign. Iod. ip. iris jac-c. jatr-c. Kali-bi. Kali-c. kali-n. kali-p. Kalm. Lac-ac. Lac-c. lat-m. LED. Leptos-ih. loxo-recl. Lyc. lyss. m-ambo. mag-f. mand. Mang. Merc. mez. morph. Nat-ar. nat-f. nat-m. Nat-s. nit-ac. nux-m. NUX-V. ol-an. par. penic. Ph-ac. Phos. Phyt. PLB. podo. PULS. rad-br. ran-s. raph. rham-cal. Rheum Rhod. RHUS-T. Ruta sabad. Sabin. Sang. scarl. sel. senec. Sil. sol-ni. sol-t-ae. Staph. strept-ent. streptoc. stroph-s. sul-ac. Sulph. symph. syph. ter. thala. thuj. toxo-g. tub-m. tub-r. tub. v-a-b. vanil. verat-v.

GENERALS - PAIN – Muscles achy. Acon. agav-t. alet. am-caust. Ant-t. anthraq. arge. Arn. ars. aster. bell-p. bell. benz-ac. botul. brach. brass-n-o. bros-gau. Bry. caps. carbn-s. cartl-s. caul. Caust. chin. chlorpr. Cimic. coff. Colch. dioxi. Dulc. eryt-j. ferr-p. ferr-s. form. galla-q-r. Gels. harp. hist. ign. lat-m. led. Leptos-ih. loxo-recl. Luf-op. lyc. Macro. mag-s. mand. med. merc-c. merc. morph. nat-f. nat-m. nux-v. op. penic. Phyt. plb. puls. rad-br. Ran-b. rauw. rham-cal. Rhus-t. Ruta sal-ac. ser-a-c. sil. staph. stram. Strept-ent. streptoc. stroph-s. Stry. sulfa. symph. syph. tab. tarax. thal. thuj. toxo-g. tub-a. tub. valer. Verat-v. Verat. zinc.

GENERALS - SICK FEELING; vague acon-s. ACON. agar. agn. Alum. am-c. ambr. ang. ant-c. Ant-t. apis arg-met. arn. Ars. asaf. asar. Bapt. bar-c. bell. beryl. Bism. borx. bov. bry. bufo calc-f. calc. camph. cann-s. canth. carb-an. carb-v. carc. caust. cham. Chel. chin. cic. cimic. cina Cocc. coff. Colch. Con. croc. cupr. cystein-l. euphr. ferr. fl-ac. gels. graph. guaj. hell. hep. ign. influ. iod. ip. kali-bi. kali-n. kali-s. kreos. lach. lat-m. led. lob. loxo-lae. Lyc. m-aust. mag-c. mag-m. mand. mang. merc. Mez. Mosch. mur-ac. narc-ps. nat-c. nat-m. nit-ac. nux-m. NUX-V. olnd. op. petr. ph-ac. phos. plat. plb. Podo. psor. PULS. ran-b. Rhod. rhus-t. ruta sabad. sabin. sang. sec. sel. seneg. sep. sil. spig. Spong. stann. Staph. stict. stront-c. Sulph. tab. tarax. thuj. tritic-vg. valer. verat. zinc.

