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Mentally, a patient who is ailing,

Finds his Will and understanding failing

Always in a hurry, impulsive are some,
those always think of Argentum Nitricum.

To appear in public, there are apprehensions,

Bringing on diarrhea with all these tensions,

Memory weak with confusion of thought,

Argentum Nitricum a remedy, be sought.

Worthlessness and hopeless feeling,

With despondency his mind is reeling,

Talks and desires of committing suicide,

From fear of death, desire to hide.

Vehement, on contradiction, the use of gold (Aurum Met),

For victims of Syphilis, the remedy is very old.

Longing for death, disgusted of life,

For self - destruction he will strife.

Concern for the future makes him ill- humored,

Strange and fixed thoughts which have occurred.

Thinks his soul and body is made of glass,

Heard of ideas of such class?

Music makes him sad and weep,

Thuja in hand, please do keep.

As if in abdomen, a living animal,

Sensitive he is, and very emotional.

Psoric, Syphilitic and Sycotic Mind,

In my poem you will find.

King of remedies are those three,

Mentally from which you’re set free.

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Comment by Brent W Reed on June 19, 2016 at 7:17pm

A great memory aid.

Comment by Marilyn Freedman on May 7, 2016 at 11:41am

Love it!!

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