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I have posted 2 video extracts of the Macaw trituration proving under video
Especially the second extract expresses the core feature described in the above exchange

This is a dialog, which took place on the message board of Minimum Price Books

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I am practising according to Dr. Sankaran's method and as per method we are doing source matching in every case through the patient's deeper level of experience, so by using the method I found in my one case the medicine ara macao, and after giving it work very well. As per source and by symptoms I knew the remedy. But I want to know more about the theme of remedy. So please if you can share your experience and knowledge about the remedy.
Brijesh Dhami

Dear Brijesh,
I am not familiar with the recent developments of Rajan's methods so I do not understand what you mean by source matching. I would very much appreciate it if you could explain to me what this term means and especially if you can write how you came to Ara macao thru this method.

If you do this I will be more than happy to comment from my experience on how I feel it does or does not relate to my understanding of the central ideas of this remedy. FYI pretty much all the basic info is covered in detail in my book which is obtainable from this fine book seller. Anyway I look forward to your reply

Dear sir,
Thanks for your reply. As per Dr. Sankaran's advanced method, every human being is endowed with other song, means vital energy other than human energy ,which playing within and comes from sources of different kingdoms like plants, animals, minerals, nosodes, imponderables etc. The type of this other song depend on the indivisuality of person from which source he/she belongs. This energy is expressible in our every phenomena like our hobby, interest, nature even in description of physical complains. It runs through the whole. It is not something different concept. It is also known to the homeopathic field and homeopathic practitioners in some or other means through various remedies. But the only difference is we consider it for the limited remedies where expression source energy is so much evident that it predominantly is reflected in provings, and at the same time through our patients.

For example we consider any patient as tarentula patient when he/she having intense restlessness, cunning and deceitful nature, sensitivity to colours, dancing desire for, sensitivity to music and noises. From where this qualities comes from, obvious from source energy. So when we said any patient as a tarentula, or lachesis patient is not merely patient that having lachesis totality or tarentula totality, but it is patient with tarentula energy or lachesis energy.

When we consider the source information of tarentula, it is poisonous spider, which having the sensitivity to music and beat of drums, also, actually dance during their mating rituals they are actually cunning in nature and attack by ambush. They mostly found in western part of Italy and America and in some season they migrate in herds in some villages and bite humans. This called tarantism, to remove poison from victim peculiar method is adopted, group of pipers go from village to village in village square and play particular tune on pipes. At the sound of first note of tune victim become restless and start dancing rhythmically. All victims assembled at village square and dancing faster and faster up to the exhaustion for 3 days after that exhaustion they get rid of effect of poison.

So you see how intimately expression and qualities of source reflects in our tarantula patients. So as per Dr. Sankaran this cannot be related only to tarantula spider it should be possible with every remedy. Because every remedy in homeopathy comes from particular source. In our homeopathic field most of the homeopaths are busy with fulfill the data like desire/aversions, perspiration, stool, urine and on mental aspect tell me about your anger, sadness, grief, hobbies, anxiety etc. rather to listen to more details by patient in particular topic.

When patient said something unusual or not understandable they not even notice that. I m not saying these gathering of data is not necessary. But it should not only for fulfill our case form for matter of repertorisation. It makes the thing very mechanical.

So Dr. Sankaran made this advance in method of case taking that for knowing the source of the patient we have to take the patient to the deepest level of experience in his chief complaint, fear, situations, dreams etc. Because at deepest level of experience patient totally feel the source and talk about the source.

It sounds very difficult. But in reality it is not, because as per this you just have to give enough space to patient to talk in detail and to go into the experience. When we notice some words and gestures of patient either out of context or not understandable and not making any sense in human terminologies these words in this method called non human specific. Many times these non-human specific words are describing various qualities of source.

For example I had a case of migraine where patient describes his headache like this, Doctor, I have severe headache and it is very much aching. For 5 minutes he just describe that how much it pains, what other doctor said about it etc. After that I just said, forget everything just describe what happen in your when you feel pain. This thing acts like trigger and he said, Doctor, it is like someone hammering on my head (hand gesture of hammering like towards the head). I said, ok describe it more, and he said it is like banging someone bangs my head with something hard. (hand gesture closing and opening palms) I said just describe what is the experience of that headache.

He stops and suddenly said by closing both palms and said, Doctor look this both closed palm is like my head and there inside my soft brain my head is like covering of my brain, like hard covering shell. When I get pain it hurt me inside up to the brain I feel my head would break by hammer and my soft brain get injured.

I feel surprised very much because it is my initial time of applying Dr. Sankaran's method. At that time I didn’t understand but I just note it down. After going further at one of his stressful situation I feel to take him deep. It is a situation of his office where his boss always torture and scolds for every small reason. And his colleagues are not good with him. So, I asked, “what you feel when you are in that environment?” He said intensely I just caged and trapped and trying get out of it.

I just said, “Forget everything, describe experience of being trapped,” and he slowly close the eyes and said, “it is something comes over like one hard, heavy rock making severe pressure on you. It either squeeze you or crush you from both side make you suffocate.”

From information of his childhood he said I was very timid and reserved kind of person and very much fearful when I want to go anywhere I always take my parents or friend together. On further conversation I asked what was your friend or parents for you at that time? He said spontaneously, for me they are like covering, a hard covering from which I feel safe and protected. Sometimes their limitation rules made me suffocate but I tolerate because they are very necessary for me.

On first look I don’t understand whole nonsense he was talking and I was confused how to analyze and repertorize this things. But then after I found out the source from Dr. Sankaran’s book and I totally amazed.

I gave him conchiolinum. It is mollusk, bivalve, from oyster. The anatomy of oyster is they are small creatures which having HARD, HEAVY SHELL. TWO VALVES CONNECTED FROM END MAKING HINGE. THEY GIVE PROTECTION TO OYSTER. Shell is hard and inside body of oyster is SOFT,JELLY-LIKE. It is attacked by crabs which can CRUSH them outright or applies repeatedly load to COMPRESS, PRESSURISE, AND SQUEEZE it. Sea birds uses the various method to open the oyster like HAMMERING, BANGING.

So with my surprise it covers the many qualities of the patient's experience. Above information about the case is only a glimpse of the whole case. Whole case containing many qualities related to conchiolinum.

After giving this remedy, he improved remarkably both at disease level and also at psychological level. So, this method is also useful when source of patient is not well proved or even not proved.

You can arrive at the remedy by correlation of experience of person and qualities of particular source. From word-source matching I meant this. In my case, ara macao, I found an experience of lightness/heaviness, feeling of being caged like bird for show, and wanting freedom, freedom like flying into the sky, floating with expanded wings, and don’t want to come in clutches of human hand.

This experience is present in many bird remedies but description of different bright colours, different colours in my expanded wings which are like yellow, orange red and navy blue at the end of wing which is expanding like flying.

On further exploration, I found from childhood she was having remarkable fascination of macaw but not to see in cage, want to see when they are flying. She is very much fond of the colours of macaw and from other detail about source.

I reach to the remedy. But from my college time I read your articles. I liked it very much. During this case on searching internet I found that you had proved ara macao. I think who can give better central idea other than stalwart like you. And this forum made my chance, sir, above information about making you to explain about sensation method is very little effort. Because this may not satisfy a great stalwart like you. Please share your knowledge and experience about the ara macao.

Brijesh Dhami

Thank you for your detailed explanation. It is wonderful how sometimes we are guided to a remedy. It would be very interesting for me if you would look again into this case (if and when she comes for the follow up) and see if there is anything in her psychology which matches my idea of the remedy. Of course any idea we have, and which is then confirmed in our experience, is still only the experience of a certain point of view and should in no way be taken as an ultimate truth.

Thus although I have confirmed my particular data in many cases, that does not mean that that data HAS to be present for the remedy to act. My experience with the proving and subsequent cases is that the central struggle or tension in the person’s life is between their own need to express their individuality and the needs of the family or of society/ culture around them. They want both to be themselves and also to be a useful participant in society.

What is important here is the mode of expression which is through talking. As one prover said, " I want to speak my truth. " In other words, this expression of the individuality is often through the medium of words rather than through clothing etc.

This is very congruent with the nature of these birds as they live in very large groupings and talk all the time. [As opposed to the Pelican who also lives in large groups but hardly ever talks, has a much more ordered flight pattern and suffers from societies judgment on who they are, as opposed to what they say.]

Thus, in the Macaw, the suffering comes when for some reason or other they feel compelled to keep quiet about their real inner wishes in order to not disrupt the social organization around them. Of course there are other remedies, which have this, but when the general symptoms you have described are present and thus you have a bird remedy, then if this is the central problem then it is a macaw.

Thus far I have always found this to be true and would be most interested if in your explorations of this case you either do or do not find this story. Anyway I hope I have answered your question.
Keep up the good work,


PS I would add that looking through your case description, if macaw does not fulfill your expectations and she has a strong will you might consider Hawk of Falcon as this sensation of floating with expanded wings and not wishing to be constrained by the human hand are closer to their nature. Please do not take this as a suggestion to change your prescription if it continues to work well, just a thought if the case does not go well in the future.

Dear sir,
Thanks for your inspirational suggestion. And yes actually, in this case central problem of my patient is the restriction of activities like to open beauty parlor and to earn by her mother in law and by her husband. She also said that I love to talk very much. I always want to mix in different groups to make new friends and to talk with them, because I can’t remain without talking and I have many friends from childhood. In the childhood all the things are good and she live happy life.

But most of the problems start after marriage when her mother-in- law trying to dominate her by restricting her. Her mother-in- law is very much orthodox by nature and believes that woman should not talk too much or mix with groups for making friends. Because it is not a sign of good woman.

Duties of the woman is to maintain household duties. So she can’t even talk too much with her husband also because of her mother-in- law. During case taking she said, “Dr. sometimes I feel I’m only for the needs of other. There is not even one person who values my need or understand what I want to do.” And on further she said, “Dr. you know what is highly unbearable for me?” I said, “No, tell me. She said that they trying to restrict my talk and when I can’t talk I feel uncomfortable and heavy. But when I talk heartily with anyone like I’m talking with you then I feel very, very free and light.

I surprised when I know that she taking too much responsibilities even tolerating this much pain. Though her family members hurting her so much she’s taking care of every responsibilities given by them at any time even during sleeping time. And interestingly I found ara macao in rubric , RESPONSIBILITY, taking responsibility too much seriously. Again thanks sir, because for me it is very interesting thing that one case make merging of two different views at one point. But that teaches me a lot. Sir, Your idea and advice will help in my future case analysis.
Brijesh Dhami


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Comment by Ayelet Goshen on March 25, 2011 at 9:30pm

Thank you VERY much!!

I will defenetly let you know.


Comment by Jonathan Shore MD on March 25, 2011 at 2:31pm
I read the case again. My best bet is the Hawk.
Let me know what happens if you give it
Comment by Jonathan Shore MD on March 25, 2011 at 2:26pm
Another possibility is the Hawk - Buteo.
Core issue is obligation to care for family
Can have great irritability
Comment by Ayelet Goshen on March 25, 2011 at 2:23pm

Thanks a lot!


Comment by Jonathan Shore MD on March 25, 2011 at 11:16am
You might study Raven.
Comment by Ayelet Goshen on March 25, 2011 at 1:36am

And a little more (addition to last comment):

"In my nature I'm a queen. Its natural to me to tell them to make the room, to cleen. I can see myself goig down the wide stairs in a beautiful dress. they need to serve me" - in reality its all opposite


thanks again!


Comment by Ayelet Goshen on March 25, 2011 at 1:28am

Dear colleagues,


May be you can help me.

I have a case which I'm thinking of a bird.

She has migranes every day, starting when wakes up. Has to take a lot of medications every day.

She is responsible for her children and mother and grandmother.She has no room for herself at home. No privacy. Taking care of everyone and feeling its all "on her".

Her biggest love is music: singing and dancing but her grandmother restricted her so she could not and still cannot dance or sing. She sometimes sings or dances when all are out of the house but this is rare.

Pressure from them to do as they say.(hj)

all doors are closed. (hj)

all the times limitations. no no no. Grandmother used to tell her how stupid she is.

She is talking and talking.

"you want to run away"

"to my kids I will let do exactly as they want. They (grandmother) prevent my independence. I could not go my way. Like someone is eating instead of you. But I have responsibility. All the time nerveous. Choking. They take it all on be and they live good life. Heaviness. internal dirt. All body full of water - swelling, puffy. Like a dog in a cage that cannot escape. I want it all to be music. It lifts me, takes me, I fly. Dream : flying high. starting slow and getting faster and faster and cannot stop. its fun!! breathtaking very high above all. Breastfeedind is also fun like flying. Joy that you feel you are up"

"In morning all is heavy. My neck. Inner violence. Aggression. to hit them. I hit my grandmother when I was a child. She forced me. Now i cannot - they are old. I'm scared if they die"

"I want a strong man that will tell me what to do, that will take me by the hand. That I'm his woman and I'm so beautiful. I belong to him. to belong to him is confidence. No stone or rain will fall on you. He supports you. Breastfeeding is wings."

Thank you for reading !!

any suggestion?



main physical problem:

terrible migrane




Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 9, 2010 at 1:22am
Dear Doctor,
Thanks for sharing your views with us. I fully agree with your views on the present trend of “diagnosis” using the sophisticated instruments only. Today, the method of inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation is out of fashion. But, it is interesting to note that, most of the medical reports contain a legal disclaimer “correlate with clinical findings”, usually written in small font size, at the bottom of the lab report. This clearly indicates the importance of observation by the physician and his logical thinking.
Your Classical lectures are available in India (published by B Jain), but “Birds- Homoeopathic Remedies From the Avian Realm” is not mentioned in the B Jain's catalogue.
Anyway, thanks for your valuable time.
Eagerly waiting to read about your proving methodology as a separate blog in HWC.
Kind Regards.
Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS.
Comment by Jonathan Shore MD on February 8, 2010 at 1:41am
My Dear Dr,
I must agree with Debby Brucks comments and I am appreciating my conversations with you.

Please indulge me as i wish to lay out a little more philosophical background.

I believe it is so that all knowledge appears to us gradually and over time, not only because we gather more and more information but especially so because deeper and deeper levels of perception are given to us as we struggle to become more and more sensitive to our patients in our search for the right remedy.

One could say that this parallels the process of trituration ( as you pointed out ) whereby matter is destroyed and subtle energies are released.

I feel we are in a great dilemma with homeopathy which is in a certain way a ' science of the subjective ' By this I mean that medicine as it is practiced today is really quite different from even when i did my medical training in the 1960's. The tremendous reliance on laboratory or " objective measurement ' has resulted in an almost complete atrophy of the faculties of perception and sensation in the young physicians.

By 'science of the subjective' I mean that as homeopaths we need to develop our inner perceptions to such an extent that they are reliable, that they can be trusted by us.

I suspect that in India this is still more possible than in the West, as even though many have given themselves over to the ' progress of science' they are still closer to an inner natural intelligence than those of us in the West.

Forgive my ramblings. What I am trying to say is that in my opinion the most sensitive piece of equipment yet created is the human organism and to always turn outwards for information is a denial, a wasting, of our birthright.

Thus although we should not, indeed we cannot, practice at a level greater than our current understanding, to claim ( as too many do ) that their understanding is the limit beyond which nothing real can exist, is truly a sin against the search for truth.

One aspect of all the above which I consider to be really important concerns the education of homeopaths. I believe we are in agreement here that just as in the preparation of a remedy one begins at the level of the tangible material world, thus must the training begin at that level - careful study of materia medica, especially the keynotes and characteristics and repertory so that a solid grounding in homeopathic symptomatolgy is gained.

In fact I have it as a fundamental principle in my teaching that it is absolutely essential to begin one's observations at the point where no one can disagree and only once this has been assimilated can one move in small steps into areas where some may not be able to see while at the same time never taking a step so large that one's balance is endangered.

I do not have any sort of instructive web site. If you wish my personal e mail just ask.
The proving methodology and the results arising therefrom have all been documented on video. Its a little tricky as they are long and require comment. Maybe some day we can organize a live class through HWC.

I do have a book " Birds - Homeopathic remedies from the Avian Realm " in which all the provings and cases are laid out in detail. I do not know if it is available in your part of the world and may be prohibitively expensive.

in the near future ( as soon as I find a little time ) I will write something about the proving methodology.
May your day go well
Jonathan Shore
California ( Once God's country too. Now who knows )
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 7, 2010 at 11:47pm
Thanks Debby for your comments. In the previous comment, i have typed "factious" at the end. please read it as "fictional". sorry for the slip of my tongue.

Yesterday, while reading Boericke's materia medica, i came across the words of Dr J C Burnett (mentioned in the preface of the 9th edition of Boericke's MM).
Dr Burnett says, "the fact is , we need any and every way of finding the right remedy; the simple smile, the simple symptomatic simillimum and the farthest reach of all the pathological simillimum, and i maintain that we are still well within the lines of homeopathy that is expansive, progressive, science fostered and science fostering".

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