GENERALS – TINGLING Acon. agath-a. ail. bov. croc. hyper. kalm. sec. thyr.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - accompanied by - respiration; difficult apoc.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION – acute Acon. ant-t. Apis apoc. Ars. Aur-m. Bell. Berb. Cann-s. Canth. chel. Chim. Chinin-s. colch. conv. Cupr-ar. dig. dulc. eucal. eup-per. fab. ferr-i. fuch. glon. Hell. helon. Hep. hydrc. irid-met. juni-c. kali-bi. Kali-chl. kali-cit. kalm. lach. loxo-lae. merc-cy. Merc. Methyl. nit-ac. Ol-sant. ph-ac. Phos. pic-ac. plb-act. plb. polyg-h. rhus-t. Sabin. Samb. sec. senec. Ser-ang. Squil. Ter. Tub-k. Verat-v. Verat. zing.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - bloody - ink-like, albuminous urine, with COLCH. terebe.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION – bloody arist-cl. berb. phos.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - eruptive disease; after ferr-i. hep. ter.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION – Glomeruli APIS eberth. streptoc.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - parenchymatous - accompanied by – albuminuria phos.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - parenchymatous – acute APIS Canth. carb-ac. coc-c. Colch. Con. Glon. hell. helon. kali-bi. Kali-chl. kali-s. med. methyl. NAT-S. Stram. TER. tub. uran-met. uran-n.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - parenchymatous – chronic am-be. Apis Ars. aur-m-n. Aur-m. benz-ac. berb. Brach. calc-ar. calc-p. cann-i. Canth. chinin-ar. conv. dig. Euon. eup-pur. Ferr-ar. ferr-cit. Ferr-m. ferr-p. form-ac. glon. Helon. hydr-ac. juni-c. kali-ar. Kali-chl. kali-cit. Kali-i. Kali-m. kalm. lon-c. Lyc. Merc-c. nat-hchls. Nit-ac. Pilo. Plb. saroth. senec. solid. Solin. Ter. tub-k. urea Vesi.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION - parenchymatous – incipient kali-bi.

KIDNEYS - INFLAMMATION – parenchymatous Acon. ant-t. Apis apoc. Ars. Aur-m. Bell. Berb. Cann-s. Canth. chel. Chim. Chinin-s. colch. conv. Cupr-ar. dig. dulc. eucal. eup-per. fab. ferr-i. fuch. glon. Hell. helon. Hep. hydrc. irid-met. juni-c. kali-bi. kali-chl. kali-cit. kalm. lach. Merc. Methyl. nit-ac. Ol-sant. ph-ac. Phos. pic-ac. plb-act. polyg-h. rhus-t. Sabin. Samb. sec. senec. ser-ang. Squil. Ter. Tub-k. Verat-v. Verat. zing.

KIDNEYS – INFLAMMATION Acon. adon. All-c. alum-p. alum. am-c. am-caust. APIS apoc. Arg-n. arist-cl. ARN. ars-br. ars-s-f. ars. arund. Asc-c. Aur. BELL. BENZ-AC. Berb. BISM. borx. Brach. Brom. Bry. cact. calad. calc-ar. calc-s. camph. cann-i. Cann-s. Cann-xyz. CANTH. Caps. Carb-ac. carc. caust. Chel. Chim. chinin-fcit. coc-c. cocc. Colch. coli. coll. cop. cortiso. crot-c. crot-h. cub. dig. diph-t-tpt. Ery-a. Eup-pur. ferr-i. ferr. gaul. Gels. Hell. Helon. Hep. ilx-v. indg. irid-met. juni-c. Kali-ar. kali-bi. Kali-c. KALI-CHL. kali-cit. Kali-i. kali-m. kali-p. kali-s. kali-sula. kalm. lach. lil-t. lith-c. loxo-lae. LYC. lycps-v. lyss. med. Merc-c. merc-cy. Merc. methyl. morg-g. nat-hchls. nat-m. nat-s. NIT-AC. Nux-v. oci-sa. OCI. pareir. ph-ac. Phos. phys. Phyt. pic-ac. plb-xyz. plb. Polyg-h. polyg-xyz. prun. Puls. pyrog. rad-br. ren. Rhus-t. Sabin. samb. Sars. scarl. sec. Senec. sep. ser-ang. solid. spartin-s. Squil. streptoc. Stront-c. sul-ac. SULPH. syc. tarent. TER. terebe. Thuj. titan. tub. uran-met. uran-n. vac. zinc.

