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Learn The Homoeopathic Medicine Through The Nature and Character of Their Sources

It is the relation between the external physical properties of drug substance & the sign, symp. Present in patient. Doctrine of signature is one of the source of mat. media. This present in few drugs & by this we can remember & learn m.m. of the that drug up to a certain extent.
This can be observed from the general therapeutic study of drug since olden days i.e. from the discovery of drug, we know their medicinal properties.

Here it deals with the doctrine of signature e.g.
 The drug prepared from the plants flowering in summer season produced
 The drug prepared from the yellow flowers of gels. act well in jaundice.
 All red looking plants or red extracts of plants act on blood.
 Tarantula His is prepared from the Spanish spider which is sensitive tv drum beats, similarly pt. is oversensitive to music.
 There are some Remedies whose sympt. We can learn on the basis of their external feature.

Plants & His characteristic –
The pulp of leaves is mucilageneous & having a bitter taste.
We can learn Symptoms
Stool with mucus & taste of mouth is bitter & sour.
Plants and his characteristics
Fruit is round in shape & his outer covering is rough & hormy.
We can learn the Symp.
It is good medicine for piles. Where the sphincter like sensation with pain.
Plants and his characteristics- The flower of this plant having yellow colour & a yellowish colour secretion execrate out by this plant.

Pt. having yellowish skin & jaundice. This medicine is useful in liver & G.B. complaints.
Its flower having a black spot which resemble like eye.
It is a very good medicine for eye & its complaints.
Apis mel
The queen of honey bee jealous organism in nature so the patient of Apis m. is also jealous & suspicious in nature.
Carbo. Veg
It is prepared from wood by burning & known as charcoal.

Doctrine of signature
 When charcoal is burning the fumes go upward, likewise - The gas accumulation in the upper side of the abdomen of patient.
 Vegetable charcoal is blackish in colour likewise – Patient looks bluish & balckish due to cyanosis.
 The ash is collected on outer surface & externally it looks cold but heat is present internally - like wise pt.
 Veg. Charcoal requires fanming from very close distance to ignite like wise-pt.wants fanming from a very close distance.
 While prepairing charcoal the burning wood is devoid of O2 like wise – pt. do not got good supply of O2 & hence a cycenosed.

The yellow of the flowers of gets can be related to jaundice as there is
 Yellowish whitish coating on tongue.
 Yellowish colour of stools
 Deep yellow leucorrhoea
 Moist yellow skin
 Yellow face & yellow saliva.

The fruits of plants ripen in sept. The tincture is prepared from root gathered after the fruit has ripened. In united state it is summer during sept. like wise – it acts best for complaints that appear during summer. THIS SHOWS how nature has provided a unique link between the drug pathogensis & the human biology.

It is prepared from the tree of life. This plant has a pedenculated wart like growth at the junction of branch & the stem or between two branches so. – It is best medicine for pedenculated wart.

It is prepared from the spores of club moss. The spores are externally hard but once broken intevnally they are very soft. Like wise – The patient does not give full co-operative, similarly while giving a speech his speech is not fluent in the beginning but after a while as the speech continues it become more fluent.

Doctrine of Signature
 When tongue of snake is out it is not steady Similarly – Trembling of tongue when protruded & patient is loquacious.
 Snake moves in Zig – Zag manner. Similarly – patient thinking is never straight but a always in Zig-Zag manner.
 Snake remains curled & silent in winter. Similarly – all symptoms disappear in winter season.
 It is said that the snake is revengeful. Similarly – patient is vindictive.
 The snake starts moving in spring similarly – the symp. Reappear in spring.
 The snake always protrudes its tongue – Similarly patient mouth always remain open & protrudes his tongue.
 Snake does not tolerate anybody coming near similarly – patient is hyper sensitive.
 The stools of snake are black & offensive similarly – all discharges are dark & offensive.
 During summer snake remains in cold places similar – patient likes to have indirect fanning from longer distance.


 Grows in wet places depicting
 The root & stem are Succulent (Juicy)
 Root is firmly anchored in the ground
 The fresh root contains the active material-analkaloid Bryonicin
 Contains two glycosides Bryonin & Dryonidin
 Hairs on the leaves protect the plant from excessive perspiration
 The succulent long stems are not able to hold the plant erect.
 Spiral tendrils of the plants are sensitive to touch
 Tendrils coil to make a hold secure
 The plants dries out its environment with great energy for survival serve his own needs.  Increased thirst to redeem biological thirst off dryness.
 Thirst for large quantity to maintain the moisture.
 The person seeks stability in life perseverant.
 ‘Dryness’ observable through & through
 Craves sweets, ice cream
 Wants to hold a ‘secured’ position in life
 The person will learn on, grasp finely & drain & dry out its environment to

 The plant is small & delicate
 It has flexible stem
 The stem bends according to the direction of prevailing wind (pulsating with wind)
 Always found in the groups as if seeking company
 The plant grows on dry sandy soil & has little need for water
 The plant appears early, thriving in cold air of first spring & is protected against chill by FINE SOFT HAIR
 Enormous variety. More htan 100 subspecies of the species pulsatilla are available.
 Some species of puls. prefer soil rich in calcium others avoid it.  Type more in women & children, Delicate, pretty, fair complexion.
 Flexibility of body & mind.
 Changeful, ‘no’ ‘say’ of her own Easily led & persuaded
 Wants company & sympathy
 Thirst less can go for long c drinking
 Loves cool air but needs to be covered during chill, warmth, summer;
 Changefulness, emotional symp. Change Sadness, changes into laugther mildness into anger
 Changeable flow of menses circulation – unstable.

