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Today I came across this FAILURE CONTRACT on Roland C. Bonay's blog site. I thought it an interesting way to start out the day, to expect to fail, rather than to expect to succeed.

I'm wondering the mentality behind this thinking? For one thing Roland is an engineer. Oh! Don't think that there are enough 'engineer' jokes going around, they have their own unique way of viewing the world. I'm not sure whether it is abstract or completely structural.

Not everyone thinks like an engineer. They can be quite inventive and perhaps figures out a way to 'get over' the failures by accepting them or expecting them on a daily basis. It could be a safety net to say 'this is normal and routine.' Life doles out all kinds of obstacles in my path, whether it is a bolder in the road or a person standing there blocking my passage through a doorway or up to the next level of achievement.

Roland is passionate about writing and drawing, which shows he has some creative talents. I'm thinking that most engineers might be quite inventive, like sulphur types. He also enjoys reading comic books and even started telling his own stories at a young age.

In fact, as a young boy he had heros to look up to and dream about reaching such heights. They became his 'idols,' kind of like the show America Idol, but in the artist talent of drawing comics and telling stories. His favorite personality is Stan Lee [Stan will Lee, age 87, who helped create Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk, told Reuters his new comic "Stan Lee's 7," will launch early 2011 featuring none other than himself as a key character, and it will be the first series from his new venture, Stan Lee Comics. He wanted to cash in on the Reality TV show craze.]

But, as the story goes, when you have to make a living and support a family, your let your dreams fade into the past. All that time, I suppose, Roland kept his contract going to accept his fate. Then, last year, as his youngest of four children grew to adulthood, he had the freedom and time to turn the clock back and renew his interests.

Roland learned to draw and is pursuing his dream. So, what do you think? Would you fill out this contract, toss it aside, think it plays a role in coping with circumstance? I don't know that there is enough information to guess a great remedy to boost Roland into stardom fame, but I believe he is on his way.

FASCINATING the rubrics under failure and how they are varied
depending upon the circumstances.

MIND: want of self, failure, he is: agn, auras, BAMB-A, bar-c, beryl, cer-c, chir-f, cygn-c, excr-can, gem, kola, lac-del, lsd, nag, nitro, phasic, parsec, pter-a, salx-f, sulph, vip

MIND: imaginations, failure, he is a: agn, aq-mar, AUR, auras, BAMB-A, bar-c, beryl, cer-c, chir-f, cholorpr, cygn-c, excr-can, germ, kola, lac-del, LEON, lsd, mobil-ph, naja, nitro, onc-t, phas-c, pras-c, pter-a, rhod, salx-f, sulph, vip

MIND: FAILURE, ailments from literary, scientific: bros-g, calc, calc-s, carc, cer, CIMIC, GRAPH, ign, lant-o, LIL-T, layc, NAJA, nux-v, plac, puls, rhus-t, spong, SULPH, tarax

MIND: ailments from, agg. , failure: AMBR, AUR, calc, calc-i, CIMIC, colic, HYOS, ign, kali-br, nat-m, nelu, neod, nux-v, PH-AC, puls, rhus-t, sep, sulph, uran, verat

Have you ever made a contract with yourself to fail?
Does this make it easier to accept when things don't work out?
Does this lower your expectations?
Is there more or less stress when you plan to fail? What about intentions?

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