MALE GENITALIA/SEX - PAIN – Testes abrot. acon. agn. alum. alumn. am-c. Ant-c. ant-o. Apis ARG-MET. Arg-n. Arn. asaf. asim. aur-i. aur-m. aur-s. AUR. bapt. Bell. benzol. Berb. bism. Brom. Brucel. cain. calc-i. Calc. camph. cann-s. canth. caps. carb-v. carbn-s. Caust. cer-s. cere-b. cham. chel. chin. cimic. CLEM. cocc. Coloc. Con. cop. croc. der. dig. dios. equis-h. erio. ferr-p. gins. Ham. hipp. hydr. ign. ind. Iod. jatr-c. kali-ar. kali-br. kali-c. kali-i. kali-n. kalm. lach. Lith-c. lyc. lycps-v. lyss. m-ambo. med. merc-i-r. Merc. musca-d. nat-c. Nat-m. nat-p. nit-ac. nuph. nux-v. ol-an. op. osm. ox-ac. oxyt. ozone ph-ac. phos. pic-ac. pip-m. Plb. polyg-h. PULS. RHOD. sabad. sal-n. sars. sel. SEP. ser-a-c. sil. SPONG. squil. STAPH. sulph. symph. tarax. tarent. thuj. tub. ust. vanil. verat-v. zinc-p. Zinc.

NOSE - SINUSES; complaints of ars. Asaf. aur. bell. bit-ar. calc. camph. carc. cinnb. Coch. cot. eucal. helodr-cal. hep. Hydr. iod. kali-bi. kali-c. Kali-i. kali-m. kali-n. lac-f. lach. lob. lyc. Merc-i-f. merc. mez. morg-g. olib-sac. ph-ac. phos. scolo-v. sep. sil. spig. stict. strept-ent. sulph. syph. teucr. thuj.

RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - accompanied by - Testes; pain in spong.

RESPIRATION - DIFFICULT - accompanied by – cough acon. all-s. alum-sil. ALUM. am-c. am-m. ambr. anac. ANT-T. aral. arg-n. arn. Ars-i. ARS. aspar. bamb-a. bar-c. bar-m. Bell. Blatta-o. brom. bry. calad. calc-p. calc-s. calc-sil. calc. carb-an. Carb-v. carbn-s. Caust. cench. chin. chinin-ar. Cina coc-c. con. cop. cor-r. CUPR. dig. dol. DROS. eup-per. euphr. ferr-ar. ferr-p. Ferr. guaj. Hep. hydr-ac. ign. IP. kali-ar. Kali-bi. kali-c. kali-n. Kali-s. kali-sil. Kreos. lac-c. Lach. lachn. lact. laur. led. lob. Lyc. merc. mez. mur-ac. nat-m. Nat-s. nicc. nit-ac. Nux-m. NUX-V. OP. phel. PHOS. pycnop-sa. rhus-t. samb. Sep. Sil. spig. spong. squil. STANN. sul-ac. sulph. syc. tub. viol-o. visc. zinc. zing.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS – angioma lyc. sulph.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS – blisters ail. all-c. alum-sil. alum. am-c. Anac. ANT-C. apis ars-s-f. Ars. aur-ar. aur-s. aur. borx. bry. Bufo canth. carb-an. carbn-s. CAUST. Cham. chir-fl. Clem. crot-h. Dulc. dys. Graph. hep. Kali-ar. kali-bi. Kali-c. kali-s. kali-sil. lach. loxo-lae. Mag-c. med. Merc. nat-ar. Nat-c. nat-m. nat-p. nat-s. nit-ac. Petr. phos. physala-p. positr. prim-o. Ran-b. Ran-s. RHUS-T. rhus-v. sec. Sep. Sil. Sulph. syc. urt-u. verat. vip. zinc.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS – patches acon-ac. agar. ail. apis ars. berb. Calc. Carb-v. coli. Graph. ina-i. Iris jug-c. Kali-bi. Kali-c. Lith-c. mang. petr. phos. pot-e. Puls. Sars. sec. Sep. sinus. thuj. tritic-vg. Viol-t.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS - petechiae - painful - evening; in ars.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS - petechiae – purple arn. crot-h. led. phos.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS - petechiae - tendency to sec.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS - petechiae ail. apoc. Arn. ars-s-f. ARS. aur-m. Bapt. bell. berb. borx. BRY. calc. Camph. canth. Chel. chin. chlf. chlol. Con. cop. Crot-h. cub. cupr. cur. dulc. eup-per. ferr. hep. hir. Hyos. iod. iodof. kali-chl. Kreos. Lach. led. leptos-ih. loxo-recl. merc. mur-ac. nat-m. nux-v. Ph-ac. phel. PHOS. plb. Pyrog. RHUS-T. ruta Sec. sil. squil. stram. sul-ac. tab. ter. vario.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS - rash – patches Ail.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS – rash ACON. aeth. Agar. Ail. alum-p. alum. AM-C. am-m. anac. Anan. Ant-c. Ant-t. antip. Apis aq-mar. Arn. ars-i. ars-s-f. ARS. arund. asaf. bar-c. bar-m. bar-s. BELL. bov. brass-n-o. BRY. bufo Calad. calc-i. Calc-s. calc-sil. Calc. camph. Canth. Carb-v. carbn-s. cardios-h. cassia-s. CAUST. CHAM. chel. chin. chinin-s. Chlol. Clem. cocc. Coff. Com. con. cop. corian-s. corn. crot-t. cupr. dig. dros. Dulc. elaps euph. euphr. germ-met. Graph. hell. Hep. hippoc-k. Hyos. iod. Ip. Jug-c. Kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-br. Kali-s. kreos. lac-f. Lach. lat-h. Led. loxo-recl. lyc. manc. merc-c. MERC. MEZ. Nat-m. nicotam. nit-ac. nux-v. op. par. petr. PH-AC. phos. phyt. plac-s. Psor. PULS. rad-br. rheum RHUS-T. ruta sars. Sec. Sel. Sep. Sil. spong. Staph. STRAM. sul-i. SULPH. syph. tab. teucr. tub. urt-u. valer. verat. viol-t. zinc-p. zinc.

