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Meeting With Charles Eisenstein During A Busy Week


Needless to say that the week at home was rather hectic: having the grandchildren to stay with us for a few  days, going to a birthday party of a friend, seeing patients, meeting with Christel to evaluate the first part of the Walk and organize the second one and teaching the Masters” Apprentice in San Francisco… The get-together with Charles Eisenstein in Brussels was cancelled the last moment but there will be another occasion I’m sure. Let me give a quote from him to show how our messages overlap.


Monday the 5th the train took me to Apeldoorn to Lous Wijnkoop, who was my dear hostess for the coming days. Together with Jacqueline Bergink, another homeopath and also acupuncturist from Apeldoorn they took me out to show the beautiful area, the heather and the woods and the amazing huge Art Deco building in the middle of this nowhere. In the evening we had a very lively gathering with homeopaths from their workshops. Next day we had a full program: in the morning it was Open Door in Jacqueline’s clinic, in the afternoon and evening we did three intakes.

The day after it was time to go out! Seven women gathered at Lous’ place with their walking shoes to  join me on the next track to Uddel. As the Walk was announced in the local newspaper Wil spontaneously picked up the phone and wanted to come with us. Despite her 75 years she was walking way ahead of us and we couldn’t keep up with her!

After first having a cup of tea or coffee with fresh baked brownies we all attached the Walk for Homeopathy flag to our rug sacks and went for a lovely day through the magnificent woods in their most colorful autumn gear. The fact that we lost our way once and made a detour of 5 km and the fifteen minutes of drizzle in the afternoon didn’t lessen the fun. And the bonus of walking the wrong direction was the mother wild boar with little ones crossing our path.

The pleasant day, spent in a mood of hope of spreading the idea of the Walk and of connectedness, was concluded with a meal together in the local restaurant and then everybody went her own way. I’m sure the pictures tell more than words…


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Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on December 15, 2012 at 9:07am

I use his PC1 in India and I know what a wonderful remedy it is

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