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Ten years ago a young boy came to my clinic seeking cure for a wart on the tip of his index finger. He seemed very uncomfortable about it because nearly everyone who shook his hand seemed to take notice of it. He was ready to have it surgically removed but wanted to try homeopathy first. He had no other problem.
For warts the remedies that immediately come to mind are Thuja, Causticum, Nitric acid, Dulcamara etc.
While observing him I noticed that his lips were a bright red, as if he had applied lipstick.
HC Allen in his key notes has the symptom, “Bright redness of lips as if the blood would burst through”. Upon further enquiries , some other symptoms came up pointing to Sulphur. . I administered to him four globules of the 200th dry on the tongue and another dose to be taken on waking up the next morning. I must confess that I had given Sulphur because it was indicated but I felt that it would only prepare the ground for another remedy from the above-mention list to remove the wart. What happened the next day is narrated here in his own words.
“Next morning when I woke up and tried to find the small packet you had given me to be taken, to my dismay I found out that I had lost it. I went for a shower , cursing myself for being careless. While I was soaping myself, I felt as something separated from the tip of my finger. I rinsed and looked at my finger, to my delight I found that there was no trace of the wart!”
The action of the remedy aroused my curiosity. So far in the materia medica books that I had studied, I could not find this rubric. I opened the Clarks dictionary of Materia Medica ( which I would then consult on rare occasions only) and there it was ! Under the heading ‘Upper limbs’, warts on fingers.
I had forgotten all about this case when I chanced to meet the same boy who had now grown into a young man, a few days ago. He told me that no other wart had appeared during all these years.

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Comment by RTN.DR. S.K.VASHISHT on November 15, 2009 at 10:15am
Dr sarfaraz Ahmed I have gone thru 'Magic of single dose" but do not appreciate the word MAGIC,
What is Magic--- A thing you do not understand, you are unable to explain--- a magician tricks us --- we should be able to understand aphorism no 3, knowledge of Disease, knowledge of medicine
Comment by Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed on November 9, 2009 at 5:43am
Hi Lucy
A very interesting question. In fact it is a subject that is fit to be a topic in the ‘ discussions’. You may also add to it why two doses instead of one? (Remember the patient lost the second packet). To answer your question one must first consider the following points:
. How many globules are to administered? Is one enough or two or more? Does it matter if we give more than One globule?
. Is there a consensus among the masters about it or are they divided? I f I remember correctly Kent believed that it did not matter while some differed.
It is interesting to observe what Jahr says in his book,Forty years practice. In the preface he writes,” I either gave dry on the tongue, once twice thrice or three times, or the same number of globules dissolved in water. At present time my general rule is to resort to watery solutions only in acute febrile inflammations of internal organs, and even then only until the fever is subdued, whereas in all other cases , after repeatedly trying Hahnemann’s methods as well as that of his opponents in a vaiety of diseases, I have fallen back upon the two globules . and have been firmly convinced that if two globules dry on the , do not effect the least improvement in a proportionably short space of time, to be measured by the intensity or the protracted cource of the disease, the want of success is not to be imputed to the smallness of dose , but the inappropriateness of the remedy”
In ‘Vade Mecum’ Dr Ruddock states ,”For an adult, two drops of tincture, three pilulues, six globules, or one grain of the trituration”
I use small globules which are about the size of poppy seeds. The smallness of the size sometimes makes the handling difficult and there is always the danger that a single pellet may get lost while being put on the tongue. I use four globules just to be on safe side . As I have not experimented with just one globule , I am not qualified to comment on it.
I give another dose t be taken soon after the first or the next morning because a lot of patients chew tobacco or are in the habit of chewing scented betel nuts etc and I want to make sure that the remedy is not antidoted. In my heart I believe that a single dose is enough.
Comment by Lucy Lagana on November 8, 2009 at 4:55pm
Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed, What a great story-and inspiring as well.
My question to you though, is why not just one single pellet instead of four 200C dry?
I am a currently a student in my last year of studies and this has often come up as debate.
Just wanted to know your thoughts?

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on November 6, 2009 at 1:39pm
Wonderful cure indeed;Homeopathy when followed in all sincerity brings out miraculous results.Like the one you described.This also points to the fact that a good homeopath has to keep consulting books and articles to keep his knowledge current; Keep up the good work;

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