SKIN - ERUPTIONS – vesicular agar. alum-p. alum-sil. alum. am-c. Am-m. Anac. ancis-p. Ant-c. Ant-t. anthraci. anthraco. aq-mar. arb. arg-met. arist-cl. arn. ars-s-f. ARS. arum-m. arum-t. aster. aur-ar. aur-s. aur. Bar-c. bar-s. bell-p. Bell. Benz-ac. both-ax. both. Bov. Brucel. Bry. Bufo calad. calc-p. Calc-s. calc-sil. Calc. calen. Cann-s. CANTH. caps. CARB-AC. Carb-an. carb-v. carbn-s. cassia-s. CAUST. cench. cham. chel. Chin. chinin-ar. chinin-s. chrysar. Cic. cist. CLEM. cloth. cocc. coch. com. con. cop. Corn. crot-h. CROT-T. cupr-ar. cycl. dig. DULC. euph-cy. EUPH. euphr. Fl-ac. Graph. grin. Hell. Hep. hyos. ign. Iris Jug-r. kali-ar. Kali-bi. Kali-c. Kali-chl. Kali-i. kali-m. Kali-n. kali-p. Kali-s. kali-sil. kola Kreos. lac-c. LACH. Lact. lat-m. laur. loxo-lae. Lyc. m-ambo. m-arct. Mag-c. MANC. mand. mang. med. Merc-c. Merc. Mez. morg-p. narc-ps. nat-ar. NAT-C. NAT-M. Nat-p. nat-s. NIT-AC. olnd. op. osm. Petr. ph-ac. PHOS. plat. plb. positr. Psor. ptel. Puls. RAN-B. Ran-s. rheum rhod. RHUS-T. Rhus-v. Rumx. ruta sabad. Sabin. sal-ac. sars. Sec. Sel. seneg. Sep. Sil. spig. spong. Squil. staph. staphycoc. still. stram. streptoc. succ-ac. sul-ac. SULPH. syc. syph. tarax. Tell. ter. tetox. thuj. toxo-g. tub-d. urt-u. valer. vario. verat-v. verat. vip. x-ray zinc-p. zinc.

SKIN - PURPURA - colic; with bov. coloc. cupr. merc-c. thuj.

SKIN - PURPURA - formication; with phos.

SKIN - PURPURA – miliaris acon. am-c. am-m. arn. bell. bry. Cact. coff. dulc. euph-cy. Jab. sul-ac. sulph.

SKIN - PURPURA - weakness; with arn. Ars. carb-v. lach. merc. Sul-ac.

SKIN – PURPURA Acon. Arn. Ars. bapt. bell. bry. carb-v. cary. chinin-s. chlol. cor-r. Crot-h. Ham. jug-r. kali-chl. kali-i. Lach. led. Merc. Ph-ac. Phos. rhus-t. Rhus-v. sal-ac. sec. staphytox. sul-ac. sulfon. tax. ter. verat-v.



 Alveolar Hemorrhage Syndromes > Microscopic Polyangiitis Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders, 5e... be substituted for CYC. 11 , 78 As was discussed in the section on GPA, rituximab may be as efficacious as CYC-containing regimens for AAV, 38 , 39 , 84 – 86 but data are limited. MPA (formerly termed microscopic polyarteritis or polyangiitis overlap syndrome ) typically presents with GN and pulmonary...

 Chapter 164. Systemic Necrotizing Arteritis > Microscopic Polyangiitis Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine, 8e... Figure 164-6 Purpura in a patient with microscopic polyangiitis. Microscopic polyangiitis (MPA) is a multisystem vasculitis of small vessels and sometimes also of medium-sized vessels. 30 , 31 Pauciimmune glomerulonephritis develops in the majority of patients, and pulmonary...

 Chapter 31. Vasculitides > Small Vessel Vasculitis: Microscopic Polyangiitis, Wegener's Granulomatosis, and Churg–Strauss Syndrome CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Nephrology & Hypertension... Table 31–3. Small Vessel Vasculitides. Pauci-immune small vessel vasculitis (usually ANCA 1 positive) Microscopic polyangiitis Wegener's granulomatosis Churg–Strauss syndrome Drug-induced ANCA vasculitis Immune complex small vessel vasculitis Henoch...

 Encyclopedia Homoeopathica

 Glomerular Diseases > Microscopic Polyangiitis Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine... Clinically, these patients look somewhat similar to those with granulomatosis with polyangiitis, except they rarely have significant lung disease or destructive sinusitis. The distinction is made on biopsy, where the vasculitis in microscopic polyangiitis is without granulomas. Some patients...

 Polyarteritis Nodosa & Microscopic Polyangiitis > Microscopic polyangiitis Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2017... Microscopic hematuria, proteinuria, and red blood cell casts may be present in the urine Careful scrutiny of the urine sediment is essential to assess for active renal disease 75% of patients are ANCA-positive Elevated acute phase reactants are also typical of active disease ...

 Pulmonary Vasculitis > Microscopic Polyangiitis: Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders, 5e

 Rheumatologic, Immunologic, & Allergic Disorders > General Considerations Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2018 ... Microscopic polyangiitis is a pauci-immune nongranulomatous necrotizing vasculitis that (1) affects small blood vessels (capillaries, venules, or arterioles), (2) often causes glomerulonephritis and pulmonary capillaritis, and (3) is often associated with ANCA on immunofluorescence testing...

 The Chest: Chest Wall, Pulmonary, and Cardiovascular Systems; The Breasts > Microscopic polyangiitis DeGowin’s Diagnostic Examination, 10e ..., dyspnea, nonproductive cough, arthralgias, and myalgias. Acute rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis is very common and pulmonary hemorrhage may be fatal. It is clinically indistinguishable from granulomatosis with polyangiitis, except for the absence of airway involvement. ...

 Vasculitis > Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener’s) and microscopic polyangiitis Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, 2e... Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener’s) (GPA) and microscopic polyangiitis (MPA), often grouped together as antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitis (AAV), are small-vessel vasculitides that together affect ~1:20,000 persons. AAV is high in the differential...

 Vasculitis > Microscopic Polyangiitis Harrison's Manual of Medicine, 19e

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