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Dear Dr Hahnemann
I have been following your foot steps, I have been reading the proving you and madam Melanie did in paris, am sorry to hear that madam Melanie had to suffer a lot while doing the provings as due to your old age she was very determined to help you and she started taking the medicines herself and noting down the symptoms .
I hope you can recall your last years in Paris where you saw over 100 cases a day in the evening for 2 hrs for charity. I am very amazed by the memory of Madam Melanie as when you used to take the cases and she would assist you which her very good memory and the experience of the drug proving symptoms and open the page where the symptoms were found making the selection of the remedy easy.

It's to sad that during college we had read hardly 2-3 of your cases as illustrations on how you used to select the remedy. But never knew about the cases and how you selected remedies in your busy practice in paris.
I believe that every invention has a chronology of events. It's like I read your paris cases and started using it in my practice comparing it to today's technology like I am using a flat LCD TV , while others still used the cr tube TV , or still the black and white TV. And of corse there are many fine homeopaths who use 3d TV or a curved oled TV. It all depends on research and how fast you reach there or still get stuck and be happy with a old result. But I believe in progress like how you chaned from Q to higher potencies.

I still practice the homeopathy your way , why make complications by trying different methods which we have currently when I can still use your simple method to match the symptoms found in the patient with that of the proving.

I am happy to say I do have all your cases till date including those of your last years in Paris and continuing to search for more old literature in the form of books and magazines.

It's has been over 50 years since my family has been using your LM potencies and have treated many complicated cases with them.
I myself took over 700 new cancer cases last year alone.

Regarding the world , Now we are entering the nano age. And this is the age where quantum physics has taken a leap. Scientists have also discovered a way to teleport atoms to a distance, currently they have sent matter just below 100 cms. Now they are planning for 1 kms.

I am sorry to say that we are still stuck somewhere and not progressing even today all the disease conditions where I am over 95% successful still I fail in the 8th case.

I have been reading your paris cases again and again thank god with the help of new apps I can get written text in French to translate letter and then to English with a click of a button on my phone. Though there is lot of difficulty in trying to read your handwriting I can only make up words here and there and try to understand the case and which medicines you gave .

By the way you won't believe the technology today. We have something called the pet scan this is one machine that shows the cancer cells in the body but to sad it detects above 1mm only which means when there are aready 1 million cancer cells already developed in the body.

The most challenging part I face today is that all patients they come with these scans pet , MRI or ct scan and also with the reports with specific cancer tests like psa, ca 19-9 etc they do all the allopathy treatment like radiation and chemo and come as a last hope to be treated with homeopathy, so the challenge for me is that when they do the next scan in 3 months I need to show that with homeopathy the patient is improving in the symptoms level as well as the new age technology also shows improvement.

Sir before when we used to treat tumors with homeopathy medicines we used to ask your patients to do scans maybe after 8-12 months to see how they improved with the medicines , but today patients are advised by modern medicine and they do they scans even very 2 months, so in this digital age we need to show that homeopathy works well with the symptoms and general we'll being but also in the pathology side with these latest scans and other reports.

If we do not show results with homeopathy in the pathology side soon Homoeopathy would lose interest and people will lose faith in homeopathy.

So side my side I have realised at least for my own personal use I need to make my own repertory which includes the result in the reports side. I am marking only symptoms that would be a sure over 80% successful with the related medicines. It's a long way ahead with a database of over 2 lac general cases and over 25000 cancer cases.

I hope you realise that we are stuck somewhere we use the same medicines you do and the same potencies you used. Today we have more pollution more factors to lead to diseases and more modern medicines with their side effects to lead to complications.

The good news is that few medicines I have made in the 0/50 and within few days will be reaching 0/100, all these I try to experiment on myself like how you used to do though I need to suffer a lot with the symptoms but many times I do realise how painful it was when you and Madam Melanie used to do these provings.

Btw I have been waiting for long time to come and see you personally in Cimetière du Père Lachaise finally I guess the time has come. I will be happy to see you and Madam Melanie next month hope we can spend some time together. I shall also bring the LM 0/100 along with me for you and many surprise gifts.
Ps . Do let me know if you need anything else from India.
Dr Gopal I Patel.

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Comment by Dr. Harishchandra Shukla on June 12, 2014 at 11:22am

Dear Dr. Gopal Patel,

Season's greetings,

 After going through your article, I got confused about what to say and what to not? After going through your letter it seems as if that, it is written in hallucination. Dear Dr. Gopal please awake arise and don't stop until goal is accomplished. It is not at all that, I couldn't understand your situation. But this situation might have stumbled upon you because of the lack of up-gradation in Homœopathy. Go through the text ‘PROTOCOL OF LIFE & NAÑO MEDICINES’ or ‘MY ORGANON OF NAÑO MEDICINES’. Methinks, your all quarries will be certainly resolved. GOD bless you.


Comment by Dr.Nafees Iqbal. on June 11, 2014 at 4:22am

Dear Dr. Gopal I Patel. Good articles and  your feeling with Homeopathy. 

I like your article. Thanks.

Dr. Nafees Iqbal. Pakistan. 

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