-M.M. by Dr. J.D. Patil.
-M.M. by Dr. Tarkas.
-Hindi Magazine-Hahnemann Disha.
-Pharmacy by experienced teachers.

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Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on October 19, 2010 at 11:03am
We are aggreed on original writings & what had already been done.
Repeating Master's findings is also acceptable & we are absolutly doing this.
But , now findings are little changeble due to changes in nature, weather,temperature etc.
These all things, we are facing practically , so we are bound to go ahed where Hahnemann left off , according to principle, to select the similimum easily & accordingly...
Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on October 19, 2010 at 4:37am
We now live in 21st century Not in 18th century.
Lets try to add some thing more to easy or comprehensive for Homoeopathy...
We in India doing this .. & soon the World will see & hear more from us....The latest & unique in the field of Homoeopathy
Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on October 19, 2010 at 4:32am
When you have the truth ,you leave the false behind is the basics of science....
So many proves , so many statements of several writers we have. But when a Pt. ask for releive , only we are in front of Him/Her to answer or make Him/Her satisfy..
Whatever is in discussion, every thing is present in proving also, which is compare with Doctorine of signature( Bryo., Puls., Lachesis -all symptoms are present in proving) .
This is not Hypothesis or Speculation. It is only The Practical Approach & The Essence of the Remedies &.. &..The Essence of our daily Practice.
Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on October 19, 2010 at 3:49am
We always need debate and intense discussion..
Doctrine of Signature is a part of Homoeopathy may be a false teaching , but every invention in initiative state is always False followed by Truth .
Now its our duty to complete the Task which Master left for all of us.....
Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on October 18, 2010 at 10:59am
Homoeopathy Invented in Germany but FLORISHED in INDIA.
Because of- Four types of weather , different types of languages , different types of cast & rituals , different types of people & different types of Diseases in a Single Roof...
What Master said is O;k.
In India , we proved the things on different plateforms in different ways with better results then others only because of- These Differences.
Science always need proovings . Doctrine of Signature is a part of Homoeopathy & its our duty to provide more provings to make things more effective .
Yes, If Master was alive, He Himself starts doing this...May be Bound to do
this.....Because the TIME / SITUATION need this...
The best part of Homage is - more invention , more provings & more results .
Principle is always on the top but whats wrong if we start working on next generation demands..on the basis of SIMILIMUM...
Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on October 17, 2010 at 2:50pm
Dr. Gary Weaver,
Dr.Hahnemann took the idea of Paracelsus about the Doctrine of signature in PROOVING of Homoeopathic Medicine. If the flower of Gels. Yellow in colour it works in Jaundice, Means its sphere of action is on LIVER. Like this RED colour indicate its action on blood circulation.
In Aphorism 110 he said that if crude form of the drug[or its doses] are POISONIOUS OR FATAL for many people[or patients] BUT by giving minimum doses, We can prove so many medicine & their symptoms in different organs in the form of TOTALITY. This work will be pure not on Hypothesis or Speculation. By collecting these symptoms he makes the M.M. Pura.
It Means Doctrine of signature give an idea about prooving of homoeopathic medicine according to ANCIENT TIME UTILIZATION OF DRUG[ in the form of home medicine]. It makes subject intresting & easy to learn, But in practical approach we should collect all the data[symp. Of patient & his disease with totality] & after repertization, give the similimum. Here I am very much agree with you.
For this I am giving an example from Dr. M. L. Tyler M.M. in chepter Apis Mel. Dr. KENT says--------
Kent says, "It is queer how old women know,long before Apis
was proved,that when the little new-born baby did not pass its
water they could find a cure by going out to the bee-hive and
catching a few bees,over which they poured hot water, and of
which they gave the baby a teaspoonful;. Some domestic things
like that have been known among families and among nurses,and it
is consistent, because it is it just like what we give Apis for."

Some of our most valuable medicines have come from domestic use,
from herbalistic lore, from accidental poisonings, from observing
the effects of bites and stings of poisonous reptiles and
insects, from traditions of country-folk and savages.

But Homoeopathy leaps at knowledge in any form, and by testing
or "proving" the poisonous material (for it must be remembered
that all medicines are poisons,and all poisons can be used as
remedial agents) it makes them,one by one, scientific, by
disclosing their true uses,and the exact symptoms on which they
can be prescribed with confidence.
There are so many homoeopaths in india, who has written so many articles & books.
- Dr. Rajan Sankran[family study]
- Dr. F. J. Master & Dr. J. Shah. On Lachesis[Snakes]
- Dr. Gutaman.
- Dr. John Scholten On Minrals.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on October 13, 2010 at 8:23am
Doctrine of signature can help us for the study of materia medica. This concept has introduced many drugs to homeopathy. But, the selection of drug should be done on the basis of similarity.
Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on October 12, 2010 at 4:03am
Dear Homoeopaths...
'Learn The Homoeopathic Medicine Through The Nature and Character of Their Sources'
was the BASICS of Homoeopahthy , when we were students.
It is like , when you want to search some ones home , you generally ask for any land-mark to make search easy. It is like that. If you want to know more about Nat.Mur- then just visit any Sea side and seriously analyse the Ocean's nature & then you will never forget Nat.Mur. & will be easy for selecting as a similimum.
So many cut & paste, so many examples & it makes things more complicated....
Here so many people are using Book languages. Kindly use own language with experiences to make things easy & some thing different.If Master was alive, He Himself starts doing this...
Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on October 11, 2010 at 12:52pm
Respected, Dr. Gary Weaver,
Sir, Doctrine of sigature is also a source of M.M.Pura which is written by our master.

Homoeopathic Materia Medica is a compilation of various symptoms collected mainly from proving from healthy human beings and from other sources.

The sources of homoeopathic materia medica.
1. Proving on healthy human beings
2. Proving on healthy animals
3. Clinical observation
4. Accidental source
5. Toxicological source
6. Chemical source
7. Empirical source
8. Proving on plants
9. Doctrine of signature

Sources of Materia Medica Pura –
(1) Proving on Healthy Human being – Dr. Hahnemann has obtain sign & symptoms of Homoeopathic medicines by proving them on healthy Human beings. This is the real & scientific way of getting sign & symptoms of the medicines. It was very good sources to build up the materia medica.

(2) Proving on Healthy Animals – In this we can get few objective symptoms up to some extent. By proving on lower animals we can also get a knowledge of the pathological changes occurring in the animals body.

(3) Clinical observation – After application of medicine to the patient Dr. Hahnemann can observed come new symptoms produced by medicine.

(4) Chemical source – Dr. Hahnemann get some clue of sign & symptoms of the drugs by studying its chemistry i.e. Physical & chemical properties. He gets idea of its action the body.

(5) Empirical source – It is a traditional source. This can be Observed from general therapeutic study of a drug. In olden days therapeutic value of many drugs where known.

Construction of Materia Medica Pura:
After testing the Homoeopathic medicines on healthy human beings, carefully and faithfully recording all altered function experienced by the prover and observing all subjective and objective symptoms; can build up a real Materia Medica Pura.
Thus Materia Medica Pura is a storehouse of each & every action of drug in a healthy human being.

Dr. Hahnemann called its Materia Medica Pura because it consist of the symptoms written in the unaltered language of the provers themselves and admits no misinterpretations with changing medical terminology, altered biological conceptions and never scientific attitudes.

Dr. Hahnemann followed an anatomical schema from Head to foot in recording the positive drug effects and under each heading he collected & put all the symptoms from as many provers as there where in each case. Dr. Hughes does not agree with Hahnemann’s schematic methods & in writing his Materia Medica comments. “Its is an unnatural and artificial arrangement of the features of many allied morbid portraits, as through an artist should paint a family group arranging all the eyes of all the members of the family in one part of the picture, all noses in another; the ears all together and so on.”

Thus with various permutation and combinations of disease – elements as recorded in the Materia Medica Pura; the adaptability of it may be increased to a great extent in the art of finding a similar remedy for natural diseases.

(6) Doctrine of signature – It is the relations between the external physical properties of drug substance & sign and symptoms present in patients / drug. Doctrine of signature is one of the source of Materia Medica Pura. This is present in few drugs & by this we ca remember & learn Materia Medica Pura of the drug upto a certain extent.

1) The drug prepared from the plants flowering in summer season produces aggravation in summer.
2) The drug prepared from the yellow flowers of Gelsemium work well in Jaundice.
3) All red looking plants & red extracts of plants act on blood.

Construction and Concept of Dr. Hahnemann for Contribution of Materia Medica Pura
The Materia Medica Pura was written by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It has six volumes.

In all volumes Hahnemann own observation are put 1st & by themselves & separately numbered. He proved approximately 99 drugs in his life time, on himself, friends colleagues, disciples and relatives of different ages and both sexes. What ever the sign and symptoms i.e. Subjective & Objective observed and experienced by himself have been written in this book. So in a true sense all the symptoms are pure that’s why the book was named Materia Medica Pura.

it helps to study Materia medica in a literal style and to compare and remember some symptoms thereby making the subject more interesting. It is now clear that the doctrine of signature helps us for the study of materia medica and not for the practical application of materia medica. As we know that there is no short cut in medicine, drugs selected on the basis of similarity with the totality of the case is the only way to cure.
Thanks a lot.
Comment by Binay krushna sahu on October 11, 2010 at 4:52am
As a learner till death i too agree with the comments posted by Dr. Gary Weaver, who relies exclusively on the hahnemannian concept.
At last i congrat u on ur precious efforts.

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