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Dear Dr Hahnemann

Many happy returns of the day. Like all these past few years, here I am once again talking to you, as I feel that by doing so, I give vent to my feelings, which often could be termed as “ out of my hat”.

I know you will not disapprove of it nor take exceptions to it.

Since last one year the world has gone from bad to worse. Look at the amount of ruthless and wreck less killings of innocent human beings going on, on our planet. There is poverty and hunger all around with serious health issues, such as malnutrition and cancer, with mental depression, and dementia,and the list goes on.

This planet has serious problems indeed. Even the affluent society has such issues. Add to this a new menace surfacing in some part of the world and even in USA; EBOLA. For which there is nothing as yet, though homeopathy could be of positive use.

There is news that Polio Vaccine has proven to be a killer of cancer cells in the brain as the news was aired on “ 60 Minutes”TV recently. Though as homeopaths we have a negative view of polio vaccine but then science is an on going phenomena, and who knows what comes next.

Though our planet is surrounded by dark ominous clouds yet there exists “silver linings” on the fringe of it. At least in terms of homeopathy, which it is fighting its own battle with powers to be in many countries of the world, specially the western world. We should not loose hope as there are places where it is in good health.

First the “bad news”.

In USA the only college for homeopathy that came into being with the desire that it would become a University of Homeopathy in future, is now gasping for breath. There are no funds to support it. My reference is to American College of Homeopathy in Arizona. It was founded by Dr Ted Rowe. We can only pray for its survival.

In UK, and Australia, fight for its healthy survival goes on , and it is surviving on its own merits. In Latin America it is making progress. Specially in Brazil

Now about the “good news”.

Japan a country where no one knew Homeopathy twenty years ago, is emerging as a strong center of Homeopathy with good teaching institutions and good teachers. Today it has more than thousand qualified homeopathic doctors who are treating many patients daily and more are being drawn to homeopathic system of treatment.

A new protocol has been developed called ZEN method and it is gaining popularity there. It is claimed that it adheres to your philosophy, the Hahnemanian philosophy. But many debate this and raise question.

In a recent conference “Indo Japan world Homeopathic conference 2015” a paper was read out by Dr Torako Yui, the chairperson of the “ Japanese homeopathic medical association” and the first homeopathic doctor of Japan. Let us all wish Japan well on their journey to health through homeopathy. I am sure you are happy too. Their protocol may seem different to yours.

Some other important events in form of conferences that have taken place and will be taking place are:

4Th International Homeopathic conference 2015 in Dhaka (Bangla Desh) . It was bold and positive step in that country which has deep roots in Homeopathy.

Another important event will be “Skoura International scientific Homeopathic conference for Human, animals, plants, and grounds” in June 2015 in Quarazate, Morocco .

The important aspect of this conference will be the papers and discussion that will emerge out of it specially with reference to “animals, plants, and grounds” will be worth waiting for. It will be interesting to follow its inputs as it encompasses the holistic approach of homeopathy towards human plants, animals, and grounds.

Late Dr Kaviraj was a pioneer of Agro Homeopathy. I remember him as he spent a day with me in Miami before his trip to Haiti post earthquake.

These international conferences do spread the knowledge of Homeopathy in its various facets and gives all of us food for thoughts.

India remains the bastion of Homeopathy today. You will be delighted to know that prime minister of India has now given a separate ministry to cover Homeopathy, together with Yoga, Ayurveda , and other alternate medicine.

This bold and pragmatic move of government of India will help homeopathy to rise to greater heights,and thus there will be more research to prove it to be a viable science which the western world will have to recognize,as a very valid science. Nano technology will play a important tool in this regard.

India also has the distinction of having the largest homeopathic publication industry in the world. Now books are being translated in Spanish language as Latin America has large homeopathic following.

On top of the list of Publishers is the name of Bjain of New Delhi. Who have now entered in manufacturing sector of homeopathic medicine in a big way also.

Let me add here that a documentary film “ Just one drop” on homeopathy is nearing completion .It is produced by Ms Laurel Chilten, and has been 6 years in making. Some scenes were shots in the Bjain Pharmaceuticals about manufacturing of homeopathic medicines. I hope it breaks new ground in spreading the benefits of your system of medicine with its awaited release very near in future.

Let me mention here the journal Heritage which is now peer reviewed and is also published by Bjain.

It is one of the oldest Homeopathic magazine in India.

Another publication ,which is monthly and ON LINE by Dr Manish Bhatia, is Hpathy Ezine. This monthly magazine has now matured and is must read for homeopaths.

The most beautiful part is that it is free. Its a gift to homeopaths around the world, by Dr Bhatia. Who is himself an eminent homeopathic Doctor.

Another important event in homeopathic publication is the new “kid on the block” HOMEOPATY & YOU. This magazine made its debut few weeks ago and will be popular as its publisher is Dr Mukesh Batra,whose column in Illustrated Weekly of India was a most sort after ingredient of that magazine.

Dr Batra,s lectures in HMD course of British Institute of Homeopathy were very informative.

Besides Dr Batras clinics modern in concept has now gone international,as they have their clinics in Dubai also. His treatment is available on line,thanks to magic of internet, Skype etc.

So Dr Hahnemann among the dark clouds, we see some silver linings also, which gives us courage and hope that your Homeopathy is in safe hands. There will always be adherents who will follow your path but there will be others who will have different ideas.

Even then Homeopathy will live on.

May your soul rest in peace amen.

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Comment by Dr. Rajiv Chopra on April 24, 2015 at 4:00am

Dr.Wequar has summed up the present scenerio in Homeopathy all over the world. If Homeopathy is gasping for breath at one place it is reborn at another. So we all should remain positive about it ! No doubt the quality of prescribing may not be up to the mark but that is something we can rectify.......... rather than not having Homeopathy at all !

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on April 13, 2015 at 8:21am

Thank you Debby, yes it is a summary,and i think we have to keep reminding ourselves where we are and what good we can do for homeopathy. 

Comment by Debby Bruck on April 11, 2015 at 11:22pm

Dr Wequar - I enjoyed reading your annual letter as  a kind  of